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The majority of the text on this blog