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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hikaru’s Wish List

I’m afraid my dear human, Anna, has been particularly busy as of late with her job and other obligations.  So much that I’m afraid she has had very little time left to give me the attention I need.  But I am such a patient and understanding doll, as she well knows, and I know the situation is temporary.

Be that as it may, I do find myself getting a tad bored with the lack of fine company.  Sure there is Zippy the turtle to keep me company, but the dear little thing tends to tire himself easily and requires frequent naps.  So it often leads to me having to find ways to occupy myself.

Thank goodness for the glorious internet, with such a thing the world is at my finger tips.  I have been browsing various online stores.  Mostly ones that cater to dolls naturally, especially ones of my size and tastes.  So many lovely products to choose from, so I made a small list.  For the convenience of anyone who may be shopping for me, I have divided my selections by store and ordered them by price.  I am such a thoughtful doll.


Brown Doll Eyelashes from Angelesque

  • Eyelashes 520 in Brown – I do believe that as lovely as they are my eyes would look more complete with a set of eyelashes.  Anna has mentioned that brown ones would suit my coloring and I couldn’t agree more.

Brown Felt Hat for Dolls from Angelesque

  • Felt Hat in Brown – There is just something so appealing about a sweet looking hat placed on a perfectly styled head of hair.  This one has a simple versatile look, but the pearls and flower give it just the right touch.

c45-065 MSD BJD Outfit from Angelesque

  • C45-065 Outfit – This would be a perfect outfit to wear this coming Autumn.  It’s more practical than dressy,  but still perfectly elegant.

Alice's Collections

ot002 BJD Gloves from Alice's Collections

  • OT002 Gloves – Gloves are a much overlooked accessory in this day and age.  Not just something to protect ones hands, though they are quite necessary for that purpose.  I believe I shall be needing several of these.  Easily done since they are so reasonably priced.

g043 Dress for Ball Jointed Dolls from Alice's Collections

  • G043 Dress in Blue – Such a sweet dress in a lovely shade of blue.  It even has matching accessories to complete the overall look.  I think it would be wonderful to wear next Spring.

g050 Outfit for BJD from Alice's Collections

  • G050 Outfit – This a three piece outfit that includes a full skirt, a matching vest, a blouse.  It is very prim looking but still pretty.  It reminds of a school uniform.  It would be adorable on me and perfect for Autumn and Winter.

g017 Outfit for BJD from Alice's Collections

  • G017 C Outfit – Another outfit reminiscent of school days.  It consists of a ruffled skirt and a blouse with a ribbon tie.  The blouse is the main focus for me.  It would be perfect to wear with all my lovely skirts in cooler weather.

szd3059 Dress for Ball Jointed Dolls from Alice's Collections

  • SZD3059 Dress in White – This dress is simply gorgeous.  Very detailed and the white color is very suitable for me.

edg022 Dress in White for BJD from Alice's Collections

  • EDG022 Dress in White – The previous dress is gorgeous, but this one is simply divine.  The lightness of the material, the delicate ruffles, it would be a dream to wear it.


MSD size - Cubic Crown from Doll more

  • MSD Cubic Crown – Anna may have other ideas, but I do believe a crown would suit me.  And this one is fairly modestly priced and styled.

MSD & USD - KD Lace Parasol (White)

  • Lace Parasol – It is ever so important to protect myself from the sun’s resin damaging UV rays.  A parasol would be an excellent not to mention beautiful way of doing just that.

MSD - Phnia Dress (White)

  • MSD Phnia Dress in White – Such a lovely dress and similar in some ways to that wonderfully dreamy Alice’s Collections dress from before.  The main differences is a slightly more casual design and a considerably lower price tag.

MSD - Creamrose Dress Set (White)

  • MSD Creamrose Dress Set in White – This dress is very similar to that gorgeous white Alice’s Collections dress.  So much so that I can’t decide which I love more.  Maybe if I owned both it would make it easier.

MSD&Model Doll - Friendly Hanger (White)

  • White Clothes Rack – With all these gorgeous clothes around, it would be necessary to have a suitable place to store them, so a well built clothing rack would be a must.

26 inch Light Carrage Bag (L.Pink)

  • 26 Inch Light Carry Bag in Pink – Anna claims that the reason she doesn’t take me anywhere is because she doesn’t have a proper carrying case to safely carry me.  This one would be more than suitable for her to use.  The interior is comfortable and roomy enough for myself and any accessories I would need.  The straps are well designed to make it easy for her to carry.  Plus it happens to come in one of her favorite colors.  Yes only the best for my Human.

Doll Hearts

MS000388 White Shoes from Doll Hearts

  • MS000388 White Shoes – Such simple flats, but well made and with a sweet little bow.  They will look well on my dainty little doll feet.

