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Friday, July 24, 2015

A Problem Concerning Doll Hair

First off, I would like to show everyone something simply marvelous. 
As many of you may know already, my dear human Anna has an account on an intriguing website called Pinterest.  It has served as a wonderful way for her to organize various sources of information and ideas.  She has boards for so many different subjects of importance, so naturally she created this one:
Bjd Pin Board

It’s a board solely for my benefit.  She pins ideas for things she wishes to make or purchase for me.  I am quite pleased with this and frequently assist her in finding more items to pin.
Of course we must get to point.  Some of the items she pins includes wigs.  Despite being unboxed for nearly two months, I am tragically without hair.  But thankfully Anna intends to remedy this soon. 
That is, as soon as we can decide on a wig.  I’m afraid Anna and myself have hit a small snag.  We can’t quite agree on a wig.
30174A Dollzone MSD Blond Wig
This is my choice.  Glorious isn’t it?  The flowing curls that shine like gold.  It would look ravishing on me.  Anna has her doubts about it for some reason. 
She also has the nerve to say the curls will get in the way.  As if I’m the type of clumsy bjd who would allow themselves to get tangled up in their own hair.  Preposterous.
GW45-004A Dollzone White Wig

This is the wig she thinks would suit me better.  I do actually quite like it to tell the truth.  The softness of the fibers and color lend an ethereal feel to it.  I would look positively angelic in it.  But still, to say that this would suit me more than the golden glory.  What is she thinking?

I can explain.  It’s true that the first wig is very well suited for Hikaru, but only to the doll she believes herself to be.  The real truth is that she may think very highly of herself, to the point of sounding totally full of it, but that’s mostly her fantasy. 

I was staring at some photos of her the other day and it hit me.  I didn’t see the beautifully elegant lady she tries to make herself to be.  I saw a young girl trying a little too hard to be all proper and refined.  And I think that doll would look much better in the white wig.  The pretty yet usual color makes it elegant, but the simple yet lovely style works way better for Hikaru. 

At least compared to large curls that make her constantly look like she is over dressed.  And they could quite easily get wrapped over everything or tangled in her joints and stuff.  One has to be practical at least some of the time.

I suppose there is some truth in what Anna says about me and the wig.  I’m not too proud to admit it.  But it is but a tiny fragment of truth.  And I am still not fully convinced that the curls wouldn’t be absolutely stunning on me. 

So I’ll leave it in the hands of my wonderfully kind and loyal readers.  Please let Anna know which wig would truly suit me best.  You have my thanks.

Edit: We've, or I should say, I have already decided on a wig and placed an order.  You can check this post to see how Hikaru took it.

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