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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Craft and Fabric Shopping, Without Me

Last week Anna made a few trips to various craft and fabric store in our area.  She mention something about it here on her blog.  I was a tad miffed, she had the nerve to leave me behind while she gallivanted around town.

BJD Sitting Among Craft Supplies

Putting that aside, she did bring home a marvelous selection of goods.  And I’m happy to report that a large amount of them are more than suitable for my scale and taste.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring Glass Pearls

These delicate little pearls for instance, such a beautiful luster and they’re perfectly my size too.

Ball Jointed Doll Showing Off Glass Pearls

Of course I wouldn’t mind having these pearls as well, despite them being slightly too large.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring Purple Fabric

This purple material, the color is quite flattering on me.  And the slightly heavier weight would be perfect for the upcoming cooler weather.

BJD Looking at Cotton Lace

I’m afraid this lace, as lovely as it is, would not be suitable for me at all.  It is nice and cottony, but quite thick.  Perfect for a human with fine taste, not so much for a doll.  It is such a shame.

Ball Jointed Doll Admiring White Lace

This lace however is quite another story.  It is narrow and light weight enough to be absolutely perfect for clothing of my size.  Perhaps along the edge of a skirt?

BJD Looking at Black Lace

This black lace perplexes me.  What could Anna possibly do with black lace?  And such wide black lace on top of that.  It certainly wouldn’t work as a trim for anything for her.  And as for me, it is wide enough to be used to make a whole dress.  But a black dress on me?  I would look like I was in mourning.  What is Anna thinking?

BJD Showing Off a Jewelry Making Tool Kit

On a brighter note, Anna did get this set of basic jewelry making tools.  Now she will be able to make fine jewelry for us both, but mainly for me.

I left Hikaru at home for her own good.  I read from multiple sources that the Sun’s UV Rays can be damaging to resin dolls like her.  This is something she is well aware of, but seems to conveniently forget when she wants to do something.  Plus I still haven’t made her a decent carrying case and there is no way I’m going to lug her around in her box just because she wants to tag along.

The pearls were from Joann Fabrics and Crafts, I found them in their $1.99 Treasure Bin.  Such a great find.  And I did specifically buy them for making things for Hikaru, but that’s pretty much it.  The other things are mostly for other crafts or general use.  So those laces and the fabric she is drooling over.  All for other projects.

Now that being said, I’m pretty sure after I make what I planned with that purple fabric that they will be enough leftover for at least something for her.  It’s one of the nice things about having dolls around.  Fabric scraps can easily become cute clothes for them.  And in this case I’m picturing a cute a-line skirt and possibly a matching jacket for Fall.  Maybe.

And the black lace?  I have a few ideas.  Of course that dress idea of hers is intriguing, and she really shouldn’t knock the color black so much anyway.  I think she would look pretty in a black lacy outfit.  Hmm.

Well I am still pleased with the results of Anna’s shopping.  Even if not all of it was directly intended for my use.  It all still trickles down to me.  But mark my words, you will not be seeing me in black no matter what sort of flattery Anna uses toward me. 

For now I am looking forward to seeing Anna’s latest creation for me.  When she finally completes it that is, and perhaps then she will finally start making a suitable carrying case.  Maybe she won’t have to leave me behind next time.  Such a wonderful thought.  Now I am at peace.

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