[D2-MSD] MD108001 Navy Blue Long Cape

  • MD108001 Navy Blue Long Cape – A cape, just the thing to keep out the chill this coming winter.  The perfect accessory for any proper doll to have in her wardrobe.

MS000321 White Shoes with Cameos from Doll Hearts

  • MS000321 Shoes – These shoes are something to behold.  Each one is embellished with a doll sized cameo nestled in some lace and pearls.  If only they came in other colors, I would wear each one.

MD000079 - Red Dreamland

  • MD000079 Red Dreamland Outfit – Another gorgeous outfit.  The skirt and top are separate pieces, so I would be able to pair the skirt with an equally fine blouse for an alternate look.  The bonnet is especially fine.  I do so love hats and bonnets, such marvelous things.  It’s a pity so few people or dolls can pull them off well, but luckily I lack this problem.

MD000053 - Cherry Classic

  • MD000053 Cherry Classic Outfit – This is another wonderful set.  The underskirt can easily be worn with other outfits.  And the sleeves on the dress are removable making it perfect for all weather.  The ribbon lacing on the bodice and the perfect ruffles on the skirt make this dress one of my absolute favorites.  The matching accessories are just the icing on the cake.

What can I say?  First, I’m not surprised that Hikaru listed Angelesque up first.  I bought her wig from them and it was an over all good experience, so I wouldn’t mind ordering from them again.  Just not for the hat,  I could easy it make for her myself.  I might be able to make a similar dress too.  The eyelashes would be a good choice.  I think with her coloring and the her wig color that brown eyelashes would look more natural the black.

With her choices for Alice’s Collections,  one problem would be the gloves.  I have my doubts about them fitting her hands, luckily I think it would be easy to make a pair for her.  Some of the dresses and sets she chose are adorable, I may consider purchasing them in the future.  But not that last one, I'm not spending over $100 for one doll dress.  It may be a “dream to wear” but she will have to keep on dreaming.

That crown from Dollmore is very pretty and the price is okay, but I could only imagine what it would be like around here with Hikaru if she had it.  Nope, not happening.  The parasol is a cute idea, but I think staying indoors would be more effective sun protection. 

The dresses she chose are pretty, and it’s nice that she compares them to the similar but pricier ones from Alice’s Collection.  That actually is surprising to me.  From what I’ve heard around online, Alice’s Collection is known for having pretty low prices on things.

I find it rich that Hikaru’s wish list features a doll carry bag that is supposed to be for me.  Well at least she did consider my tastes and comfort in choosing one.  Now if she could find some way of paying for it herself, we’d be set.

Now the Doll Hearts selections.  The first pair of shoes actually resemble a pair I own that I bought at Payless years ago, only I paid about half as much for them.  Still Hikaru does need shoes, so maybe.  The other pair of shoes, I so wish they would come in a human size, they are so cute.  Makes me want to find a pair of cameos and make shoe clips.  We could match, hmm.

As for the outfits Hikaru chose, there is good news and bad news for her.  The bad news is odds are I will not be able to buy any of them for her.  The good news is that I’m more than capable of making similarly styled outfits for her, especially that Cherry Classic outfit.  Those skirt ruffles and that bodice are calling to me.  I just need to gather the right materials. 

One would almost think she planned things this way.  Show me a whole bunch of expensive but nicely designed stuff that I’d automatically veto on along with some comparatively reasonably priced stuff so I would actually consider buying or making similar items.  I’m being played by a doll.

Angelesque is a fine retailer, so naturally I would frequent their website.  And I am delighted to hear that Anna approves on at least of few of my choices.  But to say that I may have attempted to manipulate her, perish the thought.  I only wish to share with her as well as my lovely readers the wares available at these great retailers of doll fashions and supplies.  I just hoped for her to keep an open mind. 

Still I can see how that angelic $100+ dress from Alice's Collections may be a bit of a long shot.  Dream I can, so dream I will.  Maybe someday, but it is reassuring to know that my list has served as a great source of inspiration for Anna’s sewing.  I shall be patiently awaiting for the wonderful new articles Anna says she can make for me.  For now I am at peace.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Craft and Fabric Shopping, Without Me

Last week Anna made a few trips to various craft and fabric store in our area.  She mention something about it here on her blog.  I was a tad miffed, she had the nerve to leave me behind while she gallivanted around town.

BJD Sitting Among Craft Supplies

Putting that aside, she did bring home a marvelous selection of goods.  And I’m happy to report that a large amount of them are more than suitable for my scale and taste.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring Glass Pearls

These delicate little pearls for instance, such a beautiful luster and they’re perfectly my size too.

