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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Finding Doll Props: Driven, The Little Truck Blind Box

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Anna has found another new blind box to amuse us ball jointed dolls.

Driven Series 1 blind box.  Inside is a little toy car or truck that's the perfect size for a doll.

It is from a series called Driven (found here at Target), they consist of tiny toy cars and other vehicles.  I’m sure the children will find them delightful.

Driven Series 1 blind box.  Inside is a little toy car or truck that's the perfect size for a doll.

Under the wrapper is what appears to be a plastic crate with a door.  Anna claims it is suppose to be a “garage”.

Opening the little garage door.

So, let us see what in concealed in the garage.

IMG_20180818_144755718 (640x520)

We see the familiar booklet in all blind box/bag toys, a small blue truck, a three interlocking pieces.

IMG_20180818_144820905 (630x640)

The the brochure tells us that our truck is from their Series I, which consists of 21 vehicles to collect.

IMG_20180818_144828230_HDR (624x640)

Ah, I see now.  The interlocking pieces are intended to be roadways that connect the garages as well.

Close up of the toy truck, it's light blue and gray.

Anyway, this is our nice little blue truck.  It appears to be quite sturdy and of decent quality for it’s small 1 1/2 inch (4 cm.) size.

Close up of the toy truck, it's light blue and gray.

The back compartment moves and the back door opens allowing for more realistic play.

So which of our little dolls wishes to play with this adorable little truck.

A blond hair yosd ball jointed doll (Sakura) holding the toy truck.  Next to her is the brown haired boy bjd (Makoto) who wants to see the truck too.

“Wow! A truck! It’s so cool!  Right?”

“Can I see it too Sakura?”

IMG_20180818_145428728 (640x512)

“Wow, it is nice.”

“Yes, but remember it’s my truck.”

IMG_20180818_145439339 (640x509)

Now Sakura, didn’t you just get some new toys for your birthday?

“Just the one…”

And don’t you already have more toys then anyone else?


And Makoto only has one, and you know it’s nice to share.

The blond bjd (Sakura) is pouting, the boy bjd (Makoto) is enjoying his new truck and showing it to the pink hair bjd (Yuna).

“…Okay, he can have it.”

“Yay, look Yuna, I have a new truck.”

The blond bjd (Sakura) is pouting, the boy bjd (Makoto) is enjoying his new truck and showing it to the pink hair bjd (Yuna).

“…Um, it looks nice.  I like the color…”


A close up of the truck on the included road track hooked up to the toy garage.  The dolls' feet are in the shot as they watch the toy truck.

Well, now that’s settled.  I’m sure all of our little dolls will enjoy these trucks in time.  That is, if Anna purchases more of them.  Only time will tell.

Until then, be at peace my dear readers.

Give it a try:

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Naming Our Little Boy Bjd

Much time has past since our newest little ball jointed doll arrived, and he has settled in for the most part.

Three little yosd sized ball jointed dolls sitting nicely together.  On the left is the blond haired noisy bjd (Sakura), and the right is the pink haired quiet bjd (Yuna).  Sitting between them is a little boy bjd with brown hair.  He is wearing a long white dress that's too big (it's the only clothes we had) and holding his yellow toy bunny.  We will discuss his new name today.

Sakura and Yuna have grown particularly fond of him, and he of them.  Though it’s hard not to notice his particular fondness of Yuna (awww, it’s so cute).

Anyway, after much consideration Anna has finally decided upon an appropriate name for our only male 1/6 scale ball jointed doll.

So, please allow me to properly present…

Close up of the little boy ball jointed doll, his new name is Makoto.


The name is rather tricky to say, Anna frequently mispronounces it.  And I have no doubt that she got it from another anime or manga series.

That is correct Hikaru.  The name appears in several different series for a number of different characters, both male and female.  One in particular is Makoto Kino or Sailor Jupiter from the Sailor Moon franchise.  She is the tallest and strongest of the sailor scouts while still being among the most feminine.  Because being “girly” doesn’t mean you can’t be a strong super hero.

The word Makoto can mean sincerity and truth, among other things.   I think it is a perfect name for such a cute little boy, who occasionally get mistaken for a girl.  I could have gone with something more “macho” sounding, but it wouldn’t suit him.  It would be like saying there is something “wrong” with him being so pretty.

I agree, it is a lovely sounding name.  However, to name him after a female super heroine or all things.

However, I’m sure the children will love it.

The noisy blond bjd (Sakura) is saying something to the little boy bjd (Makoto).  It sounds unintentionally rude.

“Is it really a boy’s name? You were named after a girl?  She is a super hero?!  Do you have super powers now? Can you fly?  Can I see?!  Why are you still wearing a dress?”


