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Friday, December 25, 2015

Early Christmas Presents

I should be ashamed right now.  I’m afraid I gave in to temptation and opened some of my Christmas presents early.  Can I really help it if Anna leaves them unattended.

Anyway, the first present is something I have been dying to receive.

White Fleece Dress Coat for Ball Jointed Dolls

A coat!  Anna finally made me a coat.  Just what I really wanted.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring Her New Coat

I do quite like it.  The silhouette works well for my particular style of dress and the material is quite soft to the touch.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing a White Fleece Coat

It fits me beautifully, that is except the slight gap toward the top.  Plus the odd way it flares at the bottom.  It makes it seem as if the hem is uneven when it in fact is absolutely perfect.  I do hope this has more to do with the way the coat was packed in the box.  Beyond these slight inconveniences, the coat is perfect.

White Fleece Hat for Ball Jointed Doll

Along with the coat, I received this lovely matching hat.  It’s a beret style that fits me like a glove.  I am most pleased with it.

DSCI5486 (800x679)

In addition to the beret, I received this peculiar hat.  Why in the world would Anna think to gave me a Santa hat?

So it’s my fault she couldn’t wait a few more hours until morning?  Sheesh.  Still, I am glad she likes the coat.  And she is right about the whole packing thing.

I am super happy with how the beret turned out, enough to consider making one for myself. 
As for the Santa hat, Hikaru should know that stocking caps have been worn for ages, not just by Santa too.  Plus there is no harm in wearing one just to be festive.  Where’s her Christmas spirit? 

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing a Santa Hat

I do suppose it is the season for such things and it is such a classic style of hat.  So for Anna’s sake and for the sake of Christmas spirit I will don this stocking hat, occasionally.  For now I am at peace.

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