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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Doll Owner’s Corner: When Dolls Take Over

It’s the first of the month and the new year!  Time for Doll Owner’s Corner when I, the doll owner, can talk about anything without the dollies.

This months topic:

16 ways to tell that your dolls have taken over your life.

You Know the Dolls Have Taken Over When…

  • You get excited about back to school sales because of all the fun shaped erasers and pencil sharpeners that work as doll props.
  • You catch yourself telling kids not to touch them because they “aren’t toys.”
  • You’re too cheap to spend more than $20 for shoes for yourself, but will easily spend more for a tiny pair of doll shoes.
  • You can’t walk into any store without looking for stuff for your dolls.
  • You spend more time in the toy aisle than any other aisle.
  • You read fashion magazines/blogs for clothing styles that aren’t your taste, but would look cute on your dolls.
  • Friends ask you how your family is doing and then immediately ask how your dolls are doing.
  • You admire the large doll someone is carrying only to realize that it’s a human toddler.
  • You compare the price of big ticket items to the average price of your ball jointed dolls.
  • People see you sewing doll clothes and ask if they’re for your children.
  • And then it takes you a moment to realize they mean your human children.
  • You can’t pick up a small item without considering whether you can use it for your dolls.
  • You regularly find cute tops and dresses in stores and wish they came in doll sizes.
  • You also find cute doll dresses and wish they came in your size.
  • You regularly browse through the Ikea catalog for storage solutions for your dolls and all their accessories which take up most of the space in your home.
  • Friends and family have gotten use to being stared at by all the “creepy dolls”.

This list was inspired by this thread on the Den of Angels forum.  Because sometimes doll collectors need to poke a little fun at themselves.


  1. This is too funny and reminds me of my late mother in law. She had a three bedroom house and each of the rooms were filled with her treasures. Dolls lived everywhere. The grandchildren loved to visit, but were always itching to get their hands on her dolls. She had one or two always ready for play, but don't touch the others....they were for show only.

    1. I think you just described me in about 40 years.

  2. Thank you for coming to the Blogger's Pit Stop on Thursday!

    Janice, Pit Stop Crew