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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Gifts

Anna can be so aggravating sometimes.  After I succumbed to temptation and opened some of my gifts early, she hid the rest and almost refused to tell me where.  She even tried to claim that there weren’t any more.  The nerve.

Ball Jointed Doll With Presents

Anyway, here they are perfectly safe in such lovely perfectly doll sized boxes.

Ball Jointed Doll Opening Presents

What’s in the first box?  Something else I have been desperately in need of…

Black Felt Shoes Made For a Ball Jointed Doll

…a pair of shoes.  They are a simple pair of slippers made of felt with darling little bows.  Anna’s very first attempt at making shoes for me.

White Tights Made For a Ball Jointed Doll

There was also a pair of tights to wear with them.  To wear shoes without proper stockings would be a disaster indeed.

Black Felt Shoes Worn By a Ball Jointed Doll

As you can see they fit me perfectly.  So much so that I’m willing to overlook the slightly visible glue in some areas and other such slight flaws.  This was her first time after all.

Ball Jointed Doll Posing in New Shoes

Yes I shall get plenty of use from these shoes, that is until Anna makes more or buys some professionally made.  Which ever comes first.

Now for the next present…

Ball Jointed Doll Staring at Latex Balloons


Ball Jointed Doll Staring at Latex Balloons in Disbelief

What in the world were you thinking?

That’s a question I can definitely answer, because you need them. 

In my last Doll Owner’s Corner post, I mentioned the idea of using a latex balloon as a wig cap to keep a doll’s wig on their head instead of slipping all over the place. 

I figured why not give Hikaru her own bag full of balloons just for this purpose.  That way it will be ages before she needs more and she will also be less likely to experience too many wig mishaps in the future.  Unless of course she wants those to continue, because I certainly don’t mind taking photos of those moments.

Beyond that, I was only joking when I said there wasn’t any more presents.  Maybe next year she will have the patience to wait until morning to open her presents.

I am still happy that the shoes fit well.  And as Hikaru says, they are my first attempt at real bjd shoes with the exemption of the sandals I made last summer.  I used a pattern I created myself with the help of an old library book.  I may post it here later.

As for the future, I may actually buy Hikaru a pair of shoes if she behaves herself, otherwise it will be several more pairs made by me.

And if anyone is curious, the gift boxes are actually a set of jewelry sized boxes I got on clearance last year.  This was before I got Hikaru, so no way to know I would end up using them for this purpose.

Ball Jointed Doll Holding Latex Balloons

Well, I’m glad to hear my dainty feet are in good hands.  And I’m even more so to hear that the balloons aren’t just a silly gag gift, glad and relieved.  And if they work as well as Anna seems to believe then all will be well around here. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear readers.  Be at peace.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Hikaru the Bjd
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Early Christmas Presents

I should be ashamed right now.  I’m afraid I gave in to temptation and opened some of my Christmas presents early.  Can I really help it if Anna leaves them unattended.

Anyway, the first present is something I have been dying to receive.

White Fleece Dress Coat for Ball Jointed Dolls

A coat!  Anna finally made me a coat.  Just what I really wanted.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring Her New Coat

I do quite like it.  The silhouette works well for my particular style of dress and the material is quite soft to the touch.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing a White Fleece Coat

It fits me beautifully, that is except the slight gap toward the top.  Plus the odd way it flares at the bottom.  It makes it seem as if the hem is uneven when it in fact is absolutely perfect.  I do hope this has more to do with the way the coat was packed in the box.  Beyond these slight inconveniences, the coat is perfect.

White Fleece Hat for Ball Jointed Doll

Along with the coat, I received this lovely matching hat.  It’s a beret style that fits me like a glove.  I am most pleased with it.

DSCI5486 (800x679)

In addition to the beret, I received this peculiar hat.  Why in the world would Anna think to gave me a Santa hat?

So it’s my fault she couldn’t wait a few more hours until morning?  Sheesh.  Still, I am glad she likes the coat.  And she is right about the whole packing thing.

