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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Of Bjd Fashion: Turning Straw Hats into Doll Half Bonnets

This post may contain affiliate links, please check out my disclosures page for more info. Thanks!

While shopping for various craft supplies, Anna came across these plain straw hats.

Small craft store straw hats, too small for the dolls.

They would make marvelous bonnets once properly embellished, except for one problem.  They are too small.

When I tried one on, it looked ridiculously tiny and they were too small for Yuna and Sakura as well.

What does one do with too small doll headwear?  Anna had a idea.

A small ball jointed doll (Yuna) wearing a half bonnet made from a straw hat.  Let's see how to make it.

Make bonnets, or more specifically half bonnets.

I came across a tutorial for them years ago on a Lolita fashion blog.  They took a child size straw hat and made it into a pretty half bonnet.  I thought, “why not make one for a ball jointed doll?”

It was easier than I expected and really fun.  Enough to want to make a quick tutorial for these pretty little doll hats.

Straw Half Bonnets for Dolls Tutorial

Material needed:

I bought my hats from Bookman’s, but most craft stores sell tiny straw hats that will work.  These hats from Hobby Lobby and these from Michael’s should work nicely.

One too small doll straw hat, let's turn it into a half bonnet.

My hats I used already had a bonnet-y shape which made it easy to use, but a regular plain straw hat is fine.  That’s what they used in the original non-doll tutorial.

Cut straight down the center and remove the top part of the hat.

First you need to cut the hat straight down (or is it up?) at the the back and cut off the top part of the hat. 

Trim the cut edges to fit on your doll.  It fits a little like a large headband with a brim.

Trim a bit around the cut edges, adjusting it to fit nicely on your doll.  It should fit much like a large headband or sun visor.

Use a glue gun the carefully cover the cut edge with bias tape or ribbon.

When finished cutting, it’s time to cover the edges.  I used thin double fold bias tape, but ribbon can work too especially if you fold and iron it first, carefully though.

Anyway, carefully glue and cover the edges with the tape.  I glued first on the inside side of the hat and then on the outer side.

The hat turned half bonnet with edges covered nicely with bias tape.

Now the basic half bonnet is done.

The bonnet is ready to be decorated, surrounded by all sorts of bows, ribbons, flowers and lace.

It is ready for decorating.  Ribbons, bows, flowerer, oh my!

Three finished and nicely decorated doll half bonnets.  The have ribbons for tying and small roses on the sides.

Here are the three I made.

One of the bonnets worn by a bjd (Hikaru).  There is white ribbon on the bonnet that ties in a bow under her chin and matching white roses on the bonnet.

I glued on ribbons to tie on the bonnet, and small flowers and bows to cover the ends of the ribbon and make the bonnets pretty.

The inside of the bonnets, showing off the ruffled lace along the brim.

On the inside, I glued on wide ruffled lace along the edge.  This frames the doll’s face nicely.

I hope these instructions were easy to understand and helpful.  Enjoy!

End of tutorial.

A small bjd with pink hair (Yuna) wear a half bonnet.  It looks so cute on her.

As Anna stated, the lace does frame the face nicely.  Doesn’t the bonnet look lovely on Yuna?

Of course it would have looked wonderful on me too, except Anna carelessly made this particular bonnet too small for me.

And I made two other bonnets that fit you just fine, so what’s the problem?

A msd ball jointed doll and a yosd bjd wearing half bonnets.

“..Miss Hikaru, that hat looks pretty on you too…”

Why thank you Yuna dear, and it’s called a bonnet.

Half bonnet, Hikaru.

Anyway, we shall greatly enjoy our fine new headwear.  And I do wish that everyone found Anna’s little guide most helpful.

Be at peace my dear readers.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Doll Owner’s Corner: Bjd Events

First of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner (after missing the last few months).  When I, the doll owner, talk about anything I want.

