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Friday, August 14, 2015

It’s Here At Last! Or a Wig Review

Package from Angelesque

After approximately a week of patiently waiting, my new wig finally arrived.  Anna did not retrieve it though until the evening after returning home from work.  The nerve of her, after all that time I spent waiting she didn’t even wake me up to inform me it was here until after she had opened the package.  But I am a kind hearted bjd, so I will forgive her over-eagerness.

Opened Wig Package

The wig came well protected in a hair net and a locking plastic bag.  The package included a business card for the company as well.  We will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Bjd admiring her new wig

The wig itself is wondrous to behold.  The fibers are so soft and silky, like delicate feathers.

BJD wearing a Dollzone Wig

Despite the lack of good lighting and my not being fully awake yet, Anna insisted on getting a picture of the wig on me.  The dear girl was so excited that I didn’t have the heart to refuse.  Luckily I am extremely photogenic, the photo came out surprisingly well despite the poor conditions.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

Now here is a photo taken at a decent hour with nearly perfect lighting.  Anna actually took the time to properly style the wig as well, although she did have me worried over her methods of styling.  She used a toothbrush of all things, imagine that.  If that wasn’t bad enough she used a blow dryer!  I swear she nearly burnt my precious hair. 

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

Anyway, as expected I look like an angel in my new wig, it suits me so well.  That’s exactly why I allowed Anna to choose this wig for me.

She allowed me?  Actually as many of you will recall, I just placed the order without telling her.  She just had to accept the fact that this was the wig for her and that’s that.  And I did try to wake her up before opening the package, but she was out like a log.  It actually helped later, she was much too drowsy to object to late night photos.  And by the time she did fully wake up, she was too giddy ad excited about her wig to even care.

Anyway, I bought Hikaru’s wig from Angelesque, a dealer of ball jointed dolls and accessories based in the UK.  The wig is Dollzone’s GW45-004A made for 18.5cm doll heads.  Hikaru’s head is 17.5cm and the wig fits like a glove, thankfully.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

I was also worried that is wouldn't suit her or worse. That the wig would look nothing like the photo and be ugly and thin and patchy.  Thankfully that wasn’t the case either.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

The wig looks so pretty from all angles, and Hikaru is right about how soft it is, I can’t stop brushing it.  And yes, I do use a human size soft bristled toothbrush as a hairbrush.  I’ve heard from multiple sources that these are perfect for bjd wigs.  And one of the reasons I specifically went with Dollzone was because many of their wigs are heat resistant, so a little blow drying won’t hurt at all.  Hikaru was just being a baby about that.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

Overall, we are both super happy with this wig.  Although it is still strange for me to see Hikaru with hair.  I guess I was kind of use to having a bald doll.  She almost looks like a completely different doll.  With any luck she may start acting like a different doll too.  One can only hope.

Dollzone GW45-004A Bjd Wig Review

So toothbrushes are actually good for doll hair?  There are truly strange things in this world.  And while I understand that a new hairstyle can make someone feel like a whole new person, I don’t see how it could make me act like a different doll or why anyone would hope for such a thing.  I shall try not to let the thought trouble me.  But for now I am at peace.


  1. Hikaru looks lovely! So interesting about the toothbrush. :)

    Found you via Saturday Shuffle.

    1. It is interesting right? I thought before that I might have to get her a special wig brush, nope not necessary. Just grab a toothbrush and she's good to go.

    2. Thank you, such a wonderful thing to say. I do look absolutely divine.