I am super happy with how the beret turned out, enough to consider making one for myself. 
As for the Santa hat, Hikaru should know that stocking caps have been worn for ages, not just by Santa too.  Plus there is no harm in wearing one just to be festive.  Where’s her Christmas spirit? 

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing a Santa Hat

I do suppose it is the season for such things and it is such a classic style of hat.  So for Anna’s sake and for the sake of Christmas spirit I will don this stocking hat, occasionally.  For now I am at peace.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: Weird Supplies for Dolls

Doll Owner’s Corner: Weird Supplies for DollsFirst of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to do what ever I want without Hikaru butting in.

This month’s topic: Weird supplies for dolls. 

It is normal to find ways to use everyday objects for other things, this is not a new concept to bjd lovers as I have learned through several articles and videos.  Here are a few examples of such uses that I myself have used or are considering.

  • Latex Balloons:  A wig cap is something that looks like a doll-sized swimming cap and is used to help keep a wig on the dolls head.  HIkaru is seriously in need of one.  They are usually made of silicon and cost around $5 plus shipping.  Apparently some bjd owners regularly use other items to make them themselves.  Like balloons.  Just cut off the top and slide on your doll’s head.  Instant wig cap.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: This or your favorite store brand melamine sponge thingy aren’t just excellent for cleaning around the house.  They are very commonly used for gently cleaning ball jointed dolls.  From dealing with dirt from everyday use to removing the face, people turn to these little sponges.
  • Silicon ear plugs: Like all ball jointed dolls, Hikaru’s eyes are attached to her head from the inside.  Most of the time you use eye putty, or poster tack which is already strange.  But another recommended material for this is silicon ear plugs.  The clear kind you find at most drug stores.
  • Toothbrush:  This should be no surprise to some readers.  A soft bristled toothbrush is actually a perfect doll hairbrush.  It’s gentle to doll wigs and effective.

These are just a few items that are actually used by ball jointed doll owners to care for their dolls.  There are probably more out there being newly discovered, because people will always try new things out of curiosity if nothing else.  I will report on them as I find them.  Look forward to that.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wonders from the Library

The other day, Anna paid a little visit to one of the local libraries, without me.  Again.

Ball Jointed Doll Sitting on a Stack of Library Books

She came back with a sizeable amount of books.

Ball Jointed Doll Showing Off Some Library Books

About eleven books and one DVD, most of which are of little interest to me, though they may be of good use to Anna. 

Bjd Showing Off Make Doll Shoes Book

This one though is very useful for the both of us.  It is Make Doll Shoes! Workbook 1 by Lyn Alexander.  To check out this particular book, Anna must be eager to start working on my new shoes right away.  I am pleased.

Ball Jointed Doll Reading Book About Doll Shoes

It is an older book, but the information in it is still relevant.  It is mostly intended for making shoes for antique dolls and reproductions of such.  A very useful guide indeed.

Ball Jointed Doll Presenting The Blue Fairy Book

Anna also checked out a copy of The Blue Fairy Book.  I know, fairy stories seem like such frivolous reading for someone who claims to be an adult.  But at times it is beneficial to enjoy a bit of frivolity, especially in the form of classic folk tales designed to inform as well as entertain. 

Bjd Looking at Illustrations in The Blue Fairy Book

In addition to being entertaining, this book is also visual appealing.  The illustrations are intricately design and beautiful to behold.  We will get much used out of this book.

Of course I didn’t take Hikaru with me.  I  haven’t gotten a carrying case for her yet and I have no other way of safely and easily taking her places.  So until I am able to take her, she will just have to stay home and enjoy what I bring back for her.

This time I didn’t technically bring anything back for her, but I did check out the shoe making book to help with making her some shoes.  But not just for her, I do own other dolls as she frequently fails to remember.  And I will probably have more dolls in the future.  All of which will probably need shoes.  Learning various methods of making doll shoes would be super handy.