This month’s topic:

Events: Shopping in the Ball Jointed Doll Hobby


The first time some people hear about an event for a doll company or dealer, they may wonder “what is an event?”  The short answer is that it’s a big sale.  We all know what that means when it’s a grocery store or department store.  The prices on some things go down for about a week to get people to come in the door.

The difference is that bjd events tend to last about a month, and sometimes longer.  I’ve seen ones that were extended an extra month.  Giving more time to make your choice.  :)

A msd sized ball jointed doll and yosd sized ball jointed doll, both were purchased on sale.

There are various ways for you to save on dolls during an event.  Some companies will reduce the price by about 10-12% or even more.  That’s how I got both Usagi and Sakura here (in this older photo). 

Mystic Kids was having an event for 10% off all their dolls, so I bought Sakura from the Junky Spot (check out her unboxing).

Doll Family A had an event that included 20% off their msd sized dolls plus a free gift!  So, I ended up ordering Usagi through Alice’s Collections (check out her unboxing).

A pretty msd ball jointed doll, she was purchased from a Black Friday sale at an extreme discount.

Events occur throughout the year and usually coincide with holidays and seasons and such. 

For example, Misako was bought at nearly 50% off clearance as part of the Junky Spot’s annual Black Friday sale (check out her unboxing).  Several of my other dolls were purchased during Summer events. 

Other occasions for events include Christmas/Winter, Spring Festival (aka. Chinese New Year), New Year’s, and company anniversaries.

A cute yosd sized ball jointed doll with pink hair, she was purchased on sale.  Her face up was also included for free as part of the event.

Now, in addition to dolls being “on sale” during events, you do sometimes get freebies with your purchase depending on the company. 

For example, Doll Love regularly has events where their dolls are about 10-15% off with a free face up.  That’s how I got Yuna here (check out her unboxing), with her adorable default face up.

A pretty yosd sized ball jointed doll, she was purchased on sale.  Her face up was also included for free as part of the event.

Kids Sky has similar free face up events.  They were having one for Christmas, so I got Momoko (check out her unboxing).

A floating bjd head.  It was included free with the purchase of a doll as part of an event.

Other things you might get for free are other dolls or doll parts. 

As some of you may remember, Yuki started out as just a floating head I got for free when I bought Usagi (that free gift I mentioned).  Some companies will give you free (or reduced price) jointed hands with a purchase, and some more (relatively) pricier companies will include small sized bjds as a gift.

A pair of glass bjd eyes.  They were only $1 with the purchase of certain items as part of a special event.

One fun thing about bjd events is that it isn’t just the doll companies that have them, but also the dealers.  I mentioned before that Junky Spot has their Black Friday sale, but Alice’s Collections regularly has nice events.

For example, I’ve taken advantage several times of events at Alice’s Collections where you can order a pair of their glass dolls eyes for only $1 with qualifying purchases.

A cute little ball jointed deer doll.  It was on sale for a super low price with the purchase of certain items as part of an event.

And for more fun, Alice’s Collections frequently have events to get cute pet dolls for super low prices with a qualifying purchase.  That’s how I got Shiro.

And the deals can usually be stacked.  For example, if a dealer is having an event where you can buy a cute pet doll for $1 if you buy a SD sized doll, and a particular company on their site is also having an event where you can get a free yosd sized doll with the purchase of a SD sized doll.  Then you can buy your SD doll, get the freebie doll and throw on that cute pet doll.  That’s what I call a great deal.

A pile of bjd wigs still in there packages, they were bought on sale with free shipping.

I’ve mostly been talking about dolls, but all those cute bjd accessories go on sale too.  

I bought all these doll wigs at 10% off with free shipping during an event from Alice’s Collections (man, I buy from them a lot).  They also have similar deals on clothing, usually on new styles.

A close up of two pairs of cute yosd sized doll shoes worn by their bjd owners.  Both are super cute and were bought on sale and qualified for free shipping.

I got these cute little yosd sized shoes for Sakura and Yuna when they were 10% off, they were shipped for free too.

