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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Doll Love Unboxing Part 2: Reviewing a Wig and Eyes

Well now that we are all rested, let’s continue on from yesterday.  First, we shall discuss our new doll’s wig.

A Doll Love wig for a yosd sized ball jointed doll.

As previously mentioned, this wig was made by Doll Love along with this new doll and purchased through Alice’s Collections.

The pink color, though unusual is rather pretty.  And the fibers used are quite soft and silky though they seem wavier than in the product photo.  She will of course need a trim, those bangs are out of control.

A Doll Love wig for a yosd sized ball jointed doll.

The problem I can see with this particular wig is a lack of those soft and silky fibers.  It is rather patchy and you can see the cap right through her hair.  Anna doesn’t think it is that bad, but I beg to differ.

This patchiness allows the cap to also peek out on the sides, this limits the way the hair can be styled.  Anna feels somewhat optimistic about it.  She has some ideas to fix it, though I don’t think it is necessary.

Trying on a wig on the new bjd.

Because there is still this adorable wig.  Anna purchased this wig along with a few others a few months ago (see Of Bjd Hair: Reviewing Three Wigs? ). 

It was tried on by Sakura who rejected it for reasons beyond my understanding.  It looks just as sweet on this doll, so why not make use of it?

A ball jointed doll choosing a wig.

“No thanks, I like this wig better.”

Sorry Hikaru, this doll doesn’t like the brown wig either.  And it’s okay, I have plans for it and I’m pretty sure I can get the pink wig to work. 

Oh for goodness sake!  Well, far be it from me to complain.


Anyway, Anna also purchased an extra pair of eyes from Alice’s Collections.  I will let her give the details.

EHS018 14mm glass eyes for bjds from Alice's Collections.

There was a deal going on where if I bought a doll I could order a pair of eyes of my choice for $1.  Naturally I jumped at the deal since I was already buying a doll and Usagi’s friend needed eyes (and clothes, and a body, and a name…).

EHS018 14mm glass eyes for bjds from Alice's Collections.

I chose EHS018 14mm glass eyes.  They are a nice grayish blue color with a little bit of sparkle to them.  They look darker on the website, but I think I like them better in person.

Trying out a pair of doll eyes.

I don’t have any eye putty right now to put them in, but we can still try them out a little.  I think they look good on him.  Looks like he will be a handsome ball jointed doll once he has everything he needs.

The doll head now has eyes, but still no body?

I suppose he does show some potential.  And Anna is right, the eye color is beautiful.  Not quite as lovely as my own, but still very beautiful.

Giving the new ball jointed doll a toy.

Yes, things are going smoothly for us all.  Here Sakura is presenting the new doll her welcoming present.  That gaudy looking toy troll from one of the blind bags (see Finding Doll Props: Surprising Blind Bags).

Giving the new ball jointed doll a toy.

“His hair is soft like ours. :)”

Alas, the little darling seems to like the horrid thing.

The ball jointed doll family is growing.  Awww.

Our little ball jointed doll family is growing nicely.  It is wonderful indeed.

However, if our doll family keeps growing I shall need a new tea set.  My current service only serves four, which is perfectly adequate at the moment, but soon…

For now, we are at peace.

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