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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Of Bjd Fashion: Sweet Doll Tank Tops

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: “It Needs More Lace”

A ball jointed doll drawing with a large pencil.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Exploring the Design Notebooks

While patiently waiting for Anna to complete things for me, I sometimes like to browse around.

Spiral notebooks used for sketching out craft and clothing ideas.

These rather beaten up looking notebooks are Anna’s design books.  For sketching out ideas and plans for all her handy work.

A ball jointed doll looking at craft ideas in a notebook.

This notebook is for her various crafts and novelties.  This page is full of notes about tote bags and accessories.

A ball jointed doll looking at clothing designs in a notebook.

This is the fashion notebook.  It is full of beautiful dress and costume designs.  This particular dress design is quite lovely, maybe she could make one doll sized?

A ball jointed doll looking at clothing designs in a notebook.

Speaking of which, this is the doll notebook.  My personal favorite for obvious reasons.  Anna fills it with her ideas and designs for all our doll clothes and various accessories.

A ball jointed doll looking at clothing designs in a notebook.

This doll dress design is quite nice, why hasn’t she made it for me yet?

(Actually that was the original design for the pink dress.  Things just didn’t come how right, so I had to tweak it.)

(So why don’t you try again?)

A ball jointed doll looking at clothing designs in a notebook.

Here are a few sweet designs for yosd sized clothing, perfect for the children.  Yuna is especially in need of more clothing.

Ball jointed dolls looking at clothing designs in a notebook.

“You mean Anna will make pretty clothes like these for me?”

That’s right dear Yuna, she will sew a beautiful new outfit for you.

"When are you going to make them?"

The question is, when is she finally going to do it?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: “My Skirt is Fluffier”


Ball jointed dolls in pretty blue skirts

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Decluttering a Doll’s Wardrobe

I have a sizable task on my hands today.

Time to organize doll stuff

As previously mentioned, Anna has acquired this adorable storage container for me to store my lovely doll clothes and possessions.

Let's sort doll clothes!

However, first I am required to sort through my entire wardrobe. 

Sigh.  The labor I must endure.

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

Oh look!  This is that gorgeous pink dress Anna made for me over a year ago (see It's Finished! And It's Gorgeous!).  It took her ages to complete, but it looks wonderful.  Definitely keeping this.

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

And here are a couple of circle skirts Anna made when she first started sewing for me (see Of Bjd Fashion: Circle Skirts).  This red layered skirt was my particular favorite.

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

And my lovely coat and matching beret.  Anna made them both as a Christmas present (see Early Christmas Presents). 

She did however mention something about making me a new coat.  But this one is so soft and lovely, I couldn’t possibly part with it.  I suppose it’s fine to own two coats, Arizona does get chilly enough in winter.

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

Here are few more early pieces.  Anna first made these lacey tank tops to accompany the circle skirts (see Of Bjd Fashion: Lace and Tank Tops).  They are quite nice although I never really cared for the one using off-white lace.

This other tank top made with pretty pink ribbon is a newer piece.  It was made along with several similar ones intended for Usagi (see Of Bjd Fashion: Sweet Doll Tank Tops).

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

Oh, I remember this tulle skirt, it was made along with the other skirts.  I almost never wear it, but it is so beautiful.  Such a difficult decision.

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

These three different sun dresses were all sewn using the same method (see Of Bjd Fashion: Dresses to Sew and a Tutorial), but came out so different yet wonderful.  I must cherish them all.

Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

I may have found something to discard.  These two skirts, though of fine materials are sadly not quite my style. 

This off-white one especially is too short and not my taste at all.  I only have it because Anna made one for Usagi and they insisted on making a matching set (see Of Bjd Fashion: Mini-Skirts?!).  No harm in ridding myself of it.

"Let's dress up together!"

“Oh goody, you still have that skirt.  Let’s wear then together, okay? :)


Sorting through pretty doll clothes.

Now this brings back memories.  It is a light jacket and matching skirt made of a gorgeous lavender colored fabric.  The same fabric Anna used to make my carry bag for the few occasions Anna takes me on outings. 