A group of several ball jointed dolls gathered around a package that came in the mail.  They are getting ready to open it.

And that’s just a small sample of the fun of bjd events.  Of course the best part is always after the event has ended.  When your order has shipped, and your package has arrived and is waiting for you to unbox your new doll!

Happy shopping everyone.

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Alice’s Collections Shopping Haul: Doll Clothes, Eyes and a Stand?

This post was suppose to go up several months ago, but I never could get around to it until now.  So pretend it is still March when you read it.

Anna placed a smallish order on the fine online bjd store, Alice’s Collections.  There were just a few items we needed for a few particular purposes.

The shipping box from Alice's Collections before opening.  Inside is the long awaited order of bjd stuff.

Within two weeks, the package arrived at our door.  Anna thought this was rather quick, however I would have preferred a speedier delivery.

The contents of the box, still all wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap.

Anyway, let us see what is inside the box.

A close up of the magic eraser included in the package as a free gift.  Useful for cleaning dolls.

First, there is a cleaning sponge included as a gift from the store.  These have been wonderful to have on hand.  Sakura is prone to making a mess of herself and Usagi isn’t much better.

(You’re pretty messy too, Hikaru.)

A white button down shirt for a msd or 1/4 scale ball jointed doll, bought from Alice's Collections.  It's still wrapped in plastic.

Now this is wonderous piece, it’s a simple white button-down shirt (also available in black) for Yuki.

A white button down shirt for a msd or 1/4 scale ball jointed doll, bought from Alice's Collections.  Unwrapped and ready to try on the doll

A simple, yet classic piece with crisp collar and nicely make cuffs.  It is fairly well made for the rather low price.

A white button down shirt for a msd or 1/4 scale ball jointed doll, bought from Alice's Collections.  It is being held by its new owner, and male ball jointed doll with blond hair (Yuki).

It was purchased specifically for Yuki as a present for his birthday next month.  It looks wonderful and hopefully it will look just as fine on him.

A white button down shirt for a msd bjd, now worn by its new owner.  It looks nice on him, fits well.

And it does, much nicer than his t-shirts in my opinion.  The msd size seems to fit him well enough (Check out the dolls’ profile page for Yuki’s measurements, the shirt is available in several other “sizes”).

Pink sneakers for a msd sized ball jointed doll, still in the plastic packaging.

Next is something more casual, this pair of pink sneakers.

They were purchased for Usagi for her birthday as well.  I can’t say I particularly like them, but I’m positive Usagi will adore them. 

Pink sneakers for a msd sized ball jointed doll, out of the packaging and ready to try on.

They are fairly well made though.   With decent topstitching, evenly spaced grommets, and sturdy looking lacings they should hold up well.

And as expected, Usagi is quite happy with them, mostly due to their coloring.

A msd sized bjd with strawberry blond hair (Usagi) holding her new pink sneakers.

“They are so cute! :)”

Trying on the cute pink doll sneakers, they are a perfect fit!

They fit quite well, much better than the last pair of shoes purchase for her (see Bjd Unboxing: Doll Family H Body and Shoes?).

Usagi and Yuki sitting and admiring their new shoes and clothes.

Both Usagi and Yuki seem quite content with their gifts.

A msd sized doll petticoat bought from Alice's Collections, still in the plastic packaging.

Now for something wonderful, my new petticoat!

A msd sized doll petticoat bought from Alice's Collections, unwrapped and spread out to show off the poufiness.

Yes, I have simple be dying to have one of my own for so long.  And because my own birthday is coming soon, Anna added it to her order.

(It’s available in black or white and in SD and Msd size.)

Our white haired bjd narrator (Hikaru) looking at her new petticoat.

It looks so much fuller in person than on the website, but will it be effective?  Let us see.

Before the petticoat, Hikaru is wearing a full pink skirt that only flares out a little.

Here is my fine skirt without any petticoat.

