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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Of Bjd Fashion: Lace and Tank Tops

Anna has done it again.  While I waited ever so patiently, she whipped up a few more additions to my wardrobe.  Some rather unexpected additions.

5 ball jointed doll size tank tops

Tank tops.

Again, there are five of them to go along with her little blog challenge, but tank tops?  I was expecting something a little less, revealing.  Still, they aren’t as bare as they could be, and this heat does warrant such clothing.

two white lace trimmed doll tank tops

The first two tops are made exactly the same way.  Anna claims it’s to use up the lace.  I suspect it is really because of mistakes made on the first try.  The one on the left is actually slightly too big for my delicate frame.  I have cleverly disguised it in the photo to spare Anna’s feelings.  Sometimes I am too soft hearted.  Anyway, the lace is nicely gathered to create what Anna calls a “flutter” effect.  I do like this.  Like graceful butterflies softly caressing my shoulders.

lace trimmed doll tank top

The next top is made with simple lace straps and some more lace embellishing the front.  It is a lovely piece, but Anna is right.  It does resemble an undergarment a tad too much.

lace trimmed doll tank top

Not much to say about the fourth top except that it is assembled the same way as the third and has a peculiar color to the lace.  Just like the third top, it will do nicely under clothing.

lace flutter sleeve doll tank top

I have saved the best for last.  This last top truly is the greatest of the lot.  It uses the same fluttering lace technique of the first two tops, but with nicer lace.  The same fine lace as my favorite skirt.  Plus the stitching is a bit better on this top compared to the others.  Anna must have taken her time with it.

Bjd posing in lace top and skirt

As you can see, it fits me perfectly and coordinates with my skirt beautifully.  I am most pleased with this top.  At least for the time being.

What can I say.  I really did make two of the same tank tops to use up the lace.  Technically all the tops have slight fitting issues, luckily they’re knit and stretchy.  In fact, that’s the real reason they look okay for the photos.  It has nothing to do with Hikaru being “clever” or trying to “spare my feelings”.  And I didn’t take any longer making the last tank as the others.  It only seemed longer because little Miss Patience decided to sit there staring at me the whole time while I sewed it.  At least she likes the tops.  That’s really all that matters.  And all she needs are some shoes and then she’ll have a complete outfit.  And she will probably get them, if she doesn’t bug me too much .

Ball jointed doll in lace top and skirt

I do not know what she is talking about.  I don’t “bug” people, I merely nudge them a little to keep them productive.  But maybe I shall ease up on the motivation if needed.  Unless of course by making shoes Anna means she will make something totally horrendous.  Heaven forbid she should make me something as lowly as…sneakers.  Excuse me, I must lie down.

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