Sadly, the only places she has taken me include her place of work, the residence of a few friends and to church (see Traveling with Dolls: Bjd at Church).  There is still so much of the world I have yet to see.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

What steady progress, I am now down to the accessories.  Like these headbands (see Of Bjd Fashion: Headbands for Dolls with a Tutorial) and the lacey hair ornament for my favorite pink dress.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

Here are my old sandals and my simple black flats.  They are Anna’s very first attempts and making footwear for dolls. 

I do still need the flats, that is until Anna provides me with a more suitable pair of closed toes shoes. 

But what of the sandals?  I have a new pair that are of far better quality (see Of Bjd Fashion: Improved Lace Sandals with a Tutorial), but these have a certain charm to them.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

Ah, my lovely little purse and hand bag.  Anna made them for me last summer (see Of Bjd Fashion: Felt Doll-Sized Purses).  I’m afraid I don’t use them very much at all since I rarely leave the house.  But that may change very soon, so I think I must keep them both.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

I cannot forget my jewelry.  The beautiful pearl necklaces and bracelets I received for my birthday last year (see A Doll’s Birthday, Or it Was).  Naturally I can not part with any of them.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

Then there are these novelty items.  My two My Little Pony figures, one received for Christmas (see Finding Doll Props: Blind Bags for Christmas) and one given to me by Usagi (see Finding Doll Props: Surprising Blind Bags).  They are both too wonderful to toss.

Then there’s this odd yet charming Santa hat and the Care Bear figure that is just as odd.  I suppose I shall keep them both for the sake of novelty.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

Here are some stockings and undergarments.  They are necessities that must be kept.

Hikaru, those are shorts not undergarments (see Of Bjd Fashion: Knit Shorts for Dolls).

They are lacey and look like under clothing and I will treat them as such.

Whatever, as long as you actually wear them.

Sorting doll clothes and accessories.

Last but not least, it is my doll card and a business card for the Junky Spot.  That is the fine online store from which Anna purchased me. 

They naturally included their business card in my package.  I suppose I could dispose of it now, Anna is unlikely to forget them.  But just in case…

And now my sorting is complete.

Organizing doll stuff.

The results?  My lovely new box is filled with all the things I will keep in my possession.

As for this neat little pile, I am still considering them.  Maybe I will keep them after all, which means there is nothing to part with.



A ball jointed doll giving away some of her clothes.

After a bit of…persuasion, Hikaru decided to let Usagi have one of her skirts and tank tops and to get rid of her old sandals.

And now the task is complete.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Tea for Two


A doll size tea set.

A ball jointed doll having tea.

A cute ball jointed doll having tea.

Two ball jointed dolls having a tea party.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Story Time


Some ball jointed dolls enjoying a book.  Reading is for everyone.

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Doll Owner’s Corner: The Eyes

First of the month, time for Doll Owner’s Corner.  When I, the doll owner, talk about anything at else without the dolls.

This month’s topic:

Thoughts on eyes for ball jointed dolls.

Bjd Eyes

Like many types of dolls out there (I.e. porcelain, American Girl, etc.), most ball jointed dolls have inset eyes.  Eyes that are inserted into the head instead of being painted on. 

However, unlike most dolls, you actually can choose and insert the eyes yourself.  And you have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from as well.  And many different types including acrylic, glass, resin, urethane and silicone.  I’ve only ever seen acrylic and glass ones. 

Most of my dolls have freebie acrylic eyes because most doll companies give you a random pair of eyes for free with a new doll, and it’s cheaper to use those than to buy another pair.  This has had some interesting results, especially with Sakura.  Did not expect to receive a doll with pink eyes (see New Arrival: A Mystic Kids Doll Review).

So the first pair of doll eyes I ever actually had to choose and buy was the beautiful glass eyes I brought from Alice’s Collections for the floating head (see Doll Love Unboxing Part 2: Reviewing a Wig and Eyes). 

I love the look and feel of them, they remind me of marbles.  Which is why I say that so far glass eyes are my favorite, but who knows.  I may find a type I like better in the future.

For more information about doll eyes and some fun, here are a few helpful videos.

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