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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ready to Depart

Anna has insisted time again that the only reason she doesn’t take me with her on her excursions is because we are lacking in an appropriate bag to carry me safely to her destination.  Well now there is no such excuse.

Lacey Purple Doll Carry Bag

Behold!  My custom made doll carry bag, crafted with care. 

As Anna mentioned here on her own blog,  my bag is made from the same pretty lilac fabric as her everyday tote bag as well as other forms of daily luggage she has sewn. 

It seems to resemble the shape of what I’ve heard some refer to as a “duffle bag”, but I assure you that it is the optimum shape for dolls such as myself.  Anna said she was inspired by this well-crafted tutorial for a doll bag.

Inside View of Lacey Purple Doll Carry Bag

Anna made my bag with plenty of storage space for any articles of clothing and other necessities I will need on our travels together.

Bjd lying in new carry bag

Inside the bag it is a fairly spacious and comfortable fit, though I suppose it could be improved somewhat.  Maybe the addition of a few soft cushions will be of benefit to me.

Ball Jointed Doll in Carry Bag

Still it will do nicely, for the time being.  I cannot help but admire the lace trim, it is the same used for my red violet sun dress (see Of Bjd Fashion: Dresses to Sew and a Tutorial) that I love so dearly.

Purple Lace Trimmed Jacket and Skirt for a Ball Jointed Doll

Speaking of lace trimmed clothing, Anna also made me a lovely set of travel wear. 

A light weight jacket with a matching skirt, both made from the same lilac fabric and trimmed with the same wonderful lace.  Pity that Anna made a slight error when constructing the sleeves.  They are quite narrow which makes for a flatteringly slim look, but rather difficult to put on. 

Still, the two pieces coordinate beautifully with my carry bag.  Yes, I am definitely traveling in style.

Purple Lace Trimmed Jacket and Skirt for a Ball Jointed Dol

So now the question is, where are we going?  And when?


That is a good question.  Any thoughts on where to take a ball jointed doll?  Please comment with any ideas you may have.

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