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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Doll Owner’s Corner: Weird Supplies for Dolls

Doll Owner’s Corner: Weird Supplies for DollsFirst of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  Where I, the doll owner, get to do what ever I want without Hikaru butting in.

This month’s topic: Weird supplies for dolls. 

It is normal to find ways to use everyday objects for other things, this is not a new concept to bjd lovers as I have learned through several articles and videos.  Here are a few examples of such uses that I myself have used or are considering.

  • Latex Balloons:  A wig cap is something that looks like a doll-sized swimming cap and is used to help keep a wig on the dolls head.  HIkaru is seriously in need of one.  They are usually made of silicon and cost around $5 plus shipping.  Apparently some bjd owners regularly use other items to make them themselves.  Like balloons.  Just cut off the top and slide on your doll’s head.  Instant wig cap.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: This or your favorite store brand melamine sponge thingy aren’t just excellent for cleaning around the house.  They are very commonly used for gently cleaning ball jointed dolls.  From dealing with dirt from everyday use to removing the face, people turn to these little sponges.
  • Silicon ear plugs: Like all ball jointed dolls, Hikaru’s eyes are attached to her head from the inside.  Most of the time you use eye putty, or poster tack which is already strange.  But another recommended material for this is silicon ear plugs.  The clear kind you find at most drug stores.
  • Toothbrush:  This should be no surprise to some readers.  A soft bristled toothbrush is actually a perfect doll hairbrush.  It’s gentle to doll wigs and effective.

These are just a few items that are actually used by ball jointed doll owners to care for their dolls.  There are probably more out there being newly discovered, because people will always try new things out of curiosity if nothing else.  I will report on them as I find them.  Look forward to that.

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