As for the fairy tales, it’s just another hobby of my mine.  I  enjoy reading fairy tales and folk tales.  It’s fascinating to read different tellings of the same familiar stories.  So naturally I spend a good amount of time browsing that section of the library whenever I make a trip there. 

It’s funny about Hikaru, all that stuff she said about enjoying frivolity and fairy tales being educational?  She got that from me.  I told her all that to get her off my back about bringing home a “children’s story book” as she put it.  Of course it’s that same “story book” that she has be browsing through constantly since I got it. 

I am quite aware of the other dolls, but most of which are stored away, hence do not require much of anything let alone footwear.  And as for the future, Anna needs to make sure I have everything necessary before even considering purchasing more dolls.

As for the fairy tale book, I was simply mis-informed about the purpose of those sort of stories.  I am grateful to Anna for educating me on the matter, but I dis-like the way she mocks my previous ignorance.  I will let it be for now.

So while I wait for my shoes and other items to be made, I shall enjoy my fairy stories over a nice cup of tea.  I am at peace.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It’s Finish! And It’s Gorgeous!

I have some wonderful news.  At long last, and after numerous pleas from myself, Anna has finally finished making one of the dresses she promised me.

Ball Jointed Doll Showing off Her New Pink Dress

Isn’t it magnificent?  It suits me so well.  There are a few small flaws in the construction, but that is to be expected. Anna still needs a bit more practice sewing for a doll such as myself.  Still, the dress did come out beautifully.  Let us take a closer look.

Close Up of Pink Doll Dress Skirt

The top layer of the skirt is pink and trimmed with delicate lace and ribbon bows, while the bottom layer is white with a subtle floral pattern.

Close Up of Bows on Doll Dress Skirt

Here you see one of the bows Anna carefully tied by hand.

Close Up of Pink Doll Dress Bodice

The bodice was carefully fitted to my frame and is trimmed with another hand tied bow plus more lace around the neckline.  The square neckline is most flattering and draws attention to my well molded neck and collar bone.

Back of Pink Doll Dress

The back drops down quite low enough to admire my lovely shoulder blades, but thankfully not so low as to be inappropriate for day wear. 

Bjd Wearing a Pink Dress

Yes, this dress suits me quite satisfactorily.  Anna even made a matching hair piece.  It nearly completes the look.  I say nearly because I am still in need of a suitable pair of shoes.  All I have is the sandals Anna made for me last Summer (see Of BJD Fashion: Lace and Ribbon Sandals).  As darling as they are, they are most inappropriate for this rather chilly weather.  Proper shoes are most needed, and stockings, and perhaps a coat too.

Well where should I start?  It did take nearly two months to complete this dress.  Hikaru wasn’t just exaggerating.  But when she says “numerous pleas”, she really means “much nagging”, or should I say whining. 

Anyway, the reason it took so long wasn’t just because I was busy with work and other projects.  It took so much time to get it right.

First I had a pattern that was supposed to be made to fit most MSD sized ball jointed dolls, but it was apparently designed for a doll that’s both bigger and less “curvy” than Hikaru.  I only found out this after cutting and sewing the fabric for the bodice.  It took tons of time and effort to take it in in just the right places until is finally fit her.  That’s actually why it goes down so low in the back, it was part of how I got it to fit her in a flattering way.

After finally getting the bodice to fit and then sewing and attaching the skirt, I discovered another problem I hadn’t noticed until the dress was finished.  The skirt for the pattern was too short and narrow to get the desired effect.  I thought, how in the world do you make a too short skirt longer? 

Easy, add more fabric.  So an underskirt was added.  If you look closely, you may recognized the underskirt.  It is one of the circle skirts I made for Hikaru (see Of Bjd Fashion: Circle Skirts).  Specifically the one that failed to fit her right due to a mistake I made.  It was put to good use with this dress. I also cut the front of the original skirt, added lace and gathered it for that pretty bustle look.  It worked perfectly.

