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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Doll Owner’s Corner: It’s Survey Time!

First of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  When I, the doll owner, talk about anything at all without the dolls.

This month’s topic:

Bjd blog survey time!

Feedback Survey

I know, that’s a strange idea for a topic on a doll blog, but it’s been on my mind.  What do you all think of a blog written by a ball jointed doll?  Specifically what do you want to see her write about?

I have made a quick (3-4 minutes) completely anonymous survey.  Pretty please fill it out for me.  Or if you prefer not to, leave a comment below answering the two most important questions. 

“What do you want to see more of on the blog?” and “Which dolls are your favorite?”

Here's the link to the survey.

Thanks, and the results will be posted later for all to enjoy.  Look forward to it.

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