Saturday, June 27, 2015

It Starts with a Cup

The other day Anna went to a casual social function (social function?) and returned home with this…
Tiny Plastic Cup
…A small plastic cup. 
Apparently she was so excited when she saw it because she thought it was “doll size”.  Ah, novices can be so cute at times.  I was actually expecting something like this.  New bjd owners are normally so enthusiastic about their dolls that they are constantly thinking of them.  One effect is that they are almost constantly on the look out for items that may be of some relevance to their doll, such as small props.  Of course more experience doll owners tend to do this as well, but their eyes tend to be more refined and they have considerably more sense when it comes to choosing items that are suitable.  But being of a kind and understanding nature, I decided to humor her a little by at least trying out this…cup.  The things I do in the name of compassion.
Bjd holding a plastic cup
As you can plainly see the cup may be “doll size”, but it most certainly isn’t my size.  I might as well wear it as a hat then use it for beverages.  And even if it was perfectly to scale, why ever would I want to drink anything out of a plastic cup.  Oh no, this simply will not do.
small porcelain tea set
Thankfully my beloved human while overly enthusiastic, actually has at least some resemblance of taste and refinement, sometimes.  At least compared to most beginner bjd owners.  She procured this simple yet beautiful tea set before my arrival.  She believes a porcelain tea set is essential for any respectable doll, and she is quite right about that.
bjd holding a tea cup
Here you can see it is perfect.  Just about the right size for me and very fitting to my refined nature.  She had me worried a little, but I think she will grow to be a fine bjd enthusiast some day.
Hikaru enjoying tea
For now I can enjoy my tea in peace.
Now my turn.  First off, I will admit the plastic cup wasn’t the best idea I ever had.  It’s a “shot glass” size red plastic cup that I spotted at a sort of party, and it was just so darn cute.  I couldn’t resist taking it home to play with.  Plus, Hikaru enjoyed it a lot more than she is letting on.  Believe me, I have photos to prove it.  Still that cup probably is better suited for an American Girl size doll, not to mention a doll that isn’t so uptight about what she drinks out of.  
Hikaru is sort of right about being a little too enthusiastic about finding things that work for dolls.  She is however forgetting that I have been collecting dolls for years.  Just because she is my first ball jointed doll, doesn’t make me a total noob.  I will admit that I’m not use to dolls her size, 1/4 scale.  It does make it challenging to find things about the right size.  
But I have been successful, like with that tea set.  I found it at a dollar store.  Dolls and tea sets just go together in my mind.  Plus it’s nice when a doll invites you join them for a cup a tea, as Hikaru did after I took that last photo of her.  Of course she then questioned why I didn’t get one of my human-sized tea cups since she say it looks ridiculous for me to use one so small.  And then she got huffy when I insisted on using one of her cups anyway.  It was hilarious.
Well it does look ridiculous, the cups are the size of Anna’s thumbs.  It is curious that such a lovely tea set came from a dollar store, this needs to be investigated.  Time to give Google another run, after I delete those other photos of me.  I will not let Anna blackmail me, that is simply unacceptable.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

What’s in a Name?

What does Hikaru's name mean and why it was chosen.I have been thinking quite a bit about my name.  Of all the great names in this world, Anna bestowed upon mean the name of “Hikaru”, after a character in a manga. 

I wanted to know if this name was truly worthy of a doll such as myself, so I did a small bit of research.  Google is a wonderfully useful tool.

According to that brilliant site known as Wikipedia, Hikaru is a Japanese verb that means “to shine”.  Depending on the kanji used it can mean “light” or “radiance”.  Definitely words that describe me.  Just says what I’ve always known, I am a glowing ray of light among the darkness of despair here to bring a glimmer of hope to those more unfortunate souls around me.  Yes, this name will do quite nicely. 

Now I guess I should clear up a few things.  The manga in question, Angelic Layer, is about a girl named Misaki who discovers a game called Angelic Layer while on her way to live with her aunt.  It is played using robots called Angels, they are basically extremely customizable dolls very much like bjds.  Misaki learns this very quickly as well as how expensive they are, also just like bjds. 

Of course at the time I had never heard of a ball jointed doll, but the idea of a doll that could be customized that much sounded great to me.  I had almost always liked dolls growing up and reading this manga rekindled that interest. 

Over the years I discovered and learned about a great many different types of dolls, but none quite fit what I wanted in a doll.  Then I discovered the ball jointed doll.  It looked promising until I saw a price tag and turned around.

Years later I looked again and learned some more about them. Here was a beautiful, exceptionally pose-able doll that could be customized to look and be exactly what I want or should I say what I would like it to be. I found my “Angel”.

Since it mostly started with Angelic Layer, it seemed fitting to name my doll after one of the characters.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the name meaning “radiance” or whatever despite what Hikaru wants to believe.  It may be true that she is a bit of a “ray of light among the darkness of despair”, but it is also true that she sometimes is the cause of some of that despair thanks to that personality of hers.  I’ll explain where that comes from later.

Okay, I get it. The meaning of the word had nothing to do with the choosing of my name. But you do have to admit that is is most fitting of me, it must be destiny. 

And what exactly does she mean by saying my personality causes some despair?  I guess that explanation will come another day.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015


My name is Hikaru.  I’m a 1/4 scale ball jointed doll.  I was made by Mystic Kids (they called me “Evelyn”) and purchased here at the Junky Spot by my human friend, Anna.  You can learn more about her at her blog, she blogs about sewing and such.  She does tend to ramble on, and she does seem kind of flaky at times.
Junkyspot Box

I remember when I first arrived.  She waited a day to open the box, waiting for the perfect moment no doubt.  Eventually she unboxed me on May 29, 2015.  I would guess that is my birthday. 

Hikaru out of the Box
Anyway, there I was no face, no hair, no clothes and in the hands of a complete amateur on bjds.  I was her first and only ball jointed doll after all.  I thought, “what in the world have I gotten myself into?” 

But I am a patient and gracious doll, and it’s not all that terible.  Anna may be new at this but she makes up for it in other areas.  If anything the girl can sew, take a look at her blog a little and you’ll agree.  The clothing she makes does make you take a second look. Plus she isn’t that new to making doll clothes, just when it comes to making ones suitable my exquisite resin form.  She will learn, with time she will learn.

About the name Hikaru,  Anna says it comes from a manga series she read years ago.  Angelic Layer by Clamp.  I’m named for a doll belonging to the main character, it’s technically a robot, but humans are funny like that.  Anna says the series was a stepping stone in her current interest in dolls and in bjds.  I find the series amusing myself and the character “Hikaru” is an agreeable doll, but I’m hoping Anna won’t be too inspired by her appearance.  That hair is really not to my taste, the clothing as well.

Let’s get to the point.  Many dolls do have distinct opinions and feeling on various matters, I am no different on this matter.  Many times it is difficult to express these opinions and such to others, besides one’s personal human that is, and this is especially vexing for a doll such as myself. 

I explained my need to be heard to Anna, using words she could easily understand, and she suggested I start a blog.  The things humans come up with now.  But I had to admit it was a good idea, I’m afraid I may have underestimated my human.  She has more going on in that flaky little head of hers than I initially thought. 

Anyway, what you see here is an ongoing work from the both of us.  Both because my lovely dolly hands are too delicate (and small) for typing.  That’s one reason to keep humans around as companions. 

Most of the words are my own, but being of a generous nature I will allow Anna to have a word in here and there.  Her words will appear in pink font, the girl has a strange obsession for that color.  I guess there are worse ones to choose, at least pink is flattering for both our complexions. 

Enough about colors, I look forward to sharing with all my admirers from now on.
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