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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Of Bjd Fashion: Sweet Doll Tank Tops

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Of Bjd Fashion: Lace and Tank Tops

Anna has done it again.  While I waited ever so patiently, she whipped up a few more additions to my wardrobe.  Some rather unexpected additions.

5 ball jointed doll size tank tops

Tank tops.

Again, there are five of them to go along with her little blog challenge, but tank tops?  I was expecting something a little less, revealing.  Still, they aren’t as bare as they could be, and this heat does warrant such clothing.

two white lace trimmed doll tank tops

The first two tops are made exactly the same way.  Anna claims it’s to use up the lace.  I suspect it is really because of mistakes made on the first try.  The one on the left is actually slightly too big for my delicate frame.  I have cleverly disguised it in the photo to spare Anna’s feelings.  Sometimes I am too soft hearted.  Anyway, the lace is nicely gathered to create what Anna calls a “flutter” effect.  I do like this.  Like graceful butterflies softly caressing my shoulders.

lace trimmed doll tank top

The next top is made with simple lace straps and some more lace embellishing the front.  It is a lovely piece, but Anna is right.  It does resemble an undergarment a tad too much.

lace trimmed doll tank top

Not much to say about the fourth top except that it is assembled the same way as the third and has a peculiar color to the lace.  Just like the third top, it will do nicely under clothing.

lace flutter sleeve doll tank top

I have saved the best for last.  This last top truly is the greatest of the lot.  It uses the same fluttering lace technique of the first two tops, but with nicer lace.  The same fine lace as my favorite skirt.  Plus the stitching is a bit better on this top compared to the others.  Anna must have taken her time with it.

Bjd posing in lace top and skirt

As you can see, it fits me perfectly and coordinates with my skirt beautifully.  I am most pleased with this top.  At least for the time being.

What can I say.  I really did make two of the same tank tops to use up the lace.  Technically all the tops have slight fitting issues, luckily they’re knit and stretchy.  In fact, that’s the real reason they look okay for the photos.  It has nothing to do with Hikaru being “clever” or trying to “spare my feelings”.  And I didn’t take any longer making the last tank as the others.  It only seemed longer because little Miss Patience decided to sit there staring at me the whole time while I sewed it.  At least she likes the tops.  That’s really all that matters.  And all she needs are some shoes and then she’ll have a complete outfit.  And she will probably get them, if she doesn’t bug me too much .

Ball jointed doll in lace top and skirt

I do not know what she is talking about.  I don’t “bug” people, I merely nudge them a little to keep them productive.  But maybe I shall ease up on the motivation if needed.  Unless of course by making shoes Anna means she will make something totally horrendous.  Heaven forbid she should make me something as lowly as…sneakers.  Excuse me, I must lie down.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

A Problem Concerning Doll Hair

First off, I would like to show everyone something simply marvelous. 
As many of you may know already, my dear human Anna has an account on an intriguing website called Pinterest.  It has served as a wonderful way for her to organize various sources of information and ideas.  She has boards for so many different subjects of importance, so naturally she created this one:
Bjd Pin Board

It’s a board solely for my benefit.  She pins ideas for things she wishes to make or purchase for me.  I am quite pleased with this and frequently assist her in finding more items to pin.
Of course we must get to point.  Some of the items she pins includes wigs.  Despite being unboxed for nearly two months, I am tragically without hair.  But thankfully Anna intends to remedy this soon. 
That is, as soon as we can decide on a wig.  I’m afraid Anna and myself have hit a small snag.  We can’t quite agree on a wig.
30174A Dollzone MSD Blond Wig
This is my choice.  Glorious isn’t it?  The flowing curls that shine like gold.  It would look ravishing on me.  Anna has her doubts about it for some reason. 
She also has the nerve to say the curls will get in the way.  As if I’m the type of clumsy bjd who would allow themselves to get tangled up in their own hair.  Preposterous.
GW45-004A Dollzone White Wig

This is the wig she thinks would suit me better.  I do actually quite like it to tell the truth.  The softness of the fibers and color lend an ethereal feel to it.  I would look positively angelic in it.  But still, to say that this would suit me more than the golden glory.  What is she thinking?

I can explain.  It’s true that the first wig is very well suited for Hikaru, but only to the doll she believes herself to be.  The real truth is that she may think very highly of herself, to the point of sounding totally full of it, but that’s mostly her fantasy. 

I was staring at some photos of her the other day and it hit me.  I didn’t see the beautifully elegant lady she tries to make herself to be.  I saw a young girl trying a little too hard to be all proper and refined.  And I think that doll would look much better in the white wig.  The pretty yet usual color makes it elegant, but the simple yet lovely style works way better for Hikaru. 

At least compared to large curls that make her constantly look like she is over dressed.  And they could quite easily get wrapped over everything or tangled in her joints and stuff.  One has to be practical at least some of the time.

I suppose there is some truth in what Anna says about me and the wig.  I’m not too proud to admit it.  But it is but a tiny fragment of truth.  And I am still not fully convinced that the curls wouldn’t be absolutely stunning on me. 

So I’ll leave it in the hands of my wonderfully kind and loyal readers.  Please let Anna know which wig would truly suit me best.  You have my thanks.

Edit: We've, or I should say, I have already decided on a wig and placed an order.  You can check this post to see how Hikaru took it.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Of Bjd Fashion: Circle Skirts

Anna finally got around to making me some more clothing.  It’s about time.  The last dress, though lovely in its simplicity, is starting to look a tad dated.

