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Friday, April 15, 2016

Naming a New Doll

There are a few basic things needed for any new ball jointed doll, such as our new friend.  These include things like clothing, shoes and wigs which will come in time.   They also include something of great importance…a name.

Anna actually has chosen a name for our new doll already.  In fact she says it came to her almost immediately after coming out of the box.  I find this incredibly surprising.  What name has she chosen to bestow upon this adorable little doll?

Naming a New Doll


Naming a New Doll

“Hikaru, what does Usagi mean?” Is what she asked me when she first heard it.

I thought it was one of the most bizarre sounding names I have ever heard, but that’s what I believed about my own name at first (see What's in a Name?).  I then discovered the true meaning of it, and now I positively adore it.  So I’m sure Anna must have a sensible reason behind this peculiar name.

Honestly, I took one look at that doll and thought, “her face looks like Sailor Moon.”  I later thought, why not go with it. 

The name Usagi means rabbit, so it is kind of cute, like a bunny (“Hikaru, what’s a bunny?”).  And when not defending justice, Sailor Moon is just Usagi Tsukino.  A kind, friendly and cheerful girl, when she isn’t being a crybaby.  I thought that this would make a perfect name for this almost too cheerful, perky doll.

Naming a New Doll

Just as I thought, another anime reference. 

I guess it is somewhat fitting for her.  To say the least she does have enough energy to be a rabbit, and she is constantly giggling.

Well now that this has been settled, if you will please excuse me, I need to stop Usagi.  I don’t care what “bunnies” do, hopping on the furniture is not proper behavior for a doll.

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