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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: Behind the Scenes

It’s the first!  Time for Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to take over and say anything I want.  For this month, I thought I would share a few behind the scenes photos to show a little of what it is like to manage a bjd and her blog.  Plus it’s a good way to show other aspects of Hikaru’s personality.

Behind the Scenes Photo of Having Tea with a Doll

This was taken when Hikaru was trying out the tea set I got for her (See It Starts with a Cup). You try taking a photo and trying to pour tea at the same time.  At least the other shots of her with that cup came out well.

Bjd Wearing a Plastic Cup as a Hat

Speaking of cups.  Remember that red plastic cup from the same post?  Hikaru said she might as well wear it as a hat then use it as a cup, and so she did.  I told you she had more fun with it then she let on.

Bad Photo of a Ball Jointed Doll in a Circle Skirt

Remember the skirts I made for Hikaru (see Of BJD Fashion: Circle Skirts)?  There was one that came out a little too big for her.  I had to pin it in back to fit her for the photos, but this is what it looked like as is.  I also tried to take the photos of her standing up on a table, but the lighting was all wrong.  Hikaru thought it made her look frightening, I have to agree.  She looks like something from a horror themed wax museum.

Ball Jointed Doll Using a Computer

Remember when we were “discussing” what wig I should get for Hikaru (See A Problem Concerning Doll Hair)?  This is a shot I got of her browsing wigs on my computer, without permission by the way.  You can see her drooling over that blond wig she wanted so badly.  Of course we went with my choice, and we’re both happy with it. 

Ball Jointed Doll Crawling into a Shopping Bag

This is a great shot, it’s when I came back from the thrift store bag sale (see Thrift Store Treasures).  Hikaru literally crawled into the bag looking for anything I might have brought for her.

Bjd Sitting in a Shopping Bag

Here’s her actually inside the bag, she’s a little shocked that she didn’t find anything.  Hence the dazed look.

Doll Shoes Slipping Off

That didn’t stop her from rummaging through what I did bring home, that was the point of that post anyway.  The problem was that her sandals weren’t designed for all that activity.  They kept on slipping off her feet.

Ball Jointed Doll Touching Her Toes

This is from when Hikaru’s wig finally came (see It's Here At Last! Or a Wig Review).  It was late at night and we were both in a bit of a silly mood.  Here’s Hikaru trying to touch her toes in her new wig.

Brushing Doll Hair with a Toothbrush

I said before that I’ve read that toothbrushes are great for using on doll hair, so here’s Hikaru being brushed.  I’m afraid she looks a little cross in the photo.  I hadn’t successfully convinced her yet that the toothbrush is a good thing.

Ball Jointed Doll Wig Comes Off While Brushing

At least it’s a good thing when you don’t brush too hard.  This is what can happen if you do, the wig goes flying off.  Luckily Hikaru didn’t immediately notice.  She thought I just took it off to adjust it.

Hikaru the BJD Wearing Zippy the Turtle

Here’s another one of Hikaru showing her silly side.  While taking pictures of Hikaru and Zippy (see Ball Jointed Dolls and Plush Toys), my sister commented on how strange he looks with that large clip.  This is Hikaru demonstrating the usefulness of that clip.  Who says she doesn’t have a sense of humor?

I will probably show more behind the scenes shots in the future, it’s just so much fun.  And I really think it’s important to show how much fun Hikaru can be, that is when she lets loose a little.  It’s a side of herself she should embrace more, and maybe she will in the future.  Here’s to someday.

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