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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Of Bjd Fashion: Sweet Doll Tank Tops

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: If You Give a Doll a Cookie

A yosd sized ball jointed doll holding a girl scout cookie in the middle of a D&D game.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Playing with Ponies

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Two ball jointed dolls playing with My Little Pony figures.  Cute!

My Little Pony blind bag figures, they're the perfect size for dolls.

Two ball jointed dolls playing with My Little Pony figures.  Cute!

Featuring these My Little Pony blind bag toys.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Of Bjd Fashion: Doll Sweaters from Socks?

After much sewing and patience, Anna created some necessary warm doll clothes for us, and from a peculiar material.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

Anna found this helpful tutorial with patterns for making sweaters from human socks.  A useful and economical idea, with but one problem.  The pattern is for SD sized or 1/3 scale ball jointed dolls.  In other words, it’s too large for myself or the other dolls.

However, Anna is remarkably skilled at pattern making and was able to draft her own patterns for this task.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

Which is how this delightful sweater was created in my 1/4 scale size.  It was once a navy blue knee sock belonging to Anna.

As you can see it looks wonderful on me.  The neckline is accented with my new favorite lace.  And the trail of faux pearls down the front add the perfect touch.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

Anna also made a sock sweater for Usagi.  She used the mate to the navy blue sock used for my sweater, but accented it with off-white ribbon and a simple large-ish button.  It suits Usagi gloriously.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

And for Sakura and Yuna’s sake, Anna also made patterns for yosd sized or 1/6 scale dolls.  She then created these adorable white sweaters using bobby socks.  Each sweetly embellished with ribbon bows and more faux pearls.

Anna was generous enough to make her patterns available to those who may need them.  Here they are ready to be downloaded and used in conjunction with the previously mentioned tutorial.MSD Ball Jointed Doll Sweater Pattern.

Here is the MSD or 1/4 sized pattern.

Yosd Ball Jointed Doll Sweater Pattern

And here is the Yosd or 1/6 sized pattern.

Tights and socks for ball jointed dolls.

In addition to the sweaters, Anna made use of human tights to create none other than doll tights and socks.  The novelty of it. 

Unfortunately, Anna did not produce a downloadable pattern for these marvels, but she may do so in the future if our lovely readers wish it.

Tights and socks for ball jointed dolls.

For myself, Anna made two pairs of sensible stockings in black and white.  I already had a pair of white tights (see Holiday Gifts) that unfortunately are torn, so these are much needed replacements.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

The black tights are just the thing to pair with my new navy blue sweater as well as other darker clothing in my wardrobe.

Thigh high socks for a ball jointed doll.

Usagi received a pair of black tights as well, but she also received these unusual socks. 

They go well above her knees, a very modest design.  At least it would be except the length seems to drawn more attention to the short length of Usagi’s skirt.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

Usagi, seems unconcerned by this.  She sees them as something extremely “cute.” 

Hikaru, they are cute, especially on Usagi.  So stop being so prudish about it.  Especially since they aren’t your clothes. 

Alright, I’ll let it go this time.  To each their own.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

Anna made a pair of white socks for both Yuna and Sakura, and Sakura received a pair of tights. 

Why not tights for Yuna as well?  They are are such a sensible piece of leg wear.

Because Yuna didn’t want them.  They make her uncomfortable and are too difficult to get off.  Socks are easier and feel lighter to her, so don’t give her a hard time about it, Hikaru.

Now why in the world would I give anybody a hard time about their clothing preferences?  Far be it from me to attempt to force another to wear a garment that makes them uncomfortable.  Even if that article of clothing would look absolutely darling on them.  It is such a pity.

(You mean like that skirt Usagi asked you to wear that you thought was too short?)

(There is a great difference between legwear and skirt length!)

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

Anyway, with our new sweaters and stockings, we are well prepared for this chilly Autumn to Winter weather and all the excitement it brings. 

Maybe too much excitement, it has Sakura and Yuna bouncing off the walls.

Cute sweaters for ball jointed dolls with free patterns.

This may be the start of a terribly long season.

Be at peace my dear readers.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: “I Like Bare Feet”

A yosd sized ball jointed doll taking off her shoes.

A yosd sized ball jointed doll taking off her shoes.

A ball jointed doll enjoying bare feet.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Doll Needs a Name

It’s been awhile since our new doll has arrived (see New Arrival: A Doll Love Bjd Unboxing and Review), so we all have had a chance to settle down.

Getting the new doll dressed up.

