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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Of Bjd Hair: Some Grooming Tools and Doll Wig Makeovers

To look her best, every ball jointed doll needs a well made and beautifully styled wig.  But one needs the right tools to style doll hair to perfection.

Using a mustach grooming kit to cut and style doll hair.

Anna found this grooming set at her store.  It is intended for men’s facial hair, however the size of the comb and scissors make them perfect for use on doll wigs.

Tiny hair clips and clear rubber bands, useful for doll hair.

Anna also found a couple of other items useful for creating new doll hairstyles.  A pack of “snap” hair clips perfectly sized for dolls and a pack of clear rubber bands. 

The hair clips, oddly enough, came from a grocery store.  The rubber bands came from a dollar store and I understand are widely available in discount and drug stores.

Now that we are well equipped, time to start the doll wig makeovers.

Let’s start with the toughest challenge, Yuna’s wig.

Ball jointed doll wig makeovers!

As seen in this post, Yuna’s wig is quite patchy and unfortunately all efforts to hide this also hide her pretty face.

Ball jointed doll wig, restyled with a braid wrapped around like a head band.

Now here it is after some work.  A quick trim of her bangs shows off her lovely eyes and the shape of her face.

Ball jointed doll wig, restyled with a braid wrapped around like a head band.

Anna braided a section of hair and wrapped it around her head to cover most of the bare areas along the hairline. 

The braid is permanently sewn in place on the wig.  It is a most elegant fix for such an unsightly problem.

Ball jointed doll wig makeovers!

Now for Sakura.  Her wig, though a little unruly, was still very flattering on her.  The only issue I really saw was the thick long bangs that seemed to overwhelm her sweet face.

A ball jointed doll after getting her bangs trimmed.

With a few snips of the scissors, the hair is shorter and softer around her face.

After getting one’s hair trimmed, it is also pleasant to have a new style too.

Doll hair style: Braids and a couple of clips.

Here Anna carefully braided Sakura’s hair.  A darling look for a child, and it keeps her hair neat and untangled.  The purple hair clips on the side add just the right touch.

Ball jointed doll wig makeovers!

Now it is Usagi’s turn.  Her hair was trimmed slightly when she first received this wig (see Of Bjd Hair: Another Wig Review and a Announcement). 

However, it was a rushed job with improper tools, so Usagi’s bangs remained slightly too long and a tad uneven.

A ball jointed doll after getting her bangs trimmed.

Now armed with more appropriate tools, Anna was able to finish the job.  Usagi’s bangs are neatly trimmed and out of her face.

Now to style it. 

Doll hair style: tiny pony tails on the top for volume and a cute headband.

Undoing her “ponytails” allows Usagi to show off her beautiful curls.  Tying up small amounts of hair toward the top of the wig adds some more volume.

Add a pretty pink bow for the finishing touch to this sweet and feminine look.

Ball jointed doll wig makeovers!

Overall, the results are wonderful.  Everyone has a beautiful new hairstyle.

Almost everyone.  What about you Hikaru?

Ball jointed doll wig makeovers!


But my wig is perfect, no need for trimming.  And as for styling, Anna’s knowledge of hair styles for dolls is still lacking.

It’s true she can braid hair nicely, and make simple and sweet styles for the children.  But until she finds some truly elegant hair styles for me, I shall have to settle for wearing my hair down.

Be at peace my dear readers.


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