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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Building Character

Building CharacterAnna here, I thought it was about time to explain a few things about Hikaru.  Namely why she is as she is.
The inspiration for her character came from several sources. One of them is the classic book A Little Princess.  I received a copy of it for Christmas when I was about 12.  I loved that book, my favorite part was toward the beginning when the main character, Sara went shopping with her father for her new wardrobe and to find Emily, her doll.  The description of the grand wardrobe purchased for such a small child, as well as an equally grand wardrobe for the doll after finally finding her was what initially drew me in.  It actually took a while for me to finish the book the first time because I kept on re-reading this part.  I eventually finish the story, learning more of both Sara and Emily and the time period they lived in.  Much of Hikaru’s mannerisms, not to mention tastes in clothing and such, came from what I know and love about A Little Princess
Now another source of inspiration came from an anime series (Oh dear no) called Gosick.  The character in that is a girl named Victorique who at times is what I like to call pleasantly unpleasant.  She is extremely intelligent but easily bored and enjoys solving puzzles and mysteries brought to her by her detective brother and her only friend Kujo.  She wears rather elaborate frilly clothes and appears to be a well brought up girl, but if she thinks you’re an idiot she will let you know.  And she can be so incredibly stubborn.  She is still a good person and has people she cares about deeply.  Hikaru gets a lot of her personality from this character.  Actually I think Hikaru took it in a whole new direction, dolls can do that sometimes.  You have this whole idea of how they will look and act and stuff, and then they show up and it mostly goes out the window.  But it’s so much fun to watch.  Who knows how she will evolve as an individual.  Only time will tell.
To say that A Little Princess is a classic is an understatement.  It is one of the finest and most informative works of literature for young minds.  That Sara Crewe knew how to treat a doll properly, except for that one minor lapse in judgment further along in the book.  I won’t say much more for fear of spoiling the book for others.  But I will say this, Anna could learn a few things from Miss Sara. 
As for Victorique, I suppose she is a little blunt at times when critiquing others, but this I think has more to do with her youth than anything else.  Why Anna says I take after her I don’t know.  Sure we both are vastly more intelligent and talented than those around us.  Not to mention we are both  equally blessed with transcendent beauty and exquisite taste.  She is still a lovely girl, and for Anna to refer to her as “pleasantly unpleasant” is completely misguided.  I will have to have a little talk with her over this matter later. 
Looks like I’m in for a lecture from Hikaru.  Funny how she calls it a “little talk”.  Let’s just say that the only thing that can be described as ‘little” is her own stature.  And I only meant Victorique was sometimes pleasantly unpleasant.  Hikaru is a different story.  Oh well, I hope this helped you get to know HIkaru a little better. 


  1. This is so fun and humorous! I LOVED A Little Princess as a child too, and the doll's wardrobe was a favorite part of mine too... I also loved the description of her little attic room after her benefactor smuggled in all the decorations and comfy items... :D Ooh now I'm totally going to have to go re-read that book.

    If you felt like it, I would love to have you come link up at the Free and Fun Friday blog party I host each weekend! I love your sense of humor in these posts. :)

    (So curious as to whether Hikaru or Anna will be the one to respond to this comment??)

    1. Typically I'm the one that replies to comments, with Hikaru butting in. Glad you liked the post, just wish you hadn't mentioned that part of the book, Hikaru will get ideas.

    2. I do not butt in, I merely contribute to the conversation. And what do you mean about not mentioning that part of the book? Such a beautiful scene, transforming that cold, bleak attic into a more elegant and comfortable space. Just imagine if the same thing was done to my living quarters. Yes, that would be something to behold.

    3. Uh, oh. There she goes again.