Sakura has done her best to make her new friend feel welcome.  She even let her borrow some of her clothing.

To be more accurate, Sakura insisted on it because she didn’t want her new friend to have wear the new doll dress anymore.  The dear child still has little respect for tradition.

The new ball jointed doll is so cute!

Still, the end result is all that matters.  Doesn’t she look adorable, such a sweet outfit.

A fine pair of yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

Yes, the two 1/6 scale dolls make a charming pair.  Sweet little Sakura and….

Come to think of it, we have yet to reveal this new bjd’s name. 

So let me be the first to officially introduce you to our new ball jointed doll….

Naming our new doll.


It does have a certain ring to it.  And I shall allow Anna to explain the meaning of it as well as the reasoning for it. (Please let it not be another anime reference!)

Yuna is the main character from the anime series Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.  It was based on a game that I unfortunately never played, but I have obviously watched and enjoyed the anime. 

The character, Yuna is very cheerful and easily makes friends with others, including most of her enemies.  The name is also more famous as being the name of a character from Final Fantasy X.

The meaning is a little unclear because various sources say different things.  Some say it means “night” or “moon”, “kindness”, "power", and other stranger things. 

Beyond that, it is a cute name for a very cute little doll. 

Oh great, another anime name.  Why does Anna keep using anime/manga for names?

Let's gather around Hikaru the bjd.

Oh well, you may have all been named after silly cartoons, but despite that all your names are still beautiful.  And I shall do my best to help you to mature into beautiful dolls.

"She's forgotten something."

I think Hikaru has forgotten that her name comes from an anime character too. :)”

Naming dolls can be hard.

… …… …..

That’s right, Hikaru was named after a character in a manga series that became an anime.  It all started with her name (see What's in a Name?).  Then it just continued from there.  I could have stopped, but you know how much “respect” Hikaru has for traditions.

It doesn’t really matter where their names come from anyway, just whether they suit them which has always been the case. 

And what she has against anime/manga I will never know.  After all it was through my love for it that lead me to learn about other aspects of Japanese pop culture, including the discovery of ball jointed dolls.  So without anime/manga in my life, there would not be any of the dolls.

Its is appropriate to name your dolls after anime characters?Anna does make a surprisingly good argument.  And I suppose it is beneficial to be knowledgeable of other cultures.

Now if only Anna would put some of that knowledge to good use.  Making me some beautiful Japanese inspired accessories would be a good start.

For now, we are at peace.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: What’s On His Mind?

An msd sized ball jointed doll head that is pondering life.

An msd sized ball jointed doll head that is pondering life.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Doll Love Unboxing Part 2: Reviewing a Wig and Eyes

Well now that we are all rested, let’s continue on from yesterday.  First, we shall discuss our new doll’s wig.

A Doll Love wig for a yosd sized ball jointed doll.

As previously mentioned, this wig was made by Doll Love along with this new doll and purchased through Alice’s Collections.

The pink color, though unusual is rather pretty.  And the fibers used are quite soft and silky though they seem wavier than in the product photo.  She will of course need a trim, those bangs are out of control.

A Doll Love wig for a yosd sized ball jointed doll.

The problem I can see with this particular wig is a lack of those soft and silky fibers.  It is rather patchy and you can see the cap right through her hair.  Anna doesn’t think it is that bad, but I beg to differ.

This patchiness allows the cap to also peek out on the sides, this limits the way the hair can be styled.  Anna feels somewhat optimistic about it.  She has some ideas to fix it, though I don’t think it is necessary.

Trying on a wig on the new bjd.

Because there is still this adorable wig.  Anna purchased this wig along with a few others a few months ago (see Of Bjd Hair: Reviewing Three Wigs? ). 

It was tried on by Sakura who rejected it for reasons beyond my understanding.  It looks just as sweet on this doll, so why not make use of it?

A ball jointed doll choosing a wig.

“No thanks, I like this wig better.”

Sorry Hikaru, this doll doesn’t like the brown wig either.  And it’s okay, I have plans for it and I’m pretty sure I can get the pink wig to work. 

Oh for goodness sake!  Well, far be it from me to complain.


Anyway, Anna also purchased an extra pair of eyes from Alice’s Collections.  I will let her give the details.

EHS018 14mm glass eyes for bjds from Alice's Collections.

There was a deal going on where if I bought a doll I could order a pair of eyes of my choice for $1.  Naturally I jumped at the deal since I was already buying a doll and Usagi’s friend needed eyes (and clothes, and a body, and a name…).

