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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Of BJD Fashion: Lace and Ribbon Sandals

My previous fears were for naught.  Anna mentioned before that she would finally make me a few pairs of shoes, and for a moment the thought crossed my mind that she might attempt to make me something like sneakers.  Heaven forbid it.  Sure they may be appropriate for sporting activities, especially with well coordinated clothing.  But they are simply horrid beyond that.  My fine skirts need footwear that is delicate and refine, to complete the overall look and to complement my form and personality.  Athletic wear will not do, especially if it looks ragged.

5 doll sized sandals

But enough about all of that.  Anna succeeded in making me these lovely shoes.  Five pairs of adorable lace and ribbon sandals, as part of her blog challenge.  Such a brilliant idea.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing Sandals

Being sandals, they are perfect for this Summer weather, but the lace and ribbon details make them perfect for my dainty feet.

Bjd wearing lace sandals

They are quite well fitting and rather comfortable to wear.  Anna is improving in making items in 1/4 scale, such a relief.

Bjd looking at her sandals

They work quite well with all my new warm weather outfits.  Now if only I had a few accessories to complete the look such as a simple yet lovely hat.  Of course I would need some hair to work with the hat.  When is Anna going to get me a wig?  We have actually already settled the argument over wigs, but she seems to be taking her sweet time to place an order.  Maybe I should gently persuade her to take appropriate actions?

Yes, I did indeed make these doll sandals for Hikaru as part of my Five a Week Pledge.  It is an easy way to give her wardrobe a boost and keep her off my back.  I’m afraid that this will be the last one involving doll stuff for a while.  I intend to focus more on small human size crafts for awhile.  Not to say that I will stop making anything for Hikaru, just not smaller things or in multiples of five. 

Anyway, the sandals are based on a cute tutorial I found with just a few changes.  I go in more detail on this on my blog.  I’m glad they came out as well as they did, though Hikaru seems to be exaggerating about the fit slightly.  There was a pair of shoes that came out slightly too big for her.  I may have hinted about it being due to her “dainty” little bjd feet being so much more challenging to fit.  After a little more flattery she piped down about it.  Maybe that’s how I should deal with her from now on.

As for the wig issue,  I actually placed an order yesterday without telling Hikaru.  I actually ordered it from a different website than originally planned because they had the wig we need at a better price.  The problem is that the company is located farther away so that will probably affect the shipping time.  Meaning I saved a couple of bucks, but I will now have to spend extra time waiting for it with Hikaru.  It’s the ultimate way to test her patience and mine, at least when it comes to her.

Splendid!  The wig is on it’s way.  I am actually happy enough to hear this news to almost completely over look Anna implying that I can be manipulated by flattery.  But not enough to overlook what she said about waiting for my wig to arrive.  She mistakenly believes me to be an impatient doll.  I do not know where she could have ever gotten this idea from since I am the model of patience and serenity.  I shall be a good example to her while we wait together.  I’ll of course regularly ask Anna if she has received any notice about the progress of the package.  In the mean time I’ll just be right here, next to the computer with my tea, until it arrives.  Peace be with you.

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