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Friday, April 22, 2016

Finding Doll Props: Cups, Trinkets and a Camera?

Yes, the search for appropriate doll props continues.  Anna has discovered a few items she hopes to be worthy of me.

Plastic Golden Goblets as Doll Props

Anna purchased these “cups” at a local craft store.  They may look like fine gold goblets, but they are cheap plastic.  Not at all suitable for fine ball jointed dolls like myself.  But keeping an open mind for Anna’s sake, let us try them out a little.

Finding Doll Props: Cups, Trinkets and a Camera?

It’s rather difficult to hold one.

Finding Doll Props: Cups, Trinkets and a Camera?

Usagi seems to have no problem with them though.  But they seem quite small for her hands. 

Perhaps they would be more suitable for a smaller fashion doll, like those tacky Barbie dolls Anna keeps around.  Cheap plastic is more than fitting for them anyway (see Thrift Store Treasures to read why Hikaru is so biased about Barbie).

I bought them from SAS, my favorite store for fabric and such (see Craft and Fabric Shopping, Without Me for Hikaru’s first experience with this store).  Like many craft stores, they sell small plastic items for making decorations and favors for wedding showers, baby showers, graduations, etc.  It’s a good area to check for small things for dolls.

Hello Kitty Phone Charm

This little Hello Kitty charm used to belong to Anna.  She purchased it sometime ago at Phoenix Comicon and since had been using it to adorn her cellular phone.

She offered it to me to play with, a worn out toy cat?  I supposed that despite it’s wear it has a certain novelty about it, but I am above such childish things.

Bjd holding a Hello Kitty Cell Phone Charm

So, Anna decided to let Usagi have the little figurine.  She seems very pleased with it.

Finding Doll Props: Cups, Trinkets and a Camera?

“Hikaru, isn’t it cute!”

I hope you think so Hikaru, because they will be a lot more where that came from.  Cute cell charms are easy to find and just the right size as collectibles for ball jointed dolls. 

Camera Keychain

Next is a keychain that Anna purchased from her store at great discount.  At the end of the chain is a perfect doll-sized camera.

The keychain was with several others that were on clearance 75% off.  I was tempted to get one of the other ones too, but it was a little too big.  A rubber ducky should not be bigger than a doll’s face.

Anyway, the camera lights up and makes flashing sounds.  Perfect for any doll who wants to take photos for their blog.

Bjd holding a camera

Yes, this may be of great use to me.

Finding Doll Props: Cups, Trinkets and a Camera?

“Hikaru, can I play with it too? :)

Bjd holding a camera


And I’m not playing, this is a tool, not a toy.  A tool I will do amazing things with, as soon as I learn how to use it correctly.