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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ball Jointed Dolls and Plush Toys

I would like to properly introduce everyone to someone.

BJD Making Friends with a Plush Turtle

This is Zippy, a turtle plush toy.  You see, Anna collects a series of plush toys made by TY called “Beanie Boos”.  The name seems to stem from their abnormally sized eyes in comparison to their bodies.  Anna thinks they are are “super cute”.

Zippy the TY Beanie Boo

Getting back on topic, Zippy is Anna’s newest addition to her collection and quite unique since he is the smallest one she owns.  It’s his size that is the key point.  Anna seemed to think that his stature makes him a perfect fit for me.  The very idea of it.  I’m afraid stuffed animals are a little too childish for a doll such as myself.

Ball Jointed Doll Making Friends with a Plush Turtle

Still, I have to admit he is sort of “cute”.  I believe I can see the appeal.  Maybe I will borrow him for awhile as a small companion.  For the time being anyway.  Besides, the little one needs someone to look up to, and I am an excellent role model.

They are super cute.  And I collect them for many of the same reasons I enjoy having Hikaru around.  I love the quality and details.  They are made of the softest material compared to similar plush.  I’ll get into more detail about that later on my blog.

Anyway,  Beanies Boos come in three different sizes, at least as far as I’ve seen.  I usually prefer the medium sized ones, but I thought this turtle was cuter in the mini-size.  He looks like a baby sea turtle.  And after I brought him home, I realized he was the prefect size for a ball jointed doll so yay!

Hikaru claims that plush toys are too “childish” for her, but I saw the way her eyes lit up when she saw Zippy.  And I certainly didn’t have to twist her arm to takes those photos of them together.  She even took him with her when I put her back in her box.  But I made it clear to her that she can only borrow Zippy, he’s still my plushie.

I now realize that although stuffed animals are for children, our little friend Zippy is a collectible plush, best enjoyed by adults as well as children and especially dolls.  So there’s no reason I shouldn’t borrow him, he can keep me company until Anna procure more for my collection.  Until then I shall prepare some tea for myself and my new green guest.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Of Blogging, Hopping and Sharing

Like many blogging humans out there, Anna participates in a fair number of weekly “blog hops” as a way to efficiently share her blog posts with others while simultaneously discovering new and interesting ones to read.  Anna actually hosts her own blog hop on Saturdays in addition to sharing her posts as well as my own at various blogs each week.  That is the reason for the increasingly lengthy list of links and blog buttons appearing on the side of my blog. 
Not that I’m complaining, far from it.  Blog hops and Link Parties are truly marvelous things.  They offer great entertainment for myself and a bounty of information on sewing and other useful subjects for Anna which is also of benefit to me. 
Anyway, the main reason I am writing today is that I have some truly great news.  Just last week one of my wonderful posts was featured here at the Turn It Up Tuesday Blog Hop, chosen by one of the lovely hosts out of all the other posts shared the previous week.
Hikaru's Post Featured on Turn it Up Tuesday
This particular individual has simply divine taste clearly.  I am flattered by her kind words of praise for my writing, I just wish she had refrained from mentioning that name, Barbie.  It however will not dampen my spirits.  I am honored to be among the featured and will continue to bring joy to others through these fabulous blog hops.
Funny to see Hikaru praise blog hops so much.  She used to not be able to stand them.  She thought I was wasting my time with them when I could be using it to sew things for her and what not, that is until I got her involved.  Now she’s hooked.
Now as for being featured, it surprised us both.  Hikaru of course was totally ecstatic about it, until she actually read the post.  She threw a fit over the Barbie thing.  She continued to deny her jealousy for at least half and hour before calming down, then she was ecstatic again.  What can I say, she bounces back pretty quickly.
It is certainly true that I thought Anna was wasting her time with blog hops, but that is in the past.  Let’s focus on the present.  Such as how Anna presently needs to get going already or we’ll be late for the next Link Party.  Happy blog hopping everyone.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

It’s Here At Last! Or a Wig Review

Package from Angelesque

After approximately a week of patiently waiting, my new wig finally arrived.  Anna did not retrieve it though until the evening after returning home from work.  The nerve of her, after all that time I spent waiting she didn’t even wake me up to inform me it was here until after she had opened the package.  But I am a kind hearted bjd, so I will forgive her over-eagerness.

Opened Wig Package

The wig came well protected in a hair net and a locking plastic bag.  The package included a business card for the company as well.  We will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Bjd admiring her new wig

The wig itself is wondrous to behold.  The fibers are so soft and silky, like delicate feathers.

BJD wearing a Dollzone Wig

Despite the lack of good lighting and my not being fully awake yet, Anna insisted on getting a picture of the wig on me.  The dear girl was so excited that I didn’t have the heart to refuse.  Luckily I am extremely photogenic, the photo came out surprisingly well despite the poor conditions.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

Now here is a photo taken at a decent hour with nearly perfect lighting.  Anna actually took the time to properly style the wig as well, although she did have me worried over her methods of styling.  She used a toothbrush of all things, imagine that.  If that wasn’t bad enough she used a blow dryer!  I swear she nearly burnt my precious hair. 