After the petticoat, Hikaru's skirt is suddenly much fuller looking and poufier.

And now, here it is with my new petticoat.  The difference is almost alarming.

Close up of the the now poufier skirt.

My skirt looks so beautiful and I simply cannot wait to try this with some of my favorite dresses. 

There is, however, a downside to all this new volume.

Hikaru is sitting between Yuki and Usagi who both look amazed at the size of the skirt.  They have to sit farther away to make room.

It certainly takes up a bit of space.

Usagi is staring at the poufy pink skirt.  She looks surprised.

“Oh my, your skirt is so huge, but it’s cute too! :)”

Yuki is staring at the skirt, he looks confused.

“…what happened?…”

A packaged pair of pink 12 mm glass doll eyes bought from Alice's Collections.

And now an important purchase, a pair of glass doll eyes.

A pair of pink 12 mm glass doll eyes bought from Alice's Collections.

Alice’s Collections was having a special event.  If you purchased certain items you could then purchase a pair of eyes of your choice for only $1, a real bargain of a price.

Not wanting to pass up this deal, Anna purchased a 12mm pair in pink for our small cat doll who was still in need of eyes.

The purple kitty doll without eyes.  The pink eyes are for her.

Here is our tiny cat without eyes…

The purple kitty doll with her new pink eyes, now she can see at last.

…And here she is now.  She can finally see!

The kitty doll is sitting in Usagi's lap and staring at Hikaru and her skirt.  Hikaru is commenting on the cat.

And she keeps staring at me.  Why is see staring at me?

“She thinks your skirt is huge too. :)”

The parts for a doll stand, waiting to be assembled.

Now the final purchase, a doll stand.

The fully assembled invisible doll stand purchased from Alice's Collections.

Anna has been eyeing this doll stand for awhile.  She has mentioned many times about the little problem we dolls have with standing still for the camera (See this doll bloopers post).

She is hoping this stand will be of some help.  We shall have to test this idea.  However, that will be for another post.

For now, we will all continue to enjoy our new pieces.

Be at peace my dear readers.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Of Bjd Fashion: Faux Button Down Tank Top and Skirt for Misako with a Tutorial

This post may contain affiliate links, please check out my disclosures page for more info.  Thanks!

Our newest doll, Misako has gone far too long without a decent set of clothing.  Therefore, I am pleased to find that Anna has finally sewn a new outfit.

A msd sized ball jointed doll (Misako) wearing her new outfit.  A button down tank top, floral print half circle skirt, pearl necklace with matching bracelet, and large lacy hair barrette.  She also is wearing her shoes and tights from before.

And doesn’t it look marvelous on Misako.

The complete new doll outfit laid flat.  You can easily see how wide the half-circle really is.

It consists of a casual sleeve-less top (she means a tank top), a floral half circle skirt, and a few accessories.  We will get to those momentarily.

I am concerned about the skirt.  It was made from the same fabric as one of my fine skirts.  Yet, I distinctly recall Anna promising to use the rest of said fabric to make a dress for me, preferable similar to this fine dress she made for herself.

No worries Hikaru, I still have more than enough to make a dress.  (Plus, I technically never promised to make it, you just decided on your own that I would make it and I went along.)

That is such a relief, maybe there’s enough left for accessories?

Anyway,  Anna decided to create tutorials and printable patterns for the “tank top” and skirt.  So others could sew this delightful warm weather Outfit.

Faux Button Down Tank Top and Half Circle Skirt for MSD Bjds

The Tank Top

A close up of the tank top as worn by the doll.  We will learn how to make this easy casual top for msd bjds.

Let’s start with the tank top.  It was designed to be a “faux” button down because I love the look but hate making button holes.

Plus, the overlapping fabric in front is kind of bulky on a doll.  Something I don’t want on things like light and airy tank tops.

You will need:

Msd Ball Jointed Doll Faux Button Down Tank Top Pattern

Here is the pattern for the tank top.  It was made based on Misako’s measurements which are post on the doll’s profile page.  It is intended to fit a little loosely though for a comfortable fit.

