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Doll Owner’s Corner: It’s Survey Time!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: First Month

Doll Owner's Corner: First Month or Why would a relatively normal person make a blog for a doll?It’s Anna.  This is the start of a special series on this blog, Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, gets full reign to discuss anything I want without Hikaru butting in.  It will occur the first day of each month. 

Why did Hikaru agree to this?  Well as she puts it, she is a “gracious and generous” doll.   Plus, despite how she acts, I have full control over everything including the computer.  What I say goes.

Anyway, it’s over a month since this blog was created.  Time certainly does fly.  So far, no one has yet to tell me I’m crazy or what not for running a blog written by a doll.  But that’s probably on their minds. 

Why would someone relatively “normal” set up a blog for a ball jointed doll.  Simple, I like blogs.  Hikaru has mentioned at least once or twice that I have a mostly craft blog, although she does neglect to mention my maze blog.  I guess that one doesn’t appeal to her. 

Anyway, not only do I blog, but I read blogs.  Many are craft blogs, but also other topics too.  I have a tendency to seek out blogs covering many different interests of mine.  So when I became interested in ball jointed dolls, I started to seek out blogs on the topic.  I found there are plenty of people who blog about their dolls, some also vlog which is also fun. 

I started to think it would be fun to have a doll blog too, so I started thinking how best to go about it.  Then I thought it would be fun to see a doll blog written from the point of view of a ball jointed doll.  Luckily Hikaru was more than open to the idea, as she mentioned in her intro.  Things just went on from there. 

It really has been fun for the both of us.  One of my favorite things is taking pictures of Hikaru for the blog.  Also coming up with new topics for Hikaru.  You didn’t think she did it all on her own did you?  Sometimes I have to drop a few hints.  Whatever works. 

Anyway, we’re going strong and will continue on.  Here’s to many more months of “playing with dolls”.

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