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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Gifts

Anna can be so aggravating sometimes.  After I succumbed to temptation and opened some of my gifts early, she hid the rest and almost refused to tell me where.  She even tried to claim that there weren’t any more.  The nerve.

Ball Jointed Doll With Presents

Anyway, here they are perfectly safe in such lovely perfectly doll sized boxes.

Ball Jointed Doll Opening Presents

What’s in the first box?  Something else I have been desperately in need of…

Black Felt Shoes Made For a Ball Jointed Doll

…a pair of shoes.  They are a simple pair of slippers made of felt with darling little bows.  Anna’s very first attempt at making shoes for me.

White Tights Made For a Ball Jointed Doll

There was also a pair of tights to wear with them.  To wear shoes without proper stockings would be a disaster indeed.

Black Felt Shoes Worn By a Ball Jointed Doll

As you can see they fit me perfectly.  So much so that I’m willing to overlook the slightly visible glue in some areas and other such slight flaws.  This was her first time after all.

Ball Jointed Doll Posing in New Shoes

Yes I shall get plenty of use from these shoes, that is until Anna makes more or buys some professionally made.  Which ever comes first.

Now for the next present…

Ball Jointed Doll Staring at Latex Balloons


Ball Jointed Doll Staring at Latex Balloons in Disbelief

What in the world were you thinking?

That’s a question I can definitely answer, because you need them. 

In my last Doll Owner’s Corner post, I mentioned the idea of using a latex balloon as a wig cap to keep a doll’s wig on their head instead of slipping all over the place. 

I figured why not give Hikaru her own bag full of balloons just for this purpose.  That way it will be ages before she needs more and she will also be less likely to experience too many wig mishaps in the future.  Unless of course she wants those to continue, because I certainly don’t mind taking photos of those moments.

Beyond that, I was only joking when I said there wasn’t any more presents.  Maybe next year she will have the patience to wait until morning to open her presents.

I am still happy that the shoes fit well.  And as Hikaru says, they are my first attempt at real bjd shoes with the exemption of the sandals I made last summer.  I used a pattern I created myself with the help of an old library book.  I may post it here later.

As for the future, I may actually buy Hikaru a pair of shoes if she behaves herself, otherwise it will be several more pairs made by me.

And if anyone is curious, the gift boxes are actually a set of jewelry sized boxes I got on clearance last year.  This was before I got Hikaru, so no way to know I would end up using them for this purpose.

Ball Jointed Doll Holding Latex Balloons

Well, I’m glad to hear my dainty feet are in good hands.  And I’m even more so to hear that the balloons aren’t just a silly gag gift, glad and relieved.  And if they work as well as Anna seems to believe then all will be well around here. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear readers.  Be at peace.

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