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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ball Jointed Dolls and Plush Toys

I would like to properly introduce everyone to someone.

BJD Making Friends with a Plush Turtle

This is Zippy, a turtle plush toy.  You see, Anna collects a series of plush toys made by TY called “Beanie Boos”.  The name seems to stem from their abnormally sized eyes in comparison to their bodies.  Anna thinks they are are “super cute”.

Zippy the TY Beanie Boo

Getting back on topic, Zippy is Anna’s newest addition to her collection and quite unique since he is the smallest one she owns.  It’s his size that is the key point.  Anna seemed to think that his stature makes him a perfect fit for me.  The very idea of it.  I’m afraid stuffed animals are a little too childish for a doll such as myself.

Ball Jointed Doll Making Friends with a Plush Turtle

Still, I have to admit he is sort of “cute”.  I believe I can see the appeal.  Maybe I will borrow him for awhile as a small companion.  For the time being anyway.  Besides, the little one needs someone to look up to, and I am an excellent role model.

They are super cute.  And I collect them for many of the same reasons I enjoy having Hikaru around.  I love the quality and details.  They are made of the softest material compared to similar plush.  I’ll get into more detail about that later on my blog.

Anyway,  Beanies Boos come in three different sizes, at least as far as I’ve seen.  I usually prefer the medium sized ones, but I thought this turtle was cuter in the mini-size.  He looks like a baby sea turtle.  And after I brought him home, I realized he was the prefect size for a ball jointed doll so yay!

Hikaru claims that plush toys are too “childish” for her, but I saw the way her eyes lit up when she saw Zippy.  And I certainly didn’t have to twist her arm to takes those photos of them together.  She even took him with her when I put her back in her box.  But I made it clear to her that she can only borrow Zippy, he’s still my plushie.

I now realize that although stuffed animals are for children, our little friend Zippy is a collectible plush, best enjoyed by adults as well as children and especially dolls.  So there’s no reason I shouldn’t borrow him, he can keep me company until Anna procure more for my collection.  Until then I shall prepare some tea for myself and my new green guest.

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