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Friday, January 1, 2016

Doll Owners Corner: Behind the Scenes Round 2

First of the month again and the first of the year too.  Time for another Doll Owner’s Corner where I, the doll owner, get to share whatever I want without a certain doll butting in.

This month, I’m sharing more behind the scenes blooper photos.  They are just too much fun not to post.  For those of you who are new, you can see the first batch of bloopers here.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing Craft Flowers on Her Head

First up is from this post about my last craft haul.  Hikaru was in another silly mood and decided to “try on” some of the fake flowers I bought.  Probably a bit too big for her.

Ball Jointed Doll Trying to Swipe Craft Supplies

She spent a good amount of time trying to think of reasons why pretty much everything I bought should be used for her.  This is her trying carry it all away when my back was turned.

The Sheet Fell Down During A BJD Photoshoot

This photo came from a different shoot, not sure which one.  I was adjusting some things and the sheet just came down and suddenly it’s “where’s Hikaru?”

Ball Jointed Doll Hair Accessory Malfunction

This photo was taken when Hikaru got her pink dress (see It's Finish! and It's Gorgeous).  The matching hair accessory is a pain to get on and even more so to keep on her head as you can see.

Doll Santa or Knome?

When Hikaru opened some of her presents early (see Early Christmas Presents), I thought that the stocking cap she got looked like a gnome hat when pointed up.  What do you think?

The Doll Fell Over in the Middle of a Photo Shoot

 When showing off her coat for that same post there was a little mishap.  Hikaru fell flat on her back knocking over the backdrop. 

I would have found it funnier if it wasn’t for the fact that she landed right into a patch of bright sunlight that was coming in from the window.  Resin and sunlight don’t mix, it accelerates the yellowing that comes with age.  So a few years from now, if Hikaru’s face looks yellower than the rest of her body we will all know why.

Ball Jointed Doll Photo Ruined By a Toothbrush

This is from yesterday’s post.  A photo of Hikaru with her presents that came out beautifully if it wasn’t for the toothbrush in the background.  When taking pictures of dolls it is always good to have a toothbrush handy to fix their hair, but not so good to have it get in the shot.

Ball Jointed Doll Trying to Get Her Shoes On

This also from the same post.  Hikaru couldn’t wait to try on her new shoes, so she attempted to put them on herself.  She didn’t realize there was some packaging material inside the shoes.  She wondered why they were so hard to get on.

That’s all for now, but look forward to more behind the scenes shots as well as other fun stuff coming this new year.


  1. Thank you for linking up with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday. You post made me smile. Looking forward to more adventures! Have a fabulous week.

  2. How fun! Thanks for partying with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for coming by. :)