But wouldn’t you know it.  I finally finished one thing for Hikaru, and she is already talking about having more stuff.  But she does have a point, cooler weather clothing is necessary now.  Plus a doll-sized coat sounds totally adorable.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing a Pink Dress

I don’t nag and I definitely don’t whine.  How dare she say otherwise.  I just wanted to encourage Anna.  Goodness knows she needs it. 

I know well what a trial it was working with such a generic and poorly designed pattern.  I think it was excellent learning opportunity for my dear fledgling bjd owner, and I do believe the experience has helped her immensely.  I expect then that the next piece she makes for me will be completed in a more timely matter and with less issues. 

Anyway, despite a few…mishaps, this dress is still wonderful and looks fantastic on me.  That is all that really matters.  I am at peace.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: Videos for Entertainment

Doll Owner's Corner: Videos for EntertainmentFirst of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to do what ever I want without Hikaru butting in.

This time, let’s talk videos.  There are lots of videos on YouTube on ball jointed dolls and even dolls in general.  Lots of useful videos about where and how to buy them, making clothes, doing faces, etc.  All helpful stuff.  But sometimes a bit on the dull side. 

That’s why it’s nice that there are also videos about bjds that are almost purely for fun.  So for your entertainment, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite amusing videos.   Almost all of them are from the same YouTube channel, AsenvaBJD.  She is just that entertaining to watch in general and her fun videos are that much more. 

Entertaining Ball Jointed Doll Videos


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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Dolls

Anna has been neglecting me again.  Sigh.  She has been so busy lately with work and also with preparing for the holiday.  Halloween, a holiday that I have little use for at the moment.  But it has strangely benefited me.

BJD Introducing a Pair of Halloween Skeleton Dolls

The other day, Anna came back from her store with these two.  Allow me to introduce Lenore and Jack.  They are skeleton dolls sold for use as Halloween decorations.  Their appearance is quite grotesque, but that is the style for this season so I shall overlook it.  However, I simply can’t overlook the sad outfits they came with, the manufacturers were too cheap to dress them decently.  The retail price for these dolls is a measly $3.99 though, so one can’t be too surprised.

BJD Chatting with Halloween Skeleton Dolls

Anyway, despite their ghastly design and mass produced clothing, Jack and Lenore are fascinating dolls.  They have told me so many interesting stories about the retail world and such.  And Lenore is such a dear thing, she just could use a bit of a makeover.

Halloween Skeleton Dolls

Ok, by my store, Hikaru means CVS where I work.  These are two of several “Dressed Skeletons” we are selling as Halloween decorations. 

Halloween Skeleton Dolls

I thought they were really cute, except for their clothes that is.  I do intend to make new clothes for them eventually.  Actually I was thinking of waiting until they all go on clearance after Halloween and then buy a bunch more to redress.  But maybe I should finish  making some of Hikaru’s clothes before attempting to clothe a whole swarm of skeletons.

Anyway, they are about the same size as Hikaru, so I did think they would be great to keep her company.  It’s funny how she talks about their “ghastly” appearance.  Jack and Lenore actually thought nearly the same thing about Hikaru, they had never seen dolls like her before.  Of course they think she is a very pretty doll despite her lack of visible bones.  To each their own.  

Having Tea with Halloween Skeleton Dolls

To each their own indeed. 

Anyway, as strange as they appear, I now have some pleasant company to enjoy.  So while Anna is off gallivanting in costume tonight, I will be staying in and enjoying a nice cup of tea with my new skeletal companions.  I am at peace.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

And Many Happy Returns

Happy Birthday Human

As the title indicates, today is a very special day.  And no, Anna didn’t get anymore dolls, perish the thought.  Nor am I celebrating her finally completing one of the dresses she promised me.  I am still patiently waiting.  And waiting…

Today is Anna’s birthday.  Now I won’t say which one it is, as if anyone around here would dare to ask a woman her age.  How dreadful.  Not that they would believe it if I told them anyway.  Anna can be so childish at times, but that is a subject best for another time.

