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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Finding Doll Props: Surprising Blind Bags

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Anna’s search for appropriate doll props has been quite fruitful, at least for Sakura and Usagi.  Anna has discover some delights for them in the form of what she refers to as a “blind bag”.

According to Anna, a blind bag is a small collectible toy or item that comes in a small pouch or box.  There are various types unique to any numbers of interests. 

The word “blind” refers to the act of concealing the item from view until the recipient opens the package.  Each item is intended to be a complete surprise.

Anna has gathered a number of these packages for our benefit, so we shall see if they prove useful to us.

A My Little Pony blind bag opening.

First we have the My Little Pony “blind bag”.   My Little Pony, I have been told, is some sort of animated television program that has grown quite popular. 

I suppose I do see it’s appeal.  The colorful illustrations are pleasant to the eye.

A ball jointed doll opening a MLP blind bag.

They appeal greatly to Usagi who specifically requested them which is why Anna bought her three of these pouches to open.

So let us see what the first bag contains.

A My Little Pony blind bag opening.

Inside we find a pony figure and a card with the character’s name as well as more information.  It’s similar to the cards we ball jointed dolls come with in our boxes.

A My Little Pony blind bag opening.

Only this card includes a list of all the other figures to collect.

A My Little Pony blind bag opening.

This particular figure is named Forsythia, who loves flowers.

A ball jointed doll holding her new My Little Pony figure.

The colors used are not to my taste, but Usagi seems quite taken to this pony.

My Little Pony blind bag figures, perfect size for dolls.

The other pony figures revealed include Ploomette and Minuette.

My Little Pony blind bag figure, perfect size for dolls.

The Minuette figurine is actually quite striking.  The iridescent plastic resembles fine glass or crystal. 

A My Mini Mixie Q's blind box opening.

Next we have a blind box for Sakura.  It is from a line called My Mini Mixie Q’s.  Quite an unusual name.

A ball jointed doll holding a My Mini Mixie Q's box.

Sakura seems drawn to them though, so let us quickly unbox them.

A My Mini Mixie Q's blind box opening.

Inside are two small doll-like figures. 

A My Mini Mixie Q's blind box opening.

What is unique about these figures is the variety.  Both of Sakura’s figures came from the “Friendly” collection, but there are a vast array of others to collect.

A My Mini Mixie Q's blind box opening.

Furthermore, these small figures have removable clothes and “wigs” allowing them to be mixed with other combinations.  That I suppose is where the word “Mixie” comes in to play.

A ball jointed doll holding a My Mini Mixie Q's figure.

Sakura just adores her new little “dolls”.

A ball jointed doll holding a My Mini Mixie Q's figure.

They are just the right size for her tiny doll hands.

I knew these would work out.  The size of most blind bag toys are perfect for dolls.  And there are so many different kinds to choose from, so it’s easy to find ones that they will like.  Mostly easy anyway, Hikaru is special case.

Anyway since Usagi and Sakura have cute toys now, maybe they can play with them together?

Blind bag toys for ball jointed dolls.

Sakura, do you want to play with my ponies? :)”

“No thanks Usagi.  I like these better.”

Or maybe not.  Sakura doesn’t seem to like the ponies much, but what about Hikaru?

I do see the appeal of some of the pony figurines, but they are still just for children and aren’t suitable for mature dolls such as myself.

My Little Pony toys for bjds.

Hikaru, you seem to like this pony a lot so I want you to have it.  Let’s play together, okay? :)”

MLP toys for ball jointed dolls.

Well, she is beautiful, like a work of art.  And far be it from me to refuse such a kindly offered gift.

What was that about “mature dolls”?

It’s a collectible!

Trolls blind bag opening.

Anyway, there is just one last blind bag left, a rather strange one.  The DreamWorks Trolls blind bag.  Anna says it’s for a new movie coming up.  Curious.

Trolls blind bag opening.

Inside is a gaudy looking troll figure with a pamphlet that shows the rest of the figures to collect.

Trolls blind bag opening.

The figure has a pleasant smile and soft hair of decent quality at least.  But for whom was this figure purchased?  That is a good question that I will allow Anna to explain.

It’s a welcome home present for our new doll.  That’s right, we are getting another doll!  Yay!

I bought her from Alice’s Collections a few months ago, and she finally shipped and we expect her in super soon.  In fact, you will meet her before the end of the week.

Well, now that that’s settled, it is time to prepare to welcome home our new companion.  So much to do with so little time.

Be at peace my dear readers.

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