5 Ball Jointed Doll Sized Circle Skirts

She made five circle skirts.  The number apparently has some sort of significance to her.  It is for something she has going on at her blog, she even made a post here about my skirts.  It is a little strange to say the least, but if it encourages her to continue improving my wardrobe situation then I would have to say that five is my new lucky number.

Bjd in blue tulle circle skirt

The first skirt is made from a lovely pale blue tulle.  It is reminiscent of a tutu worn by an elegant ballet dancer.  Very fitting for me.  I am thinking of taking lessons seeing as I am naturally graceful.  Just need the slippers.

Bjd in blue floral print circle skirt

This next skirt is made from a pale blue/green floral print material.  Anna has a gorgeous dress made from the same material.  This seems a bit more understated in comparison, but it is perfect for this warmer weather.  It’s light and airy while still looking lovely.

Two off-white bjd circle skirts

These two skirts are both made out of the same off-white cotton material.  It is a beautiful fabric with lovely flowers subtly printed all over.  The only difference between the two is the way Anna made the waistband.  The skirt on the left has a rolled elastic waistband that despite being effective is a tad clumsy looking.  The skirt on the right has decorative elastic sewn directly to the fabric.  It does look much nicer, but there is one small problem.  The size.  Anna apparently made a small mistake when sewing, but her efforts to fix this mistake resulted in a skirt with a slightly larger waistband.  It had to be pinned to fit me.  Needless to say, neither one of these skirts are exactly my favorite even if they do still look wonderful on me.

bjd in wine red and off-white circle skirt

Speaking of favorites, this skirt would have to be it.  Isn’t it wonderful?  It uses that same lovely off-white cotton plus this gorgeous wine colored floral print cotton.  Anna used it before for two other dresses for herself.  Both of which have matching accessories, so I am expecting some in the future as well.  Anyway, the wine colored material is layered over the off-white for a beautiful effect.  And lace was added to the top layer to add just the right touch of elegance.

bjd drinking tea in red and off-white skirt

Yes, this is a fine skirt.  I shall be getting quite a bit of use out of it.  Although I will probably be able to get even more use if I had an appropriate blouse or top to wear with it.  Preferably in the near future.

Okay, now Hikaru wants matching accessories?  I don’t really have a problem with that, but let’s stick with one thing at a time.  At least she is enjoying the skirts.  They were so fun to make.  I made them as part of my Five a Week Pledge on my blog.  It involves making small crafts, and doll clothes are perfect for it.  Which is exactly why Hikaru won’t have to worry about waiting long for some new tops to wear.  That’s what I’m planning for this week.

bjd drinking tea in red and off-white skirt

Well that is good to hear.  It’s nice to know that Anna has her priorities straight.  For now I shall have some tea and wait patiently until my new things are completed.  But, in the mean time I can still continue to enjoy my new lovely skirts.  I am at peace.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Building Character

An explanation of a ball jointed doll's character and personality.Anna here, I thought it was about time to explain a few things about Hikaru.  Namely why she is as she is.

The inspiration for her character came from several sources. One of them is the classic book A Little Princess.  I received a copy of it for Christmas when I was about 12. 

I loved that book, my favorite part was toward the beginning when the main character, Sara went shopping with her father for her new wardrobe and to find Emily, her doll.  The description of the grand wardrobe purchased for such a small child, as well as an equally grand wardrobe for the doll after finally finding her was what initially drew me in.  It actually took a while for me to finish the book the first time because I kept on re-reading this part. 

I eventually finish the story, learning more of both Sara and Emily and the time period they lived in.  Much of Hikaru’s mannerisms, not to mention tastes in clothing and such, came from what I know and love about A Little Princess

Now another source of inspiration came from an anime series (Oh dear no) called Gosick.  The character in that is a girl named Victorique who at times is what I like to call pleasantly unpleasant.  She is extremely intelligent but easily bored and enjoys solving puzzles and mysteries brought to her by her detective brother and her only friend Kujo. 

She wears rather elaborate frilly clothes and appears to be a well brought up girl, but if she thinks you’re an idiot she will let you know.  And she can be so incredibly stubborn.  She is still a good person and has people she cares about deeply. 

Hikaru gets a lot of her personality from this character.  Actually I think Hikaru took it in a whole new direction, dolls can do that sometimes.  You have this whole idea of how they will look and act and stuff, and then they show up and it mostly goes out the window.  But it’s so much fun to watch.  Who knows how she will evolve as an individual.  Only time will tell.

To say that A Little Princess is a classic is an understatement.  It is one of the finest and most informative works of literature for young minds.  That Sara Crewe knew how to treat a doll properly, except for that one minor lapse in judgment further along in the book.  I won’t say much more for fear of spoiling the book for others.  But I will say this, Anna could learn a few things from Miss Sara. 

As for Victorique, I suppose she is a little blunt at times when critiquing others, but this I think has more to do with her youth than anything else.  Why Anna says I take after her I don’t know.  Sure we both are vastly more intelligent and talented than those around us.  Not to mention we are both equally blessed with transcendent beauty and exquisite taste.  She is still a lovely girl, and for Anna to refer to her as “pleasantly unpleasant” is completely misguided.  I will have to have a little talk with her over this matter later. 

Looks like I’m in for a lecture from Hikaru.  Funny how she calls it a “little talk”.  Let’s just say that the only thing that can be described as ‘little” is her own stature.  And I only meant Victorique was sometimes pleasantly unpleasant.  Hikaru is a different story.  Oh well, I hope this helped you get to know HIkaru a little better. 

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