The cut pieces from the pattern for the tank top.  Two for the back and one for the front.

First cut your pieces according to the pattern from the t-shirt fabric.  One front piece and two back pieces.

Pin the shoulders of the front and back pieces together, then sew by hand or machine.

Pin the front pieces to the back at the shoulder a sew.

Pin and hem the arm hole area of the top on both sides.  Only have to fold once because t-shirt fabric doesn't unravel.

Then pin and hem the arm area of the top.  You only have fold edge once to hem since t-shirt fabric doesn’t actually unravel.

I sew the hem by hand using a back stitch so that the stitches will stretch with the fabric.  I sew from the right side so the outside stitches will look nice.

I hem by hand front the front side of the fabric using a back stitch (check out this doll tank top video tutorial for a demonstration of the back stitch.)

I use the back stitch so it will stretch with my fabric, and I sew from the front because the stitches look weird on the other side.  I want the weirdness on the inside of the top.

Make a fold down the front of the top and pin in place before sewing two rows of the stitches down the front to hold the fold in place.  This gives the shirt the look of a button down with out the trouble of sewing button holds or extra layers.

Anyway, here’s the interesting part.  You fold the fabric on itself in the center of the front and pin in place. 

A close up of the folded fabric from the side.  The fabric forms an S shape.

This is what the fabric should look like when folded.  The fold is only about 1/4 inch (about 1/2 cm.) wide, but you may need to make it wider to better fit your doll.

Here's the finished front of the shirt.  The rows of stitches are only a few milimeters apart because the folded fabric isn't very wide.

Sew the fold in place by making two rows of stitches down the front of you top.

Pin and side up the sides of the shirt.

Moving on, pin and sew the sides of your top.  Don’t forget to try the shirt on your doll before sewing to ensure a good fit.

Pin and hem the bottom edge of the shirt.  We only need to fold and pin once just like the arm holes.

Pin and hem the bottom of the tank top, just like we did with the arm area.

PIn and hem the back opening of the shirt.  Afterwards, we need to pin and hem the neckline, but a picture of this is missing.

Hem the back opening too, and lastly hem the neckline (I didn’t get a picture of that step).

Cut two or three small pieces of Velcro and sew in place to close the top.  You can use snaps too.

After hemming everything, sew on your closure of choice.  I prefer to cut two small pieces of soft Velcro and sew them on by hand.  Small snaps are a great choice as well.

Finish the top by sewing or gluing on small beads, flat back pearls/gem or tiny buttons down the front.  Add any other embellishments.

Finish off the top by adding buttons.  I glued on flat back pearls using Aleene’s Jewel-it.  I also recommend tiny faux pearls and other tiny beads.

Add any other embellishments you want like lace, ribbon bows, flowers, etc.

The Half Circle Skirt

A pretty floral print half circle skirt for a msd sized ball jointed doll.  The tutorial and pattern follows.

This half circle skirt was actually based on this tutorial for a knit skirt (intended for humans).  It’s a useful tutorial, especially if you want to make a skirt for someone larger or smaller in size.  I recommend using the hip measurement instead of the waist, and adding a little extra for a seam allowance if you aren’t sewing with a knit fabric.

Anyway, let’s get going on this skirt tutorial.

You will need:

  • Pretty fabric
  • (Optional) fabric for a lining if your fabric is thinner.
  • Thin elastic
  • The pattern below
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Small safety pin
  • (Optional) Sewing machine if you don’t want to sew by hand.

MSD Ball Jointed Doll Half Circle Skirt Pattern with Tutorial

Here is the pattern for the skirt.  Like the tank top, it was made based on Misako’s measurements which are listed on the dolls’ profile page.

The cut out piece for the half circle skirt.  There actually two layers of fabric here instead of one because this fabric is very thin.  They will be treated as only one layer, it's cheater method of making a "lining".

