Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Doll Owner’s Corner: Doll Blogs

It’s the first of November.  Time for another Doll Owner’s Corner when I, the doll owner, can talk about anything I want with a certain doll getting in the way.

Some thoughts on doll blogs and a few to try.


This month’s topic:

Doll Blogs

For everything you can think of there is at least one or more people out there blogging about it.  It’s a fun and relatively easy way to express your passion for a hobby.

And who else are more passionate than doll collectors.  There are several blogs out there dedicated to the love of dolls.  Alas, most of them focus on more mainstream dolls (i.e. American Girl, Barbie, Bythe, etc.), but there are still many out there about ball jointed dolls. 

Sadly, many hobby blogs, doll or otherwise, aren’t updated as often as one would like.  With many hobbies, passion has to compete with life and sometimes a hobby blogger doesn’t have enough time to update a blog more than a few times a month.  I’ve seen some doll blogs that haven’t been updated in years.

That being said, they are still enjoyable to read and are packed with useful information.  Here are a few bjd blogs that I’ve found to be entertaining and/or useful.

  • Antique Lilac – She makes beautiful clothes for dolls and has fantastic photos.  There are also plenty of great patterns/tutorials for clothes and accessories.
  • Xanadu Dolls – Another one who is good at sewing and photography.  Her photos are so cute and so are her dolls.
  • Jointed Love – This blog features several good tutorials for doing face ups and making wigs.
  • Resin Rapture – She blogs about her dolls and their world, plus has several tutorials and patterns mainly for Iplehouse ball jointed dolls.
  • Bjd CollectasyThis is a bjd news blog.  New companies, new dolls, sales and other events are all reported here.  They also feature the occasional doll tutorial.

These are just a small sample of what’s out there.  Do you have a favorite doll blog you follow or actually have a blog about dolls?  Please let me know.

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