The pink haired bjd (Yuna) is saying something nice to the little boy bjd (Makoto).  Technically anything she says sounds nice to him because he really likes her.

“…Um, I like your new name, Makoto.  It’s very cute.”

“Thank you, Yuna. :)”

Three little yosd sized ball jointed dolls sitting nicely together.  On the left is the blond haired noisy bjd (Sakura), and the right is the pink haired quiet bjd (Yuna).  Sitting between them is a little boy bjd with brown hair (Makoto).  They play well together.

Well, now that that’s all settled, we can move on to more pressing needs, such as his clothing.  Anna still has yet to sew any new clothing for him.  He can’t continue wearing the “new doll” dress forever, it looks like sleepwear.

I will just have to continue to gently remind her until she comes through for us.

Until then, be at peace my dear readers.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Crafting with Dolls: Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Bjds

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Yuna and Sakura are tremendously excited about Halloween this year.  So much so that they dearly wished to dress up for the occasion.

However, Anna has been exceedingly busy as of late, and with such short notice how could she possibly make these dolls suitable costumes?

Two yosd sized ball jointed dolls.  One quiet one with pink hair (Yuna) and one noisy one with blond hair (Sakura).  They are excited to start making their Halloween costumes.

“Let’s make them ourselves!  How hard could they be, right?!”

Thus, under my careful supervision, the children have made their own Halloween costumes. 

So now, Anna will share how to construct these simple costumes in hopes that those in need of such a thing will find this information useful.

Easy Halloween Costumes for Dolls

First off,  Hikaru’s “supervision” amounted to shouting from the other room and letting me help out the children.

Anyway, the first costume idea is the simplest.  A ghost.

All you need is some white sheer fabric and a pair of scissors.  I used some lining fabric I had leftover from a dress, but scarves will work well too.

The pink haired bjd (Yuna) is folding a piece of fabric in half.

Just take your fabric and fold it in half.

Halloween costumes for bjds 02 (640x485)

Now lay your doll on the fabric with their shoulders just below the top of the fold.  You will cut the fabric as wide as your doll’s hands and long enough to touch their feet.

Halloween costumes for bjds 03 (640x630)

Now you fold the fabric and cut off a tiny bit of it to make a opening for your doll’s head.  Careful not to make it too large.

4 (640x537)

Now try it on your doll and trim as needed at the head opening and along the edges.

5 (465x640)

Now we have a simple ghost costume.  The sheerness of the fabric gives it a “ghosty” look.

06 (640x592)

The second idea is for our newest boy bjd, who didn’t really want to wear a full costume.  He is borrowing Sakura’s cat ears.  They are just enough to get a festive look.

07 (640x559)

Usagi is enjoying her cat ears too. 

To make these headbands all you need is craft felt, jewelry wire, scissors and a glue gun.  Check out our video tutorial.

The next idea is for Sakura’s costume, which starts out like the ghost costume.   It needs fabric and some basic sewing supplies  to start.  And felt and ribbon are optional.

08 (640x507)

Just fold the fabric and cut around your doll.  We used black cotton this time.

09 (640x611)

The difference is that you cut the sides of the fabric to form wide sleeves.

0010 (628x640)

Then fold the fabric and cut a tiny neck opening.

0011 (640x547)

Then pin the sides and get ready to sew!

0012 (640x527)

This can be done easily on a sewing machine (if you trust your doll), but it’s simple enough by hand.

If you are familiar with hand sewing, check our doll dress video tutorial.  It demonstrates several hand sewing techniques.

0013 (640x520)

The last step is to cut opening  and maybe trim the neckline a little.

0014 (476x640)

When worn with the opening in front, it makes a perfect simple robe (comment below if the first thing you thought was Harry Potter).

0015 (436x640)

But when worn with the opening in back and with some ribbon for a belt, it becomes the perfect dress for a simple witch costume. 

It just needs something…

0016 (342x640)

…like a hat.

I whipped up this one from black felt.  I found this video tutorial that works for all sizes of doll.

Now for something more challenging, Momoko’s fairy costume.  Momoko had more help from me than the others.

17 (502x640)

It starts with a swimsuit, seriously.

If your doll has one to start with, great.  But if not, I found this pattern for a swimsuit for KID and BID ball jointed dolls.  The KID size fits Momoko well.

If you need something a little simpler or for another size doll, here’s a video tutorial for a sock swimsuit.

Next we need to make a tutu.  A costume staple.  Just need some tulle, thin elastic, a safety pin and some basic sewing supplies.

18 (640x480)

First, cut a piece of elastic to fit around your doll’s waist.

19 (640x475)

Then cut a rectangle piece of tulle that’s about 4 times as long as the elastic.  The width of the tulle should be twice as long as you want the skirt to be, if that makes any sense.