Cut one piece of fabric out of the pattern.  My fabric is a bit sheer, so I also cut a piece of lining fabric. 

However, I’m cheating at making a lining.  The two pieces are layered on top of each other and I am pretending they are just one piece of fabric instead of two.

Hem the bottom of the skirt.  Then double fold the top and sew to form a casing for the elastic for the waist.

Start by hemming the bottom edge of the skirt.  This fabric does fray, so you will need to double fold to hem.

You will also double fold and sew the top edge of the skirt to create a casing for your elastic.  Make sure it is large enough for the elastic.

Use a tiny safety pin or other tool to thread thin elastic through the casing.  Pin the ends of the elastic at each end of the casing.

Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing.  You can used other tools instead, check out this doll tank top video tutorial for some examples.

Pin the elastic on each end of the skirt to secure it.

Pin the end of the skirt together and sew the back seam.  Sew at the top of this seam thoroughly because this secures the elastic for the waist.

Now pin the ends of the skirt together and sew.  In one step you can sew both the elastic and the back seam.

The completed doll sized half circle skirt.  It's half a circle, but flares out nicely for an a-line shape.

And now the skirt is ready to wear.  You can also add other details like bows and lace.

Now you have a new doll outfit that’s perfect for Spring/Summer.  Enjoy!

End of tutorial.

Now let us discuss the accessories. 

A set of doll sized faux pearl jewelry.  A necklace and bracelet made with small beads and elastic.

First we have this fine pearl jewelry set.  A necklace and matching bracelet made simply by threading 4 mm. faux pearls on elastic thread.

A hair clip for a doll made with pretty gathered lace and flat back pearls glued down the center.

To accentuate the hair, there is also this lovely hair clip, made from gathered lace and a few more pearls.

A close up of the side of the doll sized hair clip showing off the small barrette used as a base.

The base of this hair piece consists of a small barrette Anna purchased from a local craft store.

A close up of the hair clip worn by Misako.

See how lovely it looks in Misako’s hair.

Side view of Misako wearing her pretty new doll clothes and accessories.

The accessories do so much to complete this lovely new outfit.

A final front view of Misako the bjd wearing her new outfit.  It complements her softly curled hair and figure nicely.

Misako does seem pleased with her new clothing.  Though it is quite difficult to know for certain since she still doesn’t speak to anyone, especially not to myself. 

Oh well, she is finally appropriately dressed and that is what really matters.  And perhaps someday she will open up.

Until then, be at peace my dear readers.

What Misako is really thinking.

A shot of Misako's face.  She is thinking over what happened today.

“It was nice of her to make me this pretty stuff, but why?  I thought that white dress was nice.

And why does the noisy white haired doll fuss so much about it?  Maybe she wants more clothes too? If I asked her would she get mad?  Or would she make even more noise?  I don’t want that to happen. :(”

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Finding Doll Props: World’s Smallest and Lalaloopsy Blind Box Unboxing

This post may contain affiliate links, please check out my disclosures page for more info.  Thanks!

Anna made a quick trip to Target and returned with not one, but two brand new blind boxes for us to enjoy.

A white haired ball jointed doll (Hikaru) holding two blind boxes.  One is Lalaloopsy the other is for World's Smallest.

They seem quite different from the usual blind bags we’ve come to love (see Finding Doll Props: Surprising Blind Bags and Finding Doll Props: Blind Bags for Christmas). 

However, different does not mean dreadful, so let us quickly unbox them.

It's the blind box for World's Smallest, inside is a small size replica of a classic toy.  It's a surprise which one.

The first one is from a line call “World’s Smallest”.  These consist of small scale replicas of classic human toys and novelty items.

Anna says she first heard of them from a post on the bjd forum, Den of Angels.

Opening up the blind box.

Inside the box is the wrapped toy and a surprisingly extensive catalog of their other novelties.

A quick peek at the catalog that comes insde the World's Smallest brand blind box.

