Thursday, October 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: More Dolls?

Being the first of October, it is once again time for Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to discuss anything I want without Hikaru.

This time I would like to talk about other dolls, specifically other ball jointed dolls.

Back when I first got Hikaru, I was convinced that I would probably only buy one doll and that’s it.  No other dolls, one expensive doll was enough.  I would just focus on clothes and accessories.  Now I wonder if that’s possible.  I have been seeing several dolls online that are just adorable, and I can’t help but think, maybe Hikaru could do with some company.

Mystic Kids Verdin at Alice's Collections

For instance, how about this cute girl?  She is a Mystic Kids Verdin and she’s 27 cm tall, about 10 cm shorter than Hikaru.  Maybe Hikaru would like a little sister?

Mystic Kids Vanetta at Alice's Collections

And then there’s this one, Mystic Kids Vanetta.  I seem to have developed a fondness for Mystic Kids, it is the company that made Hikaru after all.  They make lovely dolls at relatively affordable prices, at least as far as ball jointed dolls go.  Anyway, this one is also 27 cm tall.  I think there’s a certain appeal to bjds of this size.

Mystic Kids Cris at Alice's Collections

A certain appeal that is very evident in this adorable little boy, he is a Mystic Kids Cris.  The little freckles in his default face up are particularly cute.  It makes it hard to decide to choose between him or the girls.  Maybe it would be fun to get all three.  Hmm.

Mystic Kids Caroline at Alice's Collections

And in case Hikaru would prefer the company of dolls her own size, there is this lovely girl.  She is the Mystic Kids Caroline.  The first time I saw her I thought she looked an awful lot like Hikaru, the face sculpt is very similar.  Similar enough for them to be long lost sisters, possibly twins.  That would be fun.  Since she is the size and from the same company as Hikaru, they would be able to wear the same clothes.  That would save me a lot of trouble making extra clothing.

Mystic Kids Illy at Alice's Collections

Of course there is the possibility that Hikaru wouldn’t like sharing clothing with someone else.  Good thing there is this handsome boy.  He is the Mystic Kids Illy, strange name, but it can always be changed.  The down side though is that Hikaru may start trying to boss him around or something like that, the poor guy.

Hujoo Nano Freya at the Junky Spot

Of course there is always the option of someone of a different species.  These are the Hujoo Nano Freyas.  They are cute little kittens, only 12 cm tall.  Because they are so tiny and made out of ABS plastic instead of resin, they are actually considerably cheaper to buy.  They are around $30 instead of the $150-$250 the other ones would run me.  Of course I would still need to decide whether to get a gray one or a white one or both.  Also whether it should be a little boy or girl, or both.  Decisions, decisions. 

Of course it will take quite some time for me to save up enough to get another doll or two, assuming I don’t just decide to go with the original plan and just leave Hikaru as my one and only bjd.  Only time will tell.

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