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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Of Blogging, Hopping and Sharing

Like many blogging humans out there, Anna participates in a fair number of weekly “blog hops” as a way to efficiently share her blog posts with others while simultaneously discovering new and interesting ones to read.  Anna actually hosts her own blog hop on Saturdays in addition to sharing her posts as well as my own at various blogs each week.  That is the reason for the increasingly lengthy list of links and blog buttons appearing on the side of my blog. 
Not that I’m complaining, far from it.  Blog hops and Link Parties are truly marvelous things.  They offer great entertainment for myself and a bounty of information on sewing and other useful subjects for Anna which is also of benefit to me. 
Anyway, the main reason I am writing today is that I have some truly great news.  Just last week one of my wonderful posts was featured here at the Turn It Up Tuesday Blog Hop, chosen by one of the lovely hosts out of all the other posts shared the previous week.
Hikaru's Post Featured on Turn it Up Tuesday
This particular individual has simply divine taste clearly.  I am flattered by her kind words of praise for my writing, I just wish she had refrained from mentioning that name, Barbie.  It however will not dampen my spirits.  I am honored to be among the featured and will continue to bring joy to others through these fabulous blog hops.
Funny to see Hikaru praise blog hops so much.  She used to not be able to stand them.  She thought I was wasting my time with them when I could be using it to sew things for her and what not, that is until I got her involved.  Now she’s hooked.
Now as for being featured, it surprised us both.  Hikaru of course was totally ecstatic about it, until she actually read the post.  She threw a fit over the Barbie thing.  She continued to deny her jealousy for at least half and hour before calming down, then she was ecstatic again.  What can I say, she bounces back pretty quickly.
It is certainly true that I thought Anna was wasting her time with blog hops, but that is in the past.  Let’s focus on the present.  Such as how Anna presently needs to get going already or we’ll be late for the next Link Party.  Happy blog hopping everyone.


  1. Well I'm visiting today from Too Cute Tuesday. I have to agree blog hops are marvelous things. I find that when I get the change to participate I feel more inspired and motivated. Congratulations Hikaru (and Anna) for being featured. I have managed to be featured twice both with the same project at different blog hops and I was so chuffed. It's a great feeling isn't it :)

    1. Yes it is a fantastic feeling and thank you so much. Hikaru says thank you too and welcomes you to the blog. She is also feeling a tiny bit jealous that you were featured twice, but she doesn't want to admit it.

    2. I am not jealous! Maybe a tiny bit envious of her good fortune. There is a difference.

  2. I too spend way too much time on Linkys or Blog Hops, whatever they decide to call them. I really agree with you. I highly appreciate those folks for spending the money and time to manage those things. If I spend so much time sharing on Linkys, I can't begin to imagine how much time they spend. I am however, getting a bit picky. I've created a Linky page to list all the parties I visit, but some still want their link right on your post or main page and that is after I have to close out all the pop-ups on their page, to clear the way so I can get to their button to add to my page. (More time.) I mean, really, how many people are going to check out all the Linkys I have listed no matter where I put them? I am beginning to drop those blogs that have way too many pop-ups and really slow down my computer. Found you over at Strawberry Butterscotch. Like what you had to say.

    1. Yeah I hate pop ups, and video ads are worse. I tried one blog hop once, the linky took forever to load because there were several ads on the page playing videos. The ads weren't even relevant to the blog.

    2. Video advertisements? How tacky.