Ball Jointed Doll Showing Off Glass Pearls

Of course I wouldn’t mind having these pearls as well, despite them being slightly too large.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring Purple Fabric

This purple material, the color is quite flattering on me.  And the slightly heavier weight would be perfect for the upcoming cooler weather.

BJD Looking at Cotton Lace

I’m afraid this lace, as lovely as it is, would not be suitable for me at all.  It is nice and cottony, but quite thick.  Perfect for a human with fine taste, not so much for a doll.  It is such a shame.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring White Lace

This lace however is quite another story.  It is narrow and light weight enough to be absolutely perfect for clothing of my size.  Perhaps along the edge of a skirt?

BJD Looking at Black Lace

This black lace perplexes me.  What could Anna possibly do with black lace?  And such wide black lace on top of that.  It certainly wouldn’t work as a trim for anything for her.  And as for me, it is wide enough to be used to make a whole dress.  But a black dress on me?  I would look like I was in mourning.  What is Anna thinking?

BJD Showing Off a Jewelry Making Tool Kit

On a brighter note, Anna did get this set of basic jewelry making tools.  Now she will be able to make fine jewelry for us both, but mainly for me.

I left Hikaru at home for her own good.  I read from multiple sources that the Sun’s UV Rays can be damaging to resin dolls like her.  This is something she is well aware of, but seems to conveniently forget when she wants to do something.  Plus I still haven’t made her a decent carrying case and there is no way I’m going to lug her around in her box just because she wants to tag along.

The pearls were from Joann Fabrics and Crafts, I found them in their $1.99 Treasure Bin.  Such a great find.  And I did specifically buy them for making things for Hikaru, but that’s pretty much it.  The other things are mostly for other crafts or general use.  So those laces and the fabric she is drooling over.  All for other projects.

Now that being said, I’m pretty sure after I make what I planned with that purple fabric that they will be enough leftover for at least something for her.  It’s one of the nice things about having dolls around.  Fabric scraps can easily become cute clothes for them.  And in this case I’m picturing a cute a-line skirt and possibly a matching jacket for Fall.  Maybe.

And the black lace?  I have a few ideas.  Of course that dress idea of hers is intriguing, and she really shouldn’t knock the color black so much anyway.  I think she would look pretty in a black lacy outfit.  Hmm.

Well I am still pleased with the results of Anna’s shopping.  Even if not all of it was directly intended for my use.  It all still trickles down to me.  But mark my words, you will not be seeing me in black no matter what sort of flattery Anna uses toward me. 

For now I am looking forward to seeing Anna’s latest creation for me.  When she finally completes it that is, and perhaps then she will finally start making a suitable carrying case.  Maybe she won’t have to leave me behind next time.  Such a wonderful thought.  Now I am at peace.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Crafting With Dolls: No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Anna has once again taken an interest in making “miniature” items as part of her weekly pledge.  Her latest project for it was fleece blankets for dolls, you may view it here.

Naturally this involved making at least one blanket for myself.  Imagine my surprise when she requested my help to complete it.  She is quite aware that a doll such as myself was not designed for laborious work, but she insisted.  Elegant ladies are known for their refined handiwork after all, so I suppose it’s best to lend a hand. 

Though I must admit this is possibly my very first “craft” project.  I still thought it well to teach all my dear readers the various steps to make their own blankets for themselves or their precious dolls.  So let us begin.

Making a Doll Sized No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Here we have two large pieces of fleecy material cut approximately 20 inches by 20 inches.  Anna chose this overly bright pink colored fleece.  I would have chosen something slightly more demure, and less bulky too. 

Cutting the Corners for a Fleece Blanket

The corners are then cut off in little squares about two inches by two inches.  These measurements are based on my just under 18 inch stature and should be adjusted accordingly to other sized dolls or persons.

BJD Considering What to Do With Fleece Scraps

Anna thinks these squares should be save for a later project.  I wonder what she could be possibly planning with them?  Maybe something for me, but with more of this horrendous color?

Fleece with Corners Removed

Now our fleece is ready for the next step.

Cutting Fleece Strips for Knotted Blanket

We must cut fringe like strips on all sides of the material, making sure to carefully cut both layers of fleece.  These strips are cut the same length as the small squares, about two inches.  They need to be cut quite thin since they are to be tied together securely. 

Ball Jointed Doll Posing with Scissors

I believe I handle the scissors quite well, don’t you agree?

Ball Jointed Doll Tying Fleece Blanket

Now for the tying.  You take a strip from both the top and bottom layers of fleece and simply tie them in a basic knot.  It’s simple but exhaustive.  You have do tie all around the entire blanket.

