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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Of Bjd Fashion: Circle Skirts

Anna finally got around to making me some more clothing.  It’s about time.  The last dress, though lovely in its simplicity, is starting to look a tad dated.

5 Ball Jointed Doll Sized Circle Skirts

She made five circle skirts.  The number apparently has some sort of significance to her.  It is for something she has going on at her blog, she even made a post here about my skirts.  It is a little strange to say the least, but if it encourages her to continue improving my wardrobe situation then I would have to say that five is my new lucky number.

Bjd in blue tulle circle skirt

The first skirt is made from a lovely pale blue tulle.  It is reminiscent of a tutu worn by an elegant ballet dancer.  Very fitting for me.  I am thinking of taking lessons seeing as I am naturally graceful.  Just need the slippers.

Bjd in blue floral print circle skirt

This next skirt is made from a pale blue/green floral print material.  Anna has a gorgeous dress made from the same material.  This seems a bit more understated in comparison, but it is perfect for this warmer weather.  It’s light and airy while still looking lovely.

Two off-white bjd circle skirts

These two skirts are both made out of the same off-white cotton material.  It is a beautiful fabric with lovely flowers subtly printed all over.  The only difference between the two is the way Anna made the waistband.  The skirt on the left has a rolled elastic waistband that despite being effective is a tad clumsy looking.  The skirt on the right has decorative elastic sewn directly to the fabric.  It does look much nicer, but there is one small problem.  The size.  Anna apparently made a small mistake when sewing, but her efforts to fix this mistake resulted in a skirt with a slightly larger waistband.  It had to be pinned to fit me.  Needless to say, neither one of these skirts are exactly my favorite even if they do still look wonderful on me.

bjd in wine red and off-white circle skirt

Speaking of favorites, this skirt would have to be it.  Isn’t it wonderful?  It uses that same lovely off-white cotton plus this gorgeous wine colored floral print cotton.  Anna used it before for two other dresses for herself.  Both of which have matching accessories, so I am expecting some in the future as well.  Anyway, the wine colored material is layered over the off-white for a beautiful effect.  And lace was added to the top layer to add just the right touch of elegance.

bjd drinking tea in red and off-white skirt

Yes, this is a fine skirt.  I shall be getting quite a bit of use out of it.  Although I will probably be able to get even more use if I had an appropriate blouse or top to wear with it.  Preferably in the near future.

Okay, now Hikaru wants matching accessories?  I don’t really have a problem with that, but let’s stick with one thing at a time.  At least she is enjoying the skirts.  They were so fun to make.  I made them as part of my Five a Week Pledge on my blog.  It involves making small crafts, and doll clothes are perfect for it.  Which is exactly why Hikaru won’t have to worry about waiting long for some new tops to wear.  That’s what I’m planning for this week.

bjd drinking tea in red and off-white skirt

Well that is good to hear.  It’s nice to know that Anna has her priorities straight.  For now I shall have some tea and wait patiently until my new things are completed.  But, in the mean time I can still continue to enjoy my new lovely skirts.  I am at peace.

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