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Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Little News

A Little Doll Blog NewsJust a few small announcements for today.

First up, I have persuaded Anna to add  two new pages to this blog.  The first is a profile page,  to give my visitors a brief overview of who I am and what not.  I allowed Anna free reign over the description, so I’m afraid she added a bit too much information.  I mean why in the world would anyone need to know my measurements?

The second new page is quite remarkable.  It’s a directory for various doll-related sewing and craft tutorials.  Anna has found many such resources all over the internet.  Being such a generous and sympathetic doll, I thought it would be wonderful to offer up such useful information to doll owners who may be in need.

Okay the reason for her measurements is in case someone might need to know for the sake of comparison.  Like say I post a pattern for an outfit that fits Hikaru perfectly.  Someone might need to know how closely it will fit their own ball jointed doll.  Or someone may just be curious because they are interested in buying a doll.

As for the directory, Hikaru wasn’t originally on board with the whole idea.  Mostly because she misunderstood what I meant by a “directory” and what it would involve.  Once she understood she insisted that I drop what I was doing and start working on it immediately. 

Anyway, both pages are up and ready to view and will be regularly updated as needed, mostly likely by me.  Enjoy!

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