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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Doll Owner’s Corner: Behind the Scenes Round 4

It’s the first of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  When I, the doll owner, can talk about anything at all without the dolls butting in.

This month’s topic:


I gathered up another batch of behind the scenes photos for your amusement.

If you missed the others you can check here for the first, second, and third sets.

First up, this photo was taken when Usagi got her wig (see Of Bjd Hair: Another Wig Review and an Announcement). 

Ball jointed doll wearing a balloon wig cap.

Just like Hikaru, she got a balloon cap to wear to keep her wig on.  They do work really well, but I still can’t keep a straight face when I put them on the dolls.

This next photo was taken before the wig, while I was trying on some tops I made for Usagi (see Of Bjd Fashion: Sweet Doll Tank Tops). 

Topless doll trying to do karate instead of cooperating. Just put the shirt on!

She was suppose to keep her arms up so I could put her shirt on her, but instead she decided do her best karate poses.

Is the doll possessed?

This photo is from when we got Sakura (see New Arrival: Mystic Kids Doll Review).  I couldn’t decide if she looked bewildered or possessed in this shot.  You decide.

The next photo was taken while trying on Sakura’s wig (see Of Bjd Hair: Reviewing Three Wigs?). 

What happens when you try to take a doll's photo.

It would have been a great picture except for Hikaru’s skirt on the right and Usagi falling over on the left and flashing her shorts.

Doll wig overflow.

And here’s the original group photo of all the dolls (plus a head) with wigs.  Sakura’s wig kind of needed some taming.

Speaking of taming doll hair, as always the toothbrush/doll hair brush is always at hand during photoshoots. 

Toothbrush photobomb, again.

And as always, it manages to pop up in at least one otherwise good shot.  It strikes again here in this photo of Usagi checking out a magazine (see Bjd Lifestyle: Haute Doll Magazine, The Bjd Issue).

The doll fell over

This one is from the Party City post (see Finding Doll Props: At The Party Store?).  Both Hikaru and Sakura started to fall over.  I caught Sakura just in time, but Hikaru wasn’t so lucky.

Can't take a photo without the doll falling over.

Sadly, Sakura’s luck ran out when it happened a second time in this shot.

That’s all for now, but there will always be more photos and doll fun in the future.  Look forward to it.

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