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Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Arrival: A Doll Love Bjd Unboxing and Review

She is here at last!  Our newest ball jointed doll has arrived safely.

She was purchased through Alice’s Collections, just the same as Sakura and Usagi.  She is made by a delightful company called Doll Love.  The name of her sculpt is You You, and she is a 1/4 scale or yosd sized doll.  The same as our little Sakura.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Unfortunately, this much anticipated package had to be picked up directly from the post office and didn’t arrive directly home until the middle of the night.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Heaven forbid we wait until morning for the unboxing.  Sakura was so terribly excited to meet the new arrival.  She is to be her new playmate after all.

(I can think of someone else who was more excited.)

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Inside the package is the doll box, emblazoned with the company logo.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Inside the doll box, we first gaze eyes on a pink doll pillow.  Odd, because all our pillows so far have been shades of white.  Still, it is a lovely shade for a pillow and incredibly soft.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Inside we also found a note card carefully tied up with a fine ribbon.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

The company was kind enough to include special care instructions for our new doll.  As well as the doll’s card showing her default photo.

Ball jointed doll holding an extra set of glass eyes.

Packed within was an extra set of eyes purchased for Usagi’s friend, the head.  We shall dwell on that later.

Doll Love ball jointed doll unboxing.

Here she is, our newest doll, securely wrapped in protective padding.  And underneath it all…

It's a Doll Love You You, yosd sized ball jointed doll.

Is this adorable face.  Yes, this new ball jointed doll came with her face already painted.  Anna was decent enough to warn me of this fact, unlike last time (see New Arrival: A Mystic Kids Doll Review).

The face up artist did a wonderful job.  It is rather pretty, yet subtle.  At least compared to Sakura’s face.

Speaking of Sakura, I decided to allow her to do the introductions. 

Meeting a new doll.

“Hi, I’m Sakura.  You’re pillow is so cute!  You’re really pretty, want to see my toys?  What to play with me?  Want to try on clothes? What do you like to eat?  Want to….”

Sakura dear, please get on with it.

Properly introducing the new doll to the others.

“This is Usagi.  She is really, really nice and has pretty hair and her best friend is a head...”

Oh, you’re so cute! :)”

Properly introducing the new doll to the others.

“And this is Miss Ghost Lady.  She is nice too and really pretty (but she can be crabby sometimes).”

Sakura dear, I have told you before.  My name is Hikaru, not Ghost Lady!

Presenting the new doll dress.

Anyway, it is time to present the official new doll dress. 

Originally worn by myself when I first arrived, then past down to each new doll to wear until something more fitting is made for them.  It’s a tradition that must be kept.

A brand new ball jointed doll.

This brings back such pleasant memories.  The dress fits our new doll just as well as it did for Sakura.

Now that she is clothed it is time for some hair.  Unlike myself or the others, this new doll is fortunate enough to receive her wig immediately.

Pink Doll Love wig for yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

Anna purchased the Doll Love default wig along with our new doll.  It is an intriguing shade of pink and made of soft and very fine fibers.

Pink Doll Love wig for yosd sized ball jointed dolls.

It does look well on our new doll’s head, but there is something a bit amiss about it.  I shall reveal all another time for we are all exhausted and greatly need our rest.  And perhaps things will seem clearer in daylight.

I shall see you all in the morning.  Be at peace.

(Click here for Part 2!)

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