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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thrift Store Treasures

This past weekend, Anna went to a local thrift store for a special sale.  She went on in detail about it here at her blog

Epic Thrift Bag Sale

She was able to procure a large quantity of fine second hand items for a modest price.  I must say I am impressed by her skills at economy, but there’s something else that perplexes me.

Bjd sitting in thrift store haul

She managed to bring home all this in one paper bag, and yet…

Bjd sitting in thrift store haul

…She didn’t bring me anything.  Not one thing for me.   Not that she is required to shower me with gifts every chance she gets, I’m not such a greedy doll.  But a small trinket would have been pleasant.

bjd admiring vintage dishware

Still, some of treasures she bought are quite lovely. Such as this lovely saucer, the detail is exquisite.  I know it isn’t 1/4 scale, but perhaps there is an alternate use for it.

bjd holding normal size wallet

And this wallet, though not exactly to my taste, may make a useful luggage piece for me.

ball jointed doll staring at a Barbie DVD

I still can’t believe she purchased something emblazoned with the name “Barbie”.  Of all the distasteful things to bring home.  Sometimes I wonder about her.

bjd admiring a floral print pillowcase

This pillow case has such a sweet pattern on it.  Perhaps Anna could use the fabric for making a few doll sized items instead.

bjd staring at an art print

This framed art print is something to behold.  The size would possibly work for a doll size den or sitting room, perhaps hung above a sofa or mantle. 

ball jointed doll admiring a lace pillow case

Another lovely pillowcase, the lace is nicely detailed and the fabric is so soft.  Anna has mentioned the idea of making a bed for me.  Much more suitable than my box, but it will need some appropriate bedding.

bjd sitting in a thrift store haul

There are surprisingly more items of interest to me in this “haul” than I initially realized.  At the very least, rummaging through it all was a welcomed distraction from waiting for my wig to arrive.  It should show up anytime.

The thrift store mentioned is Epic Thrift, I went to their store in Tempe, AZ at Southern Ave. and Mcclintock for their Bag Sale.  The whole bag cost $20 plus tax. 

I did intend to get a few things for Hikaru, but I couldn’t find anything that would really work for her.  I think it was because I went on the last day of the sale, many of the shelves were looking pretty bare.  I warned her ahead of time about this, but I think she forgot.  She seems calm about it now, but when she first saw the stuff in the bag, she was furious. 

Anyway I did find some things that may be useful for her.  She is right about some of the pillow cases being good for sewing.  But she is not getting the framed art print, that’s mine.  And I’m afraid a doll sized sitting room is currently out of the question.  The wallet as luggage is a good idea though, at least with a different wallet. 

But I don’t understand what she has against Barbie dolls.  I suspect she is just secretly jealous because of how easy it is to get stuff for 11 1/2 inch dolls like Barbie.  Stores are full of clothes and accessories for them, even dollar stores.  And there’s always something for them at any thrift store. 

I was not furious, I was just a bit surprised and maybe a tad disappointed.  I had expected at least a single suitable item for my use, but I shall have be content with my current array of possessions.  And at least I am able to admire the lovely human size treasures Anna brought to adorn our home.  Something I can be grateful for to say the least.

Just one last thing.  The idea that I might be jealous of the Barbie doll is ludicrous.  How could I possibly be jealous about such a tacky, faddish and fickle doll as her!  Who needs a pink sports car, or “dream house”, or easily acquired clothing and foot wear.  And Anna can sew clothing just fine without commercially manufactured printed doll clothes patterns.  That is all I will say on the matter… today. 

For now, I shall have some more tea.  And maybe think of how nice having a sitting room would be.  A doll can dream.

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  1. A very clever and entertaining post. I love how Hikaru has tried to defend her jealousy of Barbie - hilarious! Stopping by from Turn it Up Tuesday


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