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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Is There a New Doll?

I feel I may have great cause for concern.  I believe Anna may intend to get a new ball jointed doll, possibly very soon too.

Are You Getting a New Doll?! I haven’t been able to confirm this directly with her, but she has been dropping hints left and right.

She has mentioned in conversation the idea of having other ball jointed dolls around, and maybe that I might enjoy the company.  I admit that some additional company might be pleasant.  However, I am positive that Anna isn’t ready for the responsibility of keeping multiple ball jointed dolls at a time.  And I do hate to admit it, but I’m afraid I simply am not ready to share my dear human with others quite yet.  Which is why it makes me quite nervous that Anna has increasingly brought up this topic.

Oh No! She's Shopping for a New Doll!It isn’t just her conversations, I frequently catch her viewing online doll shops.  A specific one to be exact, Alice’s Collections.  She has implied that if she were to buy another doll it would likely be from this shop.  She did seem as if she was just joking at the time, but I’m starting to have my doubts. 

Who Are All These Bjds?I’ve watched her staring intently at some of the dolls featured.  Mainly a few that seem to be on her wish list (see Doll Owner's Corner: More Dolls?).  Those particular dolls aren’t really that much of a concern, most of which are very fine dolls that come from the same wonderful company as myself, Mystic Kids.  However, I’ve noticed her spending a decent amount of time staring at dolls of seemingly more questionable companies.  Even showing pictures of said dolls to her closest friends and family. 

This does not bode well my dear readers.  It is bad enough to bring in a new bjd into our home, but to bring in an unknown doll from a strange new company is simply unthinkable.  I will not allow any ball jointed dolls in this house without my approval, especially those of a questionable background.

First off, Hikaru is the last one to decide if I am ready to have more dolls.  Some people would say that I’m still not ready to have her even, does that mean I should just give her up?  Nope, the only ones who can tell me if I am ready to welcome home a new ball jointed doll is myself and my budget.  Both of which are actually giving me the okay, but there will still be some time before I get a new doll.  Sort of for Hikaru’s sake. 

It’s actually kind of cute that Hikaru doesn’t want to share me, there are some things she needs to remember though.  There is enough of me to go around, and no one can take her place as my first bjd.  Also, having more ball jointed dolls around will benefit her way more than me.  Just being able to borrow clothes from other dolls would alone make it worth it to her.  Plus it would be a good excuse to put together that sitting room she keeps hinting on among other things.

Second, how in the world can she sound so incredibly prejudice about other doll companies?  Seriously.  Just because a company is new to her doesn’t make it “questionable”.   Especially when it is one that has actually recieved a number of decent reviews, like the ones I have been looking at.  That’s usually how I hear of a new company.   I also make it a point to look at dolls that I think Hikaru will like after being properly introduced, in person that is. 

That’s right, if and when I get a new doll it will be purchased without Hikaru.  I will consider Hikaru’s personality in the process, but it will be my decision in the end.  And when the time comes it will be up to Hikaru to welcome the new doll properly and help to raise the doll and develop his/her personality.  That is actually something I think Hikaru would greatly enjoy. 

It's Time for a New DollI realize I may have been out of line.  The choice to acquire more dolls after all is Anna’s and hers alone.  And I may have been a bit harsh with my judgement of unfamiliar doll companies.  It was possibly out of my own insecurity, but what reason do I have to be insecure?  I am a lovely and finely sculpted ball jointed doll and the treasured first bjd of Anna.  Nothing can change that.

Hikaru is Making Plans for the FutureThat being said, I am now quite looking forward to welcoming a new doll to our wonderful home when the time comes.  They will be in my care after all. 

Of course she/he will need an appropriate outfit to wear which I will select naturally.  And they will need a suitable name, I shall need to make a list of suggestions for Anna.  Not to mention possible wig choices, neccessary footwear, accessories, furnishings….

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