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Sunday, June 21, 2015


My name is Hikaru.  I’m a 1/4 scale ball jointed doll.  I was made by Mystic Kids (they called me “Evelyn”) and purchased here at the Junky Spot by my human friend, Anna.  You can learn more about her at her blog, she blogs about sewing and such.  She does tend to ramble on, and she does seem kind of flaky at times.
Junkyspot Box

I remember when I first arrived.  She waited a day to open the box, waiting for the perfect moment no doubt.  Eventually she unboxed me on May 29, 2015.  I would guess that is my birthday. 

Hikaru out of the Box
Anyway, there I was no face, no hair, no clothes and in the hands of a complete amateur on bjds.  I was her first and only ball jointed doll after all.  I thought, “what in the world have I gotten myself into?” 

But I am a patient and gracious doll, and it’s not all that terible.  Anna may be new at this but she makes up for it in other areas.  If anything the girl can sew, take a look at her blog a little and you’ll agree.  The clothing she makes does make you take a second look. Plus she isn’t that new to making doll clothes, just when it comes to making ones suitable my exquisite resin form.  She will learn, with time she will learn.

About the name Hikaru,  Anna says it comes from a manga series she read years ago.  Angelic Layer by Clamp.  I’m named for a doll belonging to the main character, it’s technically a robot, but humans are funny like that.  Anna says the series was a stepping stone in her current interest in dolls and in bjds.  I find the series amusing myself and the character “Hikaru” is an agreeable doll, but I’m hoping Anna won’t be too inspired by her appearance.  That hair is really not to my taste, the clothing as well.

Let’s get to the point.  Many dolls do have distinct opinions and feeling on various matters, I am no different on this matter.  Many times it is difficult to express these opinions and such to others, besides one’s personal human that is, and this is especially vexing for a doll such as myself. 

I explained my need to be heard to Anna, using words she could easily understand, and she suggested I start a blog.  The things humans come up with now.  But I had to admit it was a good idea, I’m afraid I may have underestimated my human.  She has more going on in that flaky little head of hers than I initially thought. 

Anyway, what you see here is an ongoing work from the both of us.  Both because my lovely dolly hands are too delicate (and small) for typing.  That’s one reason to keep humans around as companions. 

Most of the words are my own, but being of a generous nature I will allow Anna to have a word in here and there.  Her words will appear in pink font, the girl has a strange obsession for that color.  I guess there are worse ones to choose, at least pink is flattering for both our complexions. 

Enough about colors, I look forward to sharing with all my admirers from now on.

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