EHS018 14mm glass eyes for bjds from Alice's Collections.

I chose EHS018 14mm glass eyes.  They are a nice grayish blue color with a little bit of sparkle to them.  They look darker on the website, but I think I like them better in person.

Trying out a pair of doll eyes.

I don’t have any eye putty right now to put them in, but we can still try them out a little.  I think they look good on him.  Looks like he will be a handsome ball jointed doll once he has everything he needs.

The doll head now has eyes, but still no body?

I suppose he does show some potential.  And Anna is right, the eye color is beautiful.  Not quite as lovely as my own, but still very beautiful.

Giving the new ball jointed doll a toy.

Yes, things are going smoothly for us all.  Here Sakura is presenting the new doll her welcoming present.  That gaudy looking toy troll from one of the blind bags (see Finding Doll Props: Surprising Blind Bags).

Giving the new ball jointed doll a toy.

“His hair is soft like ours. :)”

Alas, the little darling seems to like the horrid thing.

The ball jointed doll family is growing.  Awww.

Our little ball jointed doll family is growing nicely.  It is wonderful indeed.

However, if our doll family keeps growing I shall need a new tea set.  My current service only serves four, which is perfectly adequate at the moment, but soon…

For now, we are at peace.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Arrival: A Doll Love Bjd Unboxing and Review

She is here at last!  Our newest ball jointed doll has arrived safely.

She was purchased through Alice’s Collections, just the same as Sakura and Usagi.  She is made by a delightful company called Doll Love.  The name of her sculpt is You You, and she is a 1/4 scale or yosd sized doll.  The same as our little Sakura.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Unfortunately, this much anticipated package had to be picked up directly from the post office and didn’t arrive directly home until the middle of the night.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Heaven forbid we wait until morning for the unboxing.  Sakura was so terribly excited to meet the new arrival.  She is to be her new playmate after all.

(I can think of someone else who was more excited.)

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Inside the package is the doll box, emblazoned with the company logo.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Inside the doll box, we first gaze eyes on a pink doll pillow.  Odd, because all our pillows so far have been shades of white.  Still, it is a lovely shade for a pillow and incredibly soft.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Inside we also found a note card carefully tied up with a fine ribbon.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

The company was kind enough to include special care instructions for our new doll.  As well as the doll’s card showing her default photo.

Ball jointed doll holding an extra set of glass eyes.

Packed within was an extra set of eyes purchased for Usagi’s friend, the head.  We shall dwell on that later.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Here she is, our newest doll, securely wrapped in protective padding.  And underneath it all…

It's a Doll Love You You, yosd sized ball jointed doll.

Is this adorable face.  Yes, this new ball jointed doll came with her face already painted.  Anna was decent enough to warn me of this fact, unlike last time (see New Arrival: A Mystic Kids Doll Review).

The face up artist did a wonderful job.  It is rather pretty, yet subtle.  At least compared to Sakura’s face.

Speaking of Sakura, I decided to allow her to do the introductions. 

Meeting a new doll.

“Hi, I’m Sakura.  You’re pillow is so cute!  You’re really pretty, want to see my toys?  What to play with me?  Want to try on clothes? What do you like to eat?  Want to….”

Sakura dear, please get on with it.

Properly introducing the new doll to the others.

“This is Usagi.  She is really, really nice and has pretty hair and her best friend is a head...”

Oh, you’re so cute! :)”

Properly introducing the new doll to the others.

“And this is Miss Ghost Lady.  She is nice too and really pretty (but she can be crabby sometimes).”

Sakura dear, I have told you before.  My name is Hikaru, not Ghost Lady!

Presenting the new doll dress.

Anyway, it is time to present the official new doll dress. 

Originally worn by myself when I first arrived, then past down to each new doll to wear until something more fitting is made for them.  It’s a tradition that must be kept.

A brand new ball jointed doll.

This brings back such pleasant memories.  The dress fits our new doll just as well as it did for Sakura.

Now that she is clothed it is time for some hair.  Unlike myself or the others, this new doll is fortunate enough to receive her wig immediately.

Pink Doll Love wig for yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

Anna purchased the Doll Love default wig along with our new doll.  It is an intriguing shade of pink and made of soft and very fine fibers.

Pink Doll Love wig for yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

It does look well on our new doll’s head, but there is something a bit amiss about it.  I shall reveal all another time for we are all exhausted and greatly need our rest.  And perhaps things will seem clearer in daylight.

I shall see you all in the morning.  Be at peace.

(Click here for Part 2!)

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