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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wonders from the Library

The other day, Anna paid a little visit to one of the local libraries, without me.  Again.

Ball Jointed Doll Sitting on a Stack of Library Books

She came back with a sizeable amount of books.

Ball Jointed Doll Showing Off Some Library Books

About eleven books and one DVD, most of which are of little interest to me, though they may be of good use to Anna. 

Bjd Showing Off Make Doll Shoes Book

This one though is very useful for the both of us.  It is Make Doll Shoes! Workbook 1 by Lyn Alexander.  To check out this particular book, Anna must be eager to start working on my new shoes right away.  I am pleased.

Ball Jointed Doll Reading Book About Doll Shoes

It is an older book, but the information in it is still relevant.  It is mostly intended for making shoes for antique dolls and reproductions of such.  A very useful guide indeed.

Ball Jointed Doll Presenting The Blue Fairy Book

Anna also checked out a copy of The Blue Fairy Book.  I know, fairy stories seem like such frivolous reading for someone who claims to be an adult.  But at times it is beneficial to enjoy a bit of frivolity, especially in the form of classic folk tales designed to inform as well as entertain. 

Bjd Looking at Illustrations in The Blue Fairy Book

In addition to being entertaining, this book is also visual appealing.  The illustrations are intricately design and beautiful to behold.  We will get much used out of this book.

Of course I didn’t take Hikaru with me.  I  haven’t gotten a carrying case for her yet and I have no other way of safely and easily taking her places.  So until I am able to take her, she will just have to stay home and enjoy what I bring back for her.

This time I didn’t technically bring anything back for her, but I did check out the shoe making book to help with making her some shoes.  But not just for her, I do own other dolls as she frequently fails to remember.  And I will probably have more dolls in the future.  All of which will probably need shoes.  Learning various methods of making doll shoes would be super handy.

As for the fairy tales, it’s just another hobby of my mine.  I  enjoy reading fairy tales and folk tales.  It’s fascinating to read different tellings of the same familiar stories.  So naturally I spend a good amount of time browsing that section of the library whenever I make a trip there. 

It’s funny about Hikaru, all that stuff she said about enjoying frivolity and fairy tales being educational?  She got that from me.  I told her all that to get her off my back about bringing home a “children’s story book” as she put it.  Of course it’s that same “story book” that she has be browsing through constantly since I got it. 

I am quite aware of the other dolls, but most of which are stored away, hence do not require much of anything let alone footwear.  And as for the future, Anna needs to make sure I have everything necessary before even considering purchasing more dolls.

As for the fairy tale book, I was simply mis-informed about the purpose of those sort of stories.  I am grateful to Anna for educating me on the matter, but I dis-like the way she mocks my previous ignorance.  I will let it be for now.

So while I wait for my shoes and other items to be made, I shall enjoy my fairy stories over a nice cup of tea.  I am at peace.