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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Dolls

Anna has been neglecting me again.  Sigh.  She has been so busy lately with work and also with preparing for the holiday.  Halloween, a holiday that I have little use for at the moment.  But it has strangely benefited me.

BJD Introducing a Pair of Halloween Skeleton Dolls

The other day, Anna came back from her store with these two.  Allow me to introduce Lenore and Jack.  They are skeleton dolls sold for use as Halloween decorations.  Their appearance is quite grotesque, but that is the style for this season so I shall overlook it.  However, I simply can’t overlook the sad outfits they came with, the manufacturers were too cheap to dress them decently.  The retail price for these dolls is a measly $3.99 though, so one can’t be too surprised.

BJD Chatting with Halloween Skeleton Dolls

Anyway, despite their ghastly design and mass produced clothing, Jack and Lenore are fascinating dolls.  They have told me so many interesting stories about the retail world and such.  And Lenore is such a dear thing, she just could use a bit of a makeover.

Halloween Skeleton Dolls

Ok, by my store, Hikaru means CVS where I work.  These are two of several “Dressed Skeletons” we are selling as Halloween decorations. 

Halloween Skeleton Dolls

I thought they were really cute, except for their clothes that is.  I do intend to make new clothes for them eventually.  Actually I was thinking of waiting until they all go on clearance after Halloween and then buy a bunch more to redress.  But maybe I should finish  making some of Hikaru’s clothes before attempting to clothe a whole swarm of skeletons.

Anyway, they are about the same size as Hikaru, so I did think they would be great to keep her company.  It’s funny how she talks about their “ghastly” appearance.  Jack and Lenore actually thought nearly the same thing about Hikaru, they had never seen dolls like her before.  Of course they think she is a very pretty doll despite her lack of visible bones.  To each their own.  

Having Tea with Halloween Skeleton Dolls

To each their own indeed. 

Anyway, as strange as they appear, I now have some pleasant company to enjoy.  So while Anna is off gallivanting in costume tonight, I will be staying in and enjoying a nice cup of tea with my new skeletal companions.  I am at peace.

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