020 (640x480)

Fold the tulle in half, the folded edge will be the waistband…

021 (640x480)

…As soon as you sew along the edge to form a casing (or tunnel) for the elastic.  Make sure it is wide enough for your elastic and safety pin.

022 (640x480)

Use the safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing.  Pin the elastic to keep the elastic from getting lost in the tutu.

023 (640x480)

Now pin the sides together and sew.

024 (640x383)

Trim a little if needed, fluff it up, and it’s ready for wearing.

025 (483x640)

With just the swimsuit and tutu, this would make a great ballerina costume.  Plus, throw on a crown and it’s a princess costume.

However, Momoko wants to be a fairy, here’s some simple wings.

026 (640x620)

I found these butterfly decorations at Dollartree, but I’ve seen similar ones at craft stores too.

The wings just need one wire butterfly, a metal hairclip, scissors and a glue gun.

027 (640x590)

First, cut of the excess wire on the butterfly.

028 (640x635)

Then glue the clip pointing downward to the butterfly.

029 (491x640)

Finally, just clip it to the back of your doll’s clothes. 

If you’re worried about scratching your doll with the clip, try gluing some ribbon on the clip before gluing it to the butterfly.

030 (579x640)

This is the easiest way I know to make wings for a doll.

031 (468x640)

Now the fairy costume is complete.

Four yosd sized ball jointed dolls all dressed in their Halloween costumes.  A fairy, a cat, a ghost, and a witch.  They are carrying cute pumpkin buckets and a plastic black cauldron for the witch costume.

And all my little dolls are ready for trick or treating.

033 (640x612)

By the way, I found Sakura’s caldron and the little pumpkin buckets at Goodwill. 

However, you can find them at Party City!  Here are the pumpkins and and here are the cauldrons.  They are the perfect size for dolls and they add just the right touch, they just need some doll sized candy.

034 (491x640)

“…Um, the candy is suppose to go in the pumpkin?”

“Yes!  Isn’t this fun!?  I’m going to get so much candy!  And donuts!  Right!?”

035 (640x600)

“Momoko, are there really going to be donuts?”

“I’m afraid not, brother dear.  But I don’t think Sakura will notice.”

Oh boy, we are in for quite an evening.

Happy Halloween.

Give it a try:

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Finding Doll Props: Blind Bags for a Birthday, Puppy in My Pocket and Thomas Trains

We have two more belated birthdays to celebrate, as seems to be the custom in this doll household.  Sigh.

Anyway, Sakura and Yuna have been with us for over two years. 

Two cute yosd sized ball jointed dolls holding packages for blind bag toys.  The pink haired bjd (Yuna) is holding a Puppy in My Pocket bag and the blond doll (Sakura) is holding a Thomas and Friends train bag.

Anna has bestowed upon them gifts of blind bag toys.  These novelties have become a staple in our home, at least when it comes to gift giving (Check out our other blind bag posts).

The pink haired doll (Yuna) holding a Puppy in My Pocket blind bag, ready to open it!

For Yuna, there is an unfamiliar selection called Puppy in My Pocket.  Anna says one of her siblings enjoyed this particular line of toys as a child, so it has a certain nostalgia.

The opened Puppy in my Pocket blind bag.  There is the checklist and a brown dog figure.

Inside we have a small dog figure and the familiar checklist.  The figure is flocked to resemble the soft fur of a real puppy, a pleasant detail I must say. 

The opened Puppy in my Pocket blind bag.  There is the checklist and a brown dog figure.  The checklist is opened up to show off the several other puppies available in the series.

There seem to be a wide variety of breeds in this series.  Yuna received Gordy, the Gorden Setter.

The pink haired bjd (Yuna) holding her new toy puppy.

The tiny puppy fits well in Yuna’s hands and I feel it will never leave them.  She loves it so much.  I suspect there may be more of these delights in the future.

IMG_20180818_142822435 (547x640)

For Sakura, there is the familiar Thomas & Friends mini trains.  Sakura has received one before and has been pleading for more ever since.

IMG_20180818_143135215 (640x480)

Inside is a the usual checklist and a green train engine.

IMG_20180818_143247177 (640x549)

According to the checklist, Sakura has received the train known as “Classic Duck”.  Such a peculiar name.

IMG_20180818_143320277 (459x640)

Despite the odd name, Sakura still loves her new train.  It will go nicely with her other one.

IMG_20180818_143620721 (640x596)

The trains are designed to link together for added enjoyment to the collector.

IMG_20180818_143350398 (640x562)

Overall, our dear little dolls are enjoying their little fine birthday toys.

IMG_20180818_143633869 (640x530)

And may there be many more birthdays for them to enjoy.

