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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It’s Finish! And It’s Gorgeous!

I have some wonderful news.  At long last, and after numerous pleas from myself, Anna has finally finished making one of the dresses she promised me.

Ball Jointed Doll Showing off Her New Pink Dress

Isn’t it magnificent?  It suits me so well.  There are a few small flaws in the construction, but that is to be expected. Anna still needs a bit more practice sewing for a doll such as myself.  Still, the dress did come out beautifully.  Let us take a closer look.

Close Up of Pink Doll Dress Skirt

The top layer of the skirt is pink and trimmed with delicate lace and ribbon bows, while the bottom layer is white with a subtle floral pattern.

Close Up of Bows on Doll Dress Skirt

Here you see one of the bows Anna carefully tied by hand.

Close Up of Pink Doll Dress Bodice

The bodice was carefully fitted to my frame and is trimmed with another hand tied bow plus more lace around the neckline.  The square neckline is most flattering and draws attention to my well molded neck and collar bone.

Back of Pink Doll Dress

The back drops down quite low enough to admire my lovely shoulder blades, but thankfully not so low as to be inappropriate for day wear. 

Bjd Wearing a Pink Dress

Yes, this dress suits me quite satisfactorily.  Anna even made a matching hair piece.  It nearly completes the look.  I say nearly because I am still in need of a suitable pair of shoes.  All I have is the sandals Anna made for me last Summer (see Of BJD Fashion: Lace and Ribbon Sandals).  As darling as they are, they are most inappropriate for this rather chilly weather.  Proper shoes are most needed, and stockings, and perhaps a coat too.

Well where should I start?  It did take nearly two months to complete this dress.  Hikaru wasn’t just exaggerating.  But when she says “numerous pleas”, she really means “much nagging”, or should I say whining. 

Anyway, the reason it took so long wasn’t just because I was busy with work and other projects.  It took so much time to get it right.

First I had a pattern that was supposed to be made to fit most MSD sized ball jointed dolls, but it was apparently designed for a doll that’s both bigger and less “curvy” than Hikaru.  I only found out this after cutting and sewing the fabric for the bodice.  It took tons of time and effort to take it in in just the right places until is finally fit her.  That’s actually why it goes down so low in the back, it was part of how I got it to fit her in a flattering way.

After finally getting the bodice to fit and then sewing and attaching the skirt, I discovered another problem I hadn’t noticed until the dress was finished.  The skirt for the pattern was too short and narrow to get the desired effect.  I thought, how in the world do you make a too short skirt longer? 

Easy, add more fabric.  So an underskirt was added.  If you look closely, you may recognized the underskirt.  It is one of the circle skirts I made for Hikaru (see Of Bjd Fashion: Circle Skirts).  Specifically the one that failed to fit her right due to a mistake I made.  It was put to good use with this dress. I also cut the front of the original skirt, added lace and gathered it for that pretty bustle look.  It worked perfectly.

But wouldn’t you know it.  I finally finished one thing for Hikaru, and she is already talking about having more stuff.  But she does have a point, cooler weather clothing is necessary now.  Plus a doll-sized coat sounds totally adorable.

Ball Jointed Doll Wearing a Pink Dress

I don’t nag and I definitely don’t whine.  How dare she say otherwise.  I just wanted to encourage Anna.  Goodness knows she needs it. 

I know well what a trial it was working with such a generic and poorly designed pattern.  I think it was excellent learning opportunity for my dear fledgling bjd owner, and I do believe the experience has helped her immensely.  I expect then that the next piece she makes for me will be completed in a more timely matter and with less issues. 

Anyway, despite a few…mishaps, this dress is still wonderful and looks fantastic on me.  That is all that really matters.  I am at peace.


  1. What an adorable doll dress. I make American Girl clothes and it takes forever. Just found your blog and I love it.
    Thanks for sharing at Turn It Up Tuesday,

    1. Thank you. I love American Girl dolls, and the fact that it is so much easier to find patterns for them.