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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Finding Doll Props: Erasers and Office Supplies

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The search for appropriate items for dolls continues with a familiar, but slightly odd source.  School and office supplies.

Puzzle erasers shaped like cake and ice cream.  Would be useful for dolls.

Anna purchased these food erasers from a nearby discount store.  All various sweet treats and desserts.

Puzzle erasers shaped like cake and ice cream.  Would be useful for dolls.

The first set contains two ice cream cones and some tarts.

They are the perfect size for yosd size dolls, such as our little Yuna and Sakura.

Two yosd sized ball jointed dolls enjoying ice cream cones.  They're erasers!

“What flavor did you get Yuna?  Can I try? Want some of mine?  Is it better than cake?  Shall we have cake next?  Which is your favorite?


“Mine too!”

Erasers shaped like cake.  Could work for dolls.

The second package of erasers contains four slices of cakes.  All beautifully decorated with strawberries and cream. 

A ball jointed doll holding a cake eraser.

They are just the right size for msd sized dolls like Usagi and myself.  They fit perfectly in Usagi’s hands.  And they look too delicious to resist, I shall have to try one later.

Juice and milk carton scented erasers.

Anna also found another pack of erasers at her store.  She purchased them on clearance last fall and failed to even mention them until now, but let’s not dwell on that.

Anyway, these erasers are all in the shape of beverage cartons.  Various fruit juices and milk, perfectly nutritious drinks to accompany the fruit and sandwiches we received last fall (see Finding Doll Props: At a Party Store?).

A ball jointed doll holding a milk carton.  It's an eraser.

But now that we have these wholesome milk and juices we will need suitable cups to serve them.

No, goblets don't work as milk glasses.

Usagi?  No…wine goblets are not appropriate.

"That cup is way too big for you!"

Really Sakura?  You can not possibly be serious.

A little fun with dolls and erasers.

A tea cup?  I suppose that will do in the meantime.  Good girl Yuna.

Dolls like milk too.

Yes, these erasers will be most useful for us dolls.

Some "very useful boxes".  Good for sorting crafts and doll stuff.

There are still more to explore, such as these small containers.  Anna purchased them from a office supply store, but she has seen similar boxes elsewhere.  The packaging referred to them as “The Really Useful Box”.

Two ball jointed dolls putting away their toys.

They are useful indeed.  They prove useful for the children to store their toys.  The lids are secure and the size is ideal for them to carry and store. 

I would love a few for my own things.  However, I will require something larger.

A cute storage container.  Perfect for crafts and doll stuff.

Such as this stylish looking container.  Anna purchased several of them on clearance along with the beverage erasers.

A cute storage container.  Perfect for crafts and doll stuff.

Yes, this container is more than suitable.  It will easily store my current wardrobe as well as all the articles of clothing Anna will sew for me this year.

"You need to sort you stuff now!"

“Hikaru, Anna says you now need to sort through all your clothes and stuff before she will make anything else for you.  Need some help? :)

….All of it?….

I suppose that is a reasonable request.  And I will be left with even more room for new clothing.  Let us get started then.

Wish me luck my dear readers.  

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