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Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Are Expecting…

We Are Expecting...A Doll!Anna has been keeping secrets from me, the shame of it. 

She mentioned recently that she had placed an order sometime ago with Alice’s Collections (see Doll Owner's Corner: Waiting).  She made the choice to keep silent about it even to me, that is until last night while she was checking the status of her purchase.

I was incredibly stunned at hearing such news, and I’m sure you will be too so I shall reveal it carefully. 

The item my dear human purchased was order during the first week of January and was finally shipped out early last week from China.  It very quickly traveled to our country and we have received word that it has arrived within our home state last night.  We are expecting it’s arrival anytime now.

And now, the item that is being delivered into our care is…

Doll Family A, Ding Ding, 43 cm Ball Jointed Doll

A doll!

Anna purchased a new doll for us to raise, and now we are waiting to welcome her home. 

That’s right, we are expecting a new doll.  I purchased a Doll Family A MSD sized doll, about the same size as Hikaru.  And like Hikaru, I bought her blank so she will arrive with out any paint, clothes or hair.

And yes, I somehow kept all this a secret from Hikaru, despite all the hints I dropped (see Is There a New Doll?).

With how long it took for this doll to be shipped out, and because I chose air mail for shipping, I’m a bit surprise that she’s already so close to home.  I haven’t even made her a new outfit yet.  But we will manage somehow.

It is quite a speedy delivery, and I am so vexed at Anna for not telling me about all this sooner.  I have not enough time to prepare. 

She will need proper clothing to wear, since Anna is unprepared I suppose she can borrow something of mine.  And the poor thing will need a place to rest after her long journey.  And a name, we must come up with a suitable name for her.  So much to ponder on.

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