Doll Sized Fleece No Sew Blanket

Once the tying is complete, all one has to do is gently stretch the sides of the blanket.  To miss this key step would result in a oddly bunched up looking blanket.  After that of course, all that’s left to do is to sit back and admire your fine handiwork.  Mine is most excellent, despite the horrid color.  I did find one useful thing about this chosen material.  Mainly to do with the bulkiness of it.

Doll Sitting on Folded Fleece Blanket

When carefully folded up it does makes for a comfortable place to sit.  I shall have to make do with it until Anna finally procures some appropriate furnishings for myself.

Looking at this, one might think Hikaru made the blanket by herself completely.  Far from the truth, mostly all she did was pose for the photos and watched.  So she definitely did not do all the cutting, and she only tied one pair of strips before leaving the rest for me.  She claimed the first was to show me how it’s done.  At least she is now more open to idea of making things, and not just me making them for her.

Speaking of which, those squares may actually be useful for her next project.  I just need to work on a few things, plus make a trip or two to a couple of craft stores.  Sadly Hikaru will have to stay home.

Anna is going to the craft store without me?  But she needs my refined eye to chose fabrics!  And how will she find materials properly to scale without me?  I shall have to have faith in her abilities.  Until she returns I shall at least be comfortable on my fleece blanket stool and enjoy a cup of tea.  Be at peace.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: Behind the Scenes

It’s the first!  Time for Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to take over and say anything I want.  For this month, I thought I would share a few behind the scenes photos to show a little of what it is like to manage a bjd and her blog.  Plus it’s a good way to show other aspects of Hikaru’s personality.

Behind the Scenes Photo of Having Tea with a Doll

This was taken when Hikaru was trying out the tea set I got for her (See It Starts with a Cup). You try taking a photo and trying to pour tea at the same time.  At least the other shots of her with that cup came out well.

Bjd Wearing a Plastic Cup as a Hat

Speaking of cups.  Remember that red plastic cup from the same post?  Hikaru said she might as well wear it as a hat then use it as a cup, and so she did.  I told you she had more fun with it then she let on.

Bad Photo of a Ball Jointed Doll in a Circle Skirt

Remember the skirts I made for Hikaru (see Of BJD Fashion: Circle Skirts)?  There was one that came out a little too big for her.  I had to pin it in back to fit her for the photos, but this is what it looked like as is.  I also tried to take the photos of her standing up on a table, but the lighting was all wrong.  Hikaru thought it made her look frightening, I have to agree.  She looks like something from a horror themed wax museum.

Ball Jointed Doll Using a Computer

Remember when we were “discussing” what wig I should get for Hikaru (See A Problem Concerning Doll Hair)?  This is a shot I got of her browsing wigs on my computer, without permission by the way.  You can see her drooling over that blond wig she wanted so badly.  Of course we went with my choice, and we’re both happy with it. 

Ball Jointed Doll Crawling into a Shopping Bag

This is a great shot, it’s when I came back from the thrift store bag sale (see Thrift Store Treasures).  Hikaru literally crawled into the bag looking for anything I might have brought for her.

Bjd Sitting in a Shopping Bag

Here’s her actually inside the bag, she’s a little shocked that she didn’t find anything.  Hence the dazed look.

Doll Shoes Slipping Off

That didn’t stop her from rummaging through what I did bring home, that was the point of that post anyway.  The problem was that her sandals weren’t designed for all that activity.  They kept on slipping off her feet.

Ball Jointed Doll Touching Her Toes

This is from when Hikaru’s wig finally came (see It's Here At Last! Or a Wig Review).  It was late at night and we were both in a bit of a silly mood.  Here’s Hikaru trying to touch her toes in her new wig.

Brushing Doll Hair with a Toothbrush

I said before that I’ve read that toothbrushes are great for using on doll hair, so here’s Hikaru being brushed.  I’m afraid she looks a little cross in the photo.  I hadn’t successfully convinced her yet that the toothbrush is a good thing.

Ball Jointed Doll Wig Comes Off While Brushing

At least it’s a good thing when you don’t brush too hard.  This is what can happen if you do, the wig goes flying off.  Luckily Hikaru didn’t immediately notice.  She thought I just took it off to adjust it.

Hikaru the BJD Wearing Zippy the Turtle

Here’s another one of Hikaru showing her silly side.  While taking pictures of Hikaru and Zippy (see Ball Jointed Dolls and Plush Toys), my sister commented on how strange he looks with that large clip.  This is Hikaru demonstrating the usefulness of that clip.  Who says she doesn’t have a sense of humor?

I will probably show more behind the scenes shots in the future, it’s just so much fun.  And I really think it’s important to show how much fun Hikaru can be, that is when she lets loose a little.  It’s a side of herself she should embrace more, and maybe she will in the future.  Here’s to someday.

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