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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Crafting With Dolls: No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Anna has once again taken an interest in making “miniature” items as part of her weekly pledge.  Her latest project for it was fleece blankets for dolls, you may view it here.

Naturally this involved making at least one blanket for myself.  Imagine my surprise when she requested my help to complete it.  She is quite aware that a doll such as myself was not designed for laborious work, but she insisted.  Elegant ladies are known for their refined handiwork after all, so I suppose it’s best to lend a hand. 

Though I must admit this is possibly my very first “craft” project.  I still thought it well to teach all my dear readers the various steps to make their own blankets for themselves or their precious dolls.  So let us begin.

Making a Doll Sized No-Sew Fleece Blanket

Here we have two large pieces of fleecy material cut approximately 20 inches by 20 inches.  Anna chose this overly bright pink colored fleece.  I would have chosen something slightly more demure, and less bulky too. 

Cutting the Corners for a Fleece Blanket

The corners are then cut off in little squares about two inches by two inches.  These measurements are based on my just under 18 inch stature and should be adjusted accordingly to other sized dolls or persons.

BJD Considering What to Do With Fleece Scraps

Anna thinks these squares should be save for a later project.  I wonder what she could be possibly planning with them?  Maybe something for me, but with more of this horrendous color?

Fleece with Corners Removed

Now our fleece is ready for the next step.

Cutting Fleece Strips for Knotted Blanket

We must cut fringe like strips on all sides of the material, making sure to carefully cut both layers of fleece.  These strips are cut the same length as the small squares, about two inches.  They need to be cut quite thin since they are to be tied together securely. 

Ball Jointed Doll Posing with Scissors

I believe I handle the scissors quite well, don’t you agree?

Ball Jointed Doll Tying Fleece Blanket

Now for the tying.  You take a strip from both the top and bottom layers of fleece and simply tie them in a basic knot.  It’s simple but exhaustive.  You have do tie all around the entire blanket.

Doll Sized Fleece No Sew Blanket

Once the tying is complete, all one has to do is gently stretch the sides of the blanket.  To miss this key step would result in a oddly bunched up looking blanket.  After that of course, all that’s left to do is to sit back and admire your fine handiwork.  Mine is most excellent, despite the horrid color.  I did find one useful thing about this chosen material.  Mainly to do with the bulkiness of it.

Doll Sitting on Folded Fleece Blanket

When carefully folded up it does makes for a comfortable place to sit.  I shall have to make do with it until Anna finally procures some appropriate furnishings for myself.

Looking at this, one might think Hikaru made the blanket by herself completely.  Far from the truth, mostly all she did was pose for the photos and watched.  So she definitely did not do all the cutting, and she only tied one pair of strips before leaving the rest for me.  She claimed the first was to show me how it’s done.  At least she is now more open to idea of making things, and not just me making them for her.

Speaking of which, those squares may actually be useful for her next project.  I just need to work on a few things, plus make a trip or two to a couple of craft stores.  Sadly Hikaru will have to stay home.

Anna is going to the craft store without me?  But she needs my refined eye to chose fabrics!  And how will she find materials properly to scale without me?  I shall have to have faith in her abilities.  Until she returns I shall at least be comfortable on my fleece blanket stool and enjoy a cup of tea.  Be at peace.

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