Several of the offerings look promising.

A tiny size version of a Duncan yo-yo, could it work for a doll?

Inside our box is a classic Duncan yo-yo.  It doesn’t exactly suit my tastes, but I suppose the children may enjoy learning to use it. 

The small yo-yo being help by a msd sized (1/4 scale) ball jointed doll.  It would probably work better for a larger size doll.

But alas, this fine yo-yo is a little too large for 1/4 scale dolls.  Perhaps the yo-yo would better suit a 1/3 scale bjd instead.  It is definitely to large for our 1/6 scale yosds.

Our msd sized doll, holding the yo-yo still while looking at two little yosd sized bjds.  They are looking through the catalog for World's Smallest brand toys.  Some of them may be the right size for them.

Anyway, Yuna and Sakura seem to be more interested in the other products made by this company. 

Wait, is that a small scale Barbie doll they are admiring?  Please no.

The Lalaloopsy blind box.

Next is the Lalaloopsy blind box.  According to Anna, Lalaloopsy is a line of play dolls designed to resemble sewn ragdolls.  How quaint.

The Lalaloopsy blind box.  It's cute, pink and ready to be opened.  Let's see what surprise lies inside.

The unwrapped box is quite pretty, it looks like a large purse or possibly a trunk.

The inside of a Lalaloopsy blind box.

Tucked inside, we have the wrapped doll and accessories and a catalog of all the different Lalaloopsy figures to collect.

A Lalaloopsy blind box doll, she is beach themed.

Here we have the darling little doll and her parts. 

How adorable, she wears a wig as well.  It’s not quite as fine as my own, but apples to oranges.

A Lalaloopsy blind box doll, she is beach themed.

Here is the little doll all dressed and ready for a day at the beach.  It would appear that most of the dolls are based on such amusing themes.

A Lalaloopsy blind bag doll being held by a msd sized ball jointed doll to compare the size.  The Lalaloopsy doll is dressed for the beach.

This Lalaloopsy doll is the perfect size to be a plaything for any young ball jointed doll.

A msd sized ball jointed doll holding a lalaloopsy doll while two smaller yosd sized ball jointed dolls are looking at it and asking to play with it.

“Ooooo, what is that? It’s so cute!  Can I have it?!  Can I play with it now?! Well?”

Calm down Sakura dear.

“….Um…May I play with it too?…”

A msd sized ball jointed doll holding a lalaloopsy doll while two smaller yosd sized ball jointed dolls are looking at it and asking to play with it.  Now a second msd bjd is asking too.

“Oh, it’s so cute!  I want one too. :)”

No, not you too Usagi. 

Well, I shall have to settle this properly.

Trying to decide who gets to keep the toy.  The blond haired yosd bjd is counted out.

Now Sakura, didn’t you just receive those “cool” building sets (see Finding Doll Props: Kinder Joy Opening)?

And when was the last time you tidied up your other toys?

“Oh man..”

Trying to decide who gets to keep the toy.  The other msd bjd is counted out.

And really Usagi, don’t you think this toy should go to the actual children?

Closeup of the other msd sized ball jointed doll.  She is touching her hand to her face in the cute way she always does.

Don’t worry Usagi, there’s something special coming up for you.

“Really, yay! :)”

The pink haired yosd ball jointed doll gets to keep the Lalaloopsy toy.  She is happily playing with it.

So that means the little Lalaloopsy goes to Yuna.

All the other bjds are watching the pink haired yosd enjoy her new toy.

She will enjoy her new doll and take good care of it. 

However, there is still one more thing to settle.

Now all the bjds are staring at the cute pink box a few inches away.  It came with the Lalaloopsy and would be perfect to store other things in, but who gets to keep it.

Who gets to keep the pretty box.

Close up of our white haired narrator bjd as she has her final say.  She really wants to keep the pink box too.

This may not be so simple to resolve.  Wish us luck my dear readers.

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