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Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Doll Needs a Name

It’s been awhile since our new doll has arrived (see New Arrival: A Doll Love Bjd Unboxing and Review), so we all have had a chance to settle down.

Getting the new doll dressed up.

Sakura has done her best to make her new friend feel welcome.  She even let her borrow some of her clothing.

To be more accurate, Sakura insisted on it because she didn’t want her new friend to have wear the new doll dress anymore.  The dear child still has little respect for tradition.

The new ball jointed doll is so cute!

Still, the end result is all that matters.  Doesn’t she look adorable, such a sweet outfit.

A fine pair of yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

Yes, the two 1/6 scale dolls make a charming pair.  Sweet little Sakura and….

Come to think of it, we have yet to reveal this new bjd’s name. 

So let me be the first to officially introduce you to our new ball jointed doll….

Naming our new doll.


It does have a certain ring to it.  And I shall allow Anna to explain the meaning of it as well as the reasoning for it. (Please let it not be another anime reference!)

Yuna is the main character from the anime series Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.  It was based on a game that I unfortunately never played, but I have obviously watched and enjoyed the anime. 

The character, Yuna is very cheerful and easily makes friends with others, including most of her enemies.  The name is also more famous as being the name of a character from Final Fantasy X.

The meaning is a little unclear because various sources say different things.  Some say it means “night” or “moon”, “kindness”, "power", and other stranger things. 

Beyond that, it is a cute name for a very cute little doll. 

Oh great, another anime name.  Why does Anna keep using anime/manga for names?

Let's gather around Hikaru the bjd.

Oh well, you may have all been named after silly cartoons, but despite that all your names are still beautiful.  And I shall do my best to help you to mature into beautiful dolls.

"She's forgotten something."

I think Hikaru has forgotten that her name comes from an anime character too. :)”

Naming dolls can be hard.

… …… …..

That’s right, Hikaru was named after a character in a manga series that became an anime.  It all started with her name (see What's in a Name?).  Then it just continued from there.  I could have stopped, but you know how much “respect” Hikaru has for traditions.

It doesn’t really matter where their names come from anyway, just whether they suit them which has always been the case. 

And what she has against anime/manga I will never know.  After all it was through my love for it that lead me to learn about other aspects of Japanese pop culture, including the discovery of ball jointed dolls.  So without anime/manga in my life, there would not be any of the dolls.

Its is appropriate to name your dolls after anime characters?Anna does make a surprisingly good argument.  And I suppose it is beneficial to be knowledgeable of other cultures.

Now if only Anna would put some of that knowledge to good use.  Making me some beautiful Japanese inspired accessories would be a good start.

For now, we are at peace.

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