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

Anyway, as expected I look like an angel in my new wig, it suits me so well.  That’s exactly why I allowed Anna to choose this wig for me.

She allowed me?  Actually as many of you will recall, I just placed the order without telling her.  She just had to accept the fact that this was the wig for her and that’s that.  And I did try to wake her up before opening the package, but she was out like a log.  It actually helped later, she was much too drowsy to object to late night photos.  And by the time she did fully wake up, she was too giddy ad excited about her wig to even care.

Anyway, I bought Hikaru’s wig from Angelesque, a dealer of ball jointed dolls and accessories based in the UK.  The wig is Dollzone’s GW45-004A made for 18.5cm doll heads.  Hikaru’s head is 17.5cm and the wig fits like a glove, thankfully.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

I was also worried that is wouldn't suit her or worse. That the wig would look nothing like the photo and be ugly and thin and patchy.  Thankfully that wasn’t the case either.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

The wig looks so pretty from all angles, and Hikaru is right about how soft it is, I can’t stop brushing it.  And yes, I do use a human size soft bristled toothbrush as a hairbrush.  I’ve heard from multiple sources that these are perfect for bjd wigs.  And one of the reasons I specifically went with Dollzone was because many of their wigs are heat resistant, so a little blow drying won’t hurt at all.  Hikaru was just being a baby about that.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

Overall, we are both super happy with this wig.  Although it is still strange for me to see Hikaru with hair.  I guess I was kind of use to having a bald doll.  She almost looks like a completely different doll.  With any luck she may start acting like a different doll too.  One can only hope.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

So toothbrushes are actually good for doll hair?  There are truly strange things in this world.  And while I understand that a new hairstyle can make someone feel like a whole new person, I don’t see how it could make me act like a different doll or why anyone would hope for such a thing.  I shall try not to let the thought trouble me.  But for now I am at peace.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thrift Store Treasures

This past weekend, Anna went to a local thrift store for a special sale.  She went on in detail about it here at her blog

Epic Thrift Bag Sale

She was able to procure a large quantity of fine second hand items for a modest price.  I must say I am impressed by her skills at economy, but there’s something else that perplexes me.

Bjd sitting in thrift store haul

She managed to bring home all this in one paper bag, and yet…

Bjd sitting in thrift store haul

…She didn’t bring me anything.  Not one thing for me.   Not that she is required to shower me with gifts every chance she gets, I’m not such a greedy doll.  But a small trinket would have been pleasant.

bjd admiring vintage dishware

Still, some of treasures she bought are quite lovely. Such as this lovely saucer, the detail is exquisite.  I know it isn’t 1/4 scale, but perhaps there is an alternate use for it.

bjd holding normal size wallet

And this wallet, though not exactly to my taste, may make a useful luggage piece for me.

ball jointed doll staring at a Barbie DVD

I still can’t believe she purchased something emblazoned with the name “Barbie”.  Of all the distasteful things to bring home.  Sometimes I wonder about her.

bjd admiring a floral print pillowcase

This pillow case has such a sweet pattern on it.  Perhaps Anna could use the fabric for making a few doll sized items instead.

bjd staring at an art print

This framed art print is something to behold.  The size would possibly work for a doll size den or sitting room, perhaps hung above a sofa or mantle. 

ball jointed doll admiring a lace pillow case

Another lovely pillowcase, the lace is nicely detailed and the fabric is so soft.  Anna has mentioned the idea of making a bed for me.  Much more suitable than my box, but it will need some appropriate bedding.

bjd sitting in a thrift store haul

There are surprisingly more items of interest to me in this “haul” than I initially realized.  At the very least, rummaging through it all was a welcomed distraction from waiting for my wig to arrive.  It should show up anytime.

The thrift store mentioned is Epic Thrift, I went to their store in Tempe, AZ at Southern Ave. and Mcclintock for their Bag Sale.  The whole bag cost $20 plus tax. 

I did intend to get a few things for Hikaru, but I couldn’t find anything that would really work for her.  I think it was because I went on the last day of the sale, many of the shelves were looking pretty bare.  I warned her ahead of time about this, but I think she forgot.  She seems calm about it now, but when she first saw the stuff in the bag, she was furious. 

Anyway I did find some things that may be useful for her.  She is right about some of the pillow cases being good for sewing.  But she is not getting the framed art print, that’s mine.  And I’m afraid a doll sized sitting room is currently out of the question.  The wallet as luggage is a good idea though, at least with a different wallet. 

But I don’t understand what she has against Barbie dolls.  I suspect she is just secretly jealous because of how easy it is to get stuff for 11 1/2 inch dolls like Barbie.  Stores are full of clothes and accessories for them, even dollar stores.  And there’s always something for them at any thrift store. 

I was not furious, I was just a bit surprised and maybe a tad disappointed.  I had expected at least a single suitable item for my use, but I shall have be content with my current array of possessions.  And at least I am able to admire the lovely human size treasures Anna brought to adorn our home.  Something I can be grateful for to say the least.