Anyway, I thought it best to give her my regards on this fine day and allow my ever lovely readers to do the same if they wish. 

So have a very happy birthday my dear human, and be at peace.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: More Dolls?

Being the first of October, it is once again time for Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to discuss anything I want without Hikaru.

This time I would like to talk about other dolls, specifically other ball jointed dolls.

Back when I first got Hikaru, I was convinced that I would probably only buy one doll and that’s it.  No other dolls, one expensive doll was enough.  I would just focus on clothes and accessories.  Now I wonder if that’s possible.  I have been seeing several dolls online that are just adorable, and I can’t help but think, maybe Hikaru could do with some company.

Mystic Kids Verdin at Alice's Collections

For instance, how about this cute girl?  She is a Mystic Kids Verdin and she’s 27 cm tall, about 10 cm shorter than Hikaru.  Maybe Hikaru would like a little sister?

Mystic Kids Vanetta at Alice's Collections

And then there’s this one, Mystic Kids Vanetta.  I seem to have developed a fondness for Mystic Kids, it is the company that made Hikaru after all.  They make lovely dolls at relatively affordable prices, at least as far as ball jointed dolls go.  Anyway, this one is also 27 cm tall.  I think there’s a certain appeal to bjds of this size.

Mystic Kids Cris at Alice's Collections

A certain appeal that is very evident in this adorable little boy, he is a Mystic Kids Cris.  The little freckles in his default face up are particularly cute.  It makes it hard to decide to choose between him or the girls.  Maybe it would be fun to get all three.  Hmm.

Mystic Kids Caroline at Alice's Collections

And in case Hikaru would prefer the company of dolls her own size, there is this lovely girl.  She is the Mystic Kids Caroline.  The first time I saw her I thought she looked an awful lot like Hikaru, the face sculpt is very similar.  Similar enough for them to be long lost sisters, possibly twins.  That would be fun.  Since she is the size and from the same company as Hikaru, they would be able to wear the same clothes.  That would save me a lot of trouble making extra clothing.

Mystic Kids Illy at Alice's Collections

Of course there is the possibility that Hikaru wouldn’t like sharing clothing with someone else.  Good thing there is this handsome boy.  He is the Mystic Kids Illy, strange name, but it can always be changed.  The down side though is that Hikaru may start trying to boss him around or something like that, the poor guy.

Hujoo Nano Freya at the Junky Spot

Of course there is always the option of someone of a different species.  These are the Hujoo Nano Freyas.  They are cute little kittens, only 12 cm tall.  Because they are so tiny and made out of ABS plastic instead of resin, they are actually considerably cheaper to buy.  They are around $30 instead of the $150-$250 the other ones would run me.  Of course I would still need to decide whether to get a gray one or a white one or both.  Also whether it should be a little boy or girl, or both.  Decisions, decisions. 

Of course it will take quite some time for me to save up enough to get another doll or two, assuming I don’t just decide to go with the original plan and just leave Hikaru as my one and only bjd.  Only time will tell.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hikaru’s Wish List

I’m afraid my dear human, Anna, has been particularly busy as of late with her job and other obligations.  So much that I’m afraid she has had very little time left to give me the attention I need.  But I am such a patient and understanding doll, as she well knows, and I know the situation is temporary.

Be that as it may, I do find myself getting a tad bored with the lack of fine company.  Sure there is Zippy the turtle to keep me company, but the dear little thing tends to tire himself easily and requires frequent naps.  So it often leads to me having to find ways to occupy myself.

Thank goodness for the glorious internet, with such a thing the world is at my finger tips.  I have been browsing various online stores.  Mostly ones that cater to dolls naturally, especially ones of my size and tastes.  So many lovely products to choose from, so I made a small list.  For the convenience of anyone who may be shopping for me, I have divided my selections by store and ordered them by price.  I am such a thoughtful doll.