Be at peace my dear readers.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Of Bjd Fashion: Pink Sweater Set with Navy Skirt and a Tutorial

This post may contain affiliate links, please check out my disclosures page for more info.  Thanks!

Our dear little Momoko had a birthday several months ago that quite dreadfully went on forgotten, until now.

Anna has designed and sewn an adorable little outfit for this joyous occasion.

A yosd ball jointed doll wearing a cute pink sweater set with a navy blue a-line skirt and a bow pin on the sweater.  We will learn how to make this cute outfit.

It consists of a sweet pink sweater and knit top with a navy blue skirt and white bow.  The outfit it most becoming on Momoko.

Underneath the cute pink sock sweater, the doll is wearing a sleeveless knit top to match.  It makes for a classic sweater set.

Since we are in Arizona with temperature still soaring even this late in summer, Anna was thoughtful enough to make the knit top sleeveless.

And in her generosity, Anna also developed patterns and a tutorial, so others can sew this adorable outfit for their ball jointed dolls.

Sweater Set with Half Circle Skirt for Yosd Bjds Tutorial

Materials needed:

Yosd Bjd Sleeveless Knit Top and Half Circle Skirt Pattern with Tutorial

Here is the pattern for the knit top and half circle skirt.  You will also need my yosd sock sweater pattern, but that will come later.

Cut out your pieces according to the sleeveless top pattern.  Use a cute sock or a light weight knit fabric.

First cut out the piece for the top from a knee sock or knit material.  You have two option for the collar piece.  You can cut using the pattern as is and fold it in half before sewing, or cut a piece along the edge of the sock.  The ribbed sock edge looks nice and you save on fabric because it only needs to be half as wide.

Pin the front piece to the back pieces at the shoulder and then sew.

Anyway, start by pinned the front and back pieces at the shoulder and sew.  If sewing by hand, you will need to sew using a back stitch.  Check out this video tutorial for doll tank tops if you don’t know how to do a back stitch.

Pin and sew around the arm holes to hem them.

Now hem the arm openings (fold and pin along the edge before sewing them).

Sew using a backstitch whiling facing the good side, it makes it look nicer.

When hemming with a backstitch, you want to sew while facing the outside of the piece because the stitches on the underside are kind of ugly.

Getting ready to sew the neckline, you can use the edge of the sock for a cute touch.

Now let’s get to that neckline.  Remember, if you cut the whole pattern piece for the collar instead of using the ribbing, you need to fold it in half before attaching to the shirt.

Start by pinning the collar at the center and ends of the neck opening.

Start pinning the “collar” to the top.  I first pin at the center and both ends.

Continue pinning the collar to the shirt and then sew in place..

Then I finish pinning the rest of the collar.  Carefully sew while removing the pins.

Turn up the collar and pin in place before topstitching along the the edge.

Turn the collar up so it lays flat and pretty and pin in place.  Stitch along the edge (top stitching!), so it stays nice and pretty.

Pin the sides of the top and sew.

Now it’s time to sew up the sides of the top.  This is also a great time to try it on your doll (if you haven’t already) to make sure it fits.  Adjust as needed.

Pin and sew the bottom to hem.

Almost done now.  Pin and hem the bottom.

Repeat to hem the back opening of the shirt, then sew on velcro or snaps to finish.

Repeat on the back opening.  Then you can sew on snaps or Velcro, or whatever ever closure you like.

After sewing on the velcro and snaps, the top is ready to wear.

And now the top is ready to wear!

Follow the tutorial link to make a cute matching sock sweater to complete the doll sweater set.

To make the sweater, just download the pattern from this post.  There’s a pattern for both Msd and Yosd sized sweaters along with a link to the original SD sized sock sweater tutorial.

Follow the tutorial link for instructions to make the half circle doll skirt to go with the sweater set.

As for the skirt, just follow the instructions in my msd sized half-circle skirt tutorial.

The tiny ribbon bow is detachable.

And now the finishing touch, the bow pin.  Just tie a simple bow from a bit of ribbon and add it to the sweater.

On the back of the bow is a tiny gold safety pin sewn on to make a doll sized bow pin.

You can just sew it to the sweater, but if you sew on a tiny gold safety pin it suddenly become a nice removeable bow to use in other outfits.

The completed ball jointed doll outfit of sleeveless pink top, matching pink sweater, navy blue skirt and ribbon pin.

And with that, the outfit is complete and ready to be worn by your doll.  Take tons of photos and enjoy!

End of tutorial.

(Anna, next time please arrange for the birthday doll to receive her gift at least during her birthday month!)

(Okay, but just remember that it’s difficult enough to keep track of all these dolly birthdays let alone plan gifts.  It would be easier to just give cards instead.  Is that what you want for your next birthday?)

(…On second thought, just do your best.)

Give it a try:

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