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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Doll Owner’s Corner: Saving for a Doll

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It’s the first of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  When I, the doll owner, can talk about anything without the dolls.

This month’s topic:

Doll Owner's Corner: Saving for a Doll

Saving for A Doll

Or “How do you afford to buy one?!”

Last month I discussed how much ball jointed dolls cost and the reasons for their hefty price tags.  I also mentioned a few ways to bring down their costs, which is all well and good.  But even at a lower cost, you still need a decent wad of cash to purchase your doll.  Where do you get that?

By saving.  When you really want something, you put money away (like in a savings account) until you have enough.  Easier said than done, right?  Not when you know how to manage your money.

I have actually read a fair number of books and articles on personal finance and thrifty living.  So I have learned at least a few tips that help.

First up is setting up a budget.  Oh no! Not that!  Anything but that!  Relax.  Another term for budget is money plan, because that’s what you are doing.  Making a plan of what to do with your money.   You figure out how much money you have coming in, this is your “income”.  And then you figure out where it will go, these are your “expenses”.

Here’s some resources on budgeting:


And here’s my take on budgeting.

Your fixed expenses include things like rent and utilities, debts, etc., things you have to pay and have little control over. 

You also have necessary expenses for things like clothing, food, etc.  These are things you need but have choices.  Like you can choose to buy convenience foods and spend more on food, or buy fresh foods on sale and spend less. 

And of course you have other expenses for things like books/magazines, entertainment, etc.  Things you don’t need at all, but want anyway.

Your dolls sadly fall into that last category.  But you have tons of choices there.  Like choosing not to go to a certain concert or movie, and choosing something else instead.  Notice how much I use words like “choice”.

Budgeting is all about choice.

There’s a simple thing I learned reading an article from The Simple Dollar about frugality.  Basically, you choose to cut spending in areas that don’t really matter to you so you have more money for the things that are really important to you.

For me, and maybe for you, what’s important is my dolls and related hobbies (sewing!).   Things that aren’t that important to me?  The list is too long to put here, but one thing that comes to mind is my phone. 

I don’t have a smart phone because I don’t feel the need for one.  I just prefer a computer screen for things like social media and games.  The only things I need from a phone is voice and text.  So instead of paying $70+ a month for phone service, I only pay about $14 a month (and I’m rewarded for referring people, here’s the link).  That’s over $50 a month saved and over $600/year.  More than enough for a new doll.

Another example, I do love my hair, but not enough to pay through the nose for my shampoo and conditioner.  The one I buy is the store brand version of one I really love . They both come in large bottles that last a long time, and the store brand is about $2 less per bottle normally.  When it’s on sale I stock up.  It saves me approximately $10/year, which may not seem like much, but little things like this can add up.


Doll Owner's Corner: Saving for a Doll: Or what's really important?


And What About the Important Stuff?

There are so many other choices you can make, even on things that do matter. 

Example, I shop at thrift stores.  I can find items really cheap that I can use for the dolls and my other interests, like fabrics and such (Hikaru really pointed this out in this post).  Plus I can find cute clothes and other stuff I “need” for really great prices.

Of course thrift store shopping is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are tons of other ways to save money on pretty much everything.  And every little bit you save means more money in your budget for the finer things in life.

Here are more resources to help you save:

I hope all this will help get you at least a little closer to affording whatever you wish for, a new doll or otherwise.  And if you have ideas of your own, please share them below.


  1. I am excited to meet another doll collector. I live close to an auction house that has doll auctions almost every month. Some are premier and open to the Internet. Some are treasure hunts. In order for me to add to my collection I try to sell the things I buy to offset what I spend. I get things for great prices or I don't bid.
    I used to sell on doll groups on FB. It can be time consuming. I have had a small retail space in a craft and antique mall. It's not doing well right now. I recently opened an etsy shop and I like it so far. Look for Grammy Petals for the name of the shop.

    1. Wow, that sounds so cool. I've never been to an auction house before.

  2. You are absolutely right, "Budgeting is all about choice". Thanks!