Brown Doll Eyelashes from Angelesque

  • Eyelashes 520 in Brown – I do believe that as lovely as they are my eyes would look more complete with a set of eyelashes.  Anna has mentioned that brown ones would suit my coloring and I couldn’t agree more.

Brown Felt Hat for Dolls from Angelesque

  • Felt Hat in Brown – There is just something so appealing about a sweet looking hat placed on a perfectly styled head of hair.  This one has a simple versatile look, but the pearls and flower give it just the right touch.

c45-065 MSD BJD Outfit from Angelesque

  • C45-065 Outfit – This would be a perfect outfit to wear this coming Autumn.  It’s more practical than dressy,  but still perfectly elegant.

Alice's Collections

ot002 BJD Gloves from Alice's Collections

  • OT002 Gloves – Gloves are a much overlooked accessory in this day and age.  Not just something to protect ones hands, though they are quite necessary for that purpose.  I believe I shall be needing several of these.  Easily done since they are so reasonably priced.

g043 Dress for Ball Jointed Dolls from Alice's Collections

  • G043 Dress in Blue – Such a sweet dress in a lovely shade of blue.  It even has matching accessories to complete the overall look.  I think it would be wonderful to wear next Spring.

g050 Outfit for BJD from Alice's Collections

  • G050 Outfit – This a three piece outfit that includes a full skirt, a matching vest, a blouse.  It is very prim looking but still pretty.  It reminds of a school uniform.  It would be adorable on me and perfect for Autumn and Winter.

g017 Outfit for BJD from Alice's Collections

  • G017 C Outfit – Another outfit reminiscent of school days.  It consists of a ruffled skirt and a blouse with a ribbon tie.  The blouse is the main focus for me.  It would be perfect to wear with all my lovely skirts in cooler weather.

szd3059 Dress for Ball Jointed Dolls from Alice's Collections

  • SZD3059 Dress in White – This dress is simply gorgeous.  Very detailed and the white color is very suitable for me.

edg022 Dress in White for BJD from Alice's Collections

  • EDG022 Dress in White – The previous dress is gorgeous, but this one is simply divine.  The lightness of the material, the delicate ruffles, it would be a dream to wear it.


MSD size - Cubic Crown from Doll more

  • MSD Cubic Crown – Anna may have other ideas, but I do believe a crown would suit me.  And this one is fairly modestly priced and styled.

MSD & USD - KD Lace Parasol (White)

  • Lace Parasol – It is ever so important to protect myself from the sun’s resin damaging UV rays.  A parasol would be an excellent not to mention beautiful way of doing just that.

MSD - Phnia Dress (White)

  • MSD Phnia Dress in White – Such a lovely dress and similar in some ways to that wonderfully dreamy Alice’s Collections dress from before.  The main differences is a slightly more casual design and a considerably lower price tag.

MSD - Creamrose Dress Set (White)

  • MSD Creamrose Dress Set in White – This dress is very similar to that gorgeous white Alice’s Collections dress.  So much so that I can’t decide which I love more.  Maybe if I owned both it would make it easier.

MSD&Model Doll - Friendly Hanger (White)

  • White Clothes Rack – With all these gorgeous clothes around, it would be necessary to have a suitable place to store them, so a well built clothing rack would be a must.

26 inch Light Carrage Bag (L.Pink)

  • 26 Inch Light Carry Bag in Pink – Anna claims that the reason she doesn’t take me anywhere is because she doesn’t have a proper carrying case to safely carry me.  This one would be more than suitable for her to use.  The interior is comfortable and roomy enough for myself and any accessories I would need.  The straps are well designed to make it easy for her to carry.  Plus it happens to come in one of her favorite colors.  Yes only the best for my Human.

Doll Hearts

MS000388 White Shoes from Doll Hearts

  • MS000388 White Shoes – Such simple flats, but well made and with a sweet little bow.  They will look well on my dainty little doll feet.

[D2-MSD] MD108001 Navy Blue Long Cape

  • MD108001 Navy Blue Long Cape – A cape, just the thing to keep out the chill this coming winter.  The perfect accessory for any proper doll to have in her wardrobe.