Just one last thing.  The idea that I might be jealous of the Barbie doll is ludicrous.  How could I possibly be jealous about such a tacky, faddish and fickle doll as her!  Who needs a pink sports car, or “dream house”, or easily acquired clothing and foot wear.  And Anna can sew clothing just fine without commercially manufactured printed doll clothes patterns.  That is all I will say on the matter… today. 

For now, I shall have some more tea.  And maybe think of how nice having a sitting room would be.  A doll can dream.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Of BJD Fashion: Lace and Ribbon Sandals

My previous fears were for naught.  Anna mentioned before that she would finally make me a few pairs of shoes, and for a moment the thought crossed my mind that she might attempt to make me something like sneakers.  Heaven forbid it.  Sure they may be appropriate for sporting activities, especially with well coordinated clothing.  But they are simply horrid beyond that.  My fine skirts need footwear that is delicate and refine, to complete the overall look and to complement my form and personality.  Athletic wear will not do, especially if it looks ragged.

5 doll sized sandals

But enough about all of that.  Anna succeeded in making me these lovely shoes.  Five pairs of adorable lace and ribbon sandals, as part of her blog challenge.  Such a brilliant idea.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing Sandals

Being sandals, they are perfect for this Summer weather, but the lace and ribbon details make them perfect for my dainty feet.

Bjd wearing lace sandals

They are quite well fitting and rather comfortable to wear.  Anna is improving in making items in 1/4 scale, such a relief.

Bjd looking at her sandals

They work quite well with all my new warm weather outfits.  Now if only I had a few accessories to complete the look such as a simple yet lovely hat.  Of course I would need some hair to work with the hat.  When is Anna going to get me a wig?  We have actually already settled the argument over wigs, but she seems to be taking her sweet time to place an order.  Maybe I should gently persuade her to take appropriate actions?

Yes, I did indeed make these doll sandals for Hikaru as part of my Five a Week Pledge.  It is an easy way to give her wardrobe a boost and keep her off my back.  I’m afraid that this will be the last one involving doll stuff for a while.  I intend to focus more on small human size crafts for awhile.  Not to say that I will stop making anything for Hikaru, just not smaller things or in multiples of five. 

Anyway, the sandals are based on a cute tutorial I found with just a few changes.  I go in more detail on this on my blog.  I’m glad they came out as well as they did, though Hikaru seems to be exaggerating about the fit slightly.  There was a pair of shoes that came out slightly too big for her.  I may have hinted about it being due to her “dainty” little bjd feet being so much more challenging to fit.  After a little more flattery she piped down about it.  Maybe that’s how I should deal with her from now on.

As for the wig issue,  I actually placed an order yesterday without telling Hikaru.  I actually ordered it from a different website than originally planned because they had the wig we need at a better price.  The problem is that the company is located farther away so that will probably affect the shipping time.  Meaning I saved a couple of bucks, but I will now have to spend extra time waiting for it with Hikaru.  It’s the ultimate way to test her patience and mine, at least when it comes to her.

Splendid!  The wig is on it’s way.  I am actually happy enough to hear this news to almost completely over look Anna implying that I can be manipulated by flattery.  But not enough to overlook what she said about waiting for my wig to arrive.  She mistakenly believes me to be an impatient doll.  I do not know where she could have ever gotten this idea from since I am the model of patience and serenity.  I shall be a good example to her while we wait together.  I’ll of course regularly ask Anna if she has received any notice about the progress of the package.  In the mean time I’ll just be right here, next to the computer with my tea, until it arrives.  Peace be with you.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: First Month

Doll Owner's Corner: First Month or Why would a relatively normal person make a blog for a doll?It’s Anna.  This is the start of a special series on this blog, Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, gets full reign to discuss anything I want without Hikaru butting in.  It will occur the first day of each month. 

Why did Hikaru agree to this?  Well as she puts it, she is a “gracious and generous” doll.   Plus, despite how she acts, I have full control over everything including the computer.  What I say goes.

Anyway, it’s over a month since this blog was created.  Time certainly does fly.  So far, no one has yet to tell me I’m crazy or what not for running a blog written by a doll.  But that’s probably on their minds. 

Why would someone relatively “normal” set up a blog for a ball jointed doll.  Simple, I like blogs.  Hikaru has mentioned at least once or twice that I have a mostly craft blog, although she does neglect to mention my maze blog.  I guess that one doesn’t appeal to her. 

Anyway, not only do I blog, but I read blogs.  Many are craft blogs, but also other topics too.  I have a tendency to seek out blogs covering many different interests of mine.  So when I became interested in ball jointed dolls, I started to seek out blogs on the topic.  I found there are plenty of people who blog about their dolls, some also vlog which is also fun. 

I started to think it would be fun to have a doll blog too, so I started thinking how best to go about it.  Then I thought it would be fun to see a doll blog written from the point of view of a ball jointed doll.  Luckily Hikaru was more than open to the idea, as she mentioned in her intro.  Things just went on from there. 

It really has been fun for the both of us.  One of my favorite things is taking pictures of Hikaru for the blog.  Also coming up with new topics for Hikaru.  You didn’t think she did it all on her own did you?  Sometimes I have to drop a few hints.  Whatever works. 

Anyway, we’re going strong and will continue on.  Here’s to many more months of “playing with dolls”.

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