MS000321 White Shoes with Cameos from Doll Hearts

  • MS000321 Shoes – These shoes are something to behold.  Each one is embellished with a doll sized cameo nestled in some lace and pearls.  If only they came in other colors, I would wear each one.

MD000079 - Red Dreamland

  • MD000079 Red Dreamland Outfit – Another gorgeous outfit.  The skirt and top are separate pieces, so I would be able to pair the skirt with an equally fine blouse for an alternate look.  The bonnet is especially fine.  I do so love hats and bonnets, such marvelous things.  It’s a pity so few people or dolls can pull them off well, but luckily I lack this problem.

MD000053 - Cherry Classic

  • MD000053 Cherry Classic Outfit – This is another wonderful set.  The underskirt can easily be worn with other outfits.  And the sleeves on the dress are removable making it perfect for all weather.  The ribbon lacing on the bodice and the perfect ruffles on the skirt make this dress one of my absolute favorites.  The matching accessories are just the icing on the cake.

What can I say?  First, I’m not surprised that Hikaru listed Angelesque up first.  I bought her wig from them and it was an over all good experience, so I wouldn’t mind ordering from them again.  Just not for the hat,  I could easy it make for her myself.  I might be able to make a similar dress too.  The eyelashes would be a good choice.  I think with her coloring and the her wig color that brown eyelashes would look more natural the black.

With her choices for Alice’s Collections,  one problem would be the gloves.  I have my doubts about them fitting her hands, luckily I think it would be easy to make a pair for her.  Some of the dresses and sets she chose are adorable, I may consider purchasing them in the future.  But not that last one, I'm not spending over $100 for one doll dress.  It may be a “dream to wear” but she will have to keep on dreaming.

That crown from Dollmore is very pretty and the price is okay, but I could only imagine what it would be like around here with Hikaru if she had it.  Nope, not happening.  The parasol is a cute idea, but I think staying indoors would be more effective sun protection. 

The dresses she chose are pretty, and it’s nice that she compares them to the similar but pricier ones from Alice’s Collection.  That actually is surprising to me.  From what I’ve heard around online, Alice’s Collection is known for having pretty low prices on things.

I find it rich that Hikaru’s wish list features a doll carry bag that is supposed to be for me.  Well at least she did consider my tastes and comfort in choosing one.  Now if she could find some way of paying for it herself, we’d be set.

Now the Doll Hearts selections.  The first pair of shoes actually resemble a pair I own that I bought at Payless years ago, only I paid about half as much for them.  Still Hikaru does need shoes, so maybe.  The other pair of shoes, I so wish they would come in a human size, they are so cute.  Makes me want to find a pair of cameos and make shoe clips.  We could match, hmm.

As for the outfits Hikaru chose, there is good news and bad news for her.  The bad news is odds are I will not be able to buy any of them for her.  The good news is that I’m more than capable of making similarly styled outfits for her, especially that Cherry Classic outfit.  Those skirt ruffles and that bodice are calling to me.  I just need to gather the right materials. 

One would almost think she planned things this way.  Show me a whole bunch of expensive but nicely designed stuff that I’d automatically veto on along with some comparatively reasonably priced stuff so I would actually consider buying or making similar items.  I’m being played by a doll.

Angelesque is a fine retailer, so naturally I would frequent their website.  And I am delighted to hear that Anna approves on at least of few of my choices.  But to say that I may have attempted to manipulate her, perish the thought.  I only wish to share with her as well as my lovely readers the wares available at these great retailers of doll fashions and supplies.  I just hoped for her to keep an open mind. 

Still I can see how that angelic $100+ dress from Alice's Collections may be a bit of a long shot.  Dream I can, so dream I will.  Maybe someday, but it is reassuring to know that my list has served as a great source of inspiration for Anna’s sewing.  I shall be patiently awaiting for the wonderful new articles Anna says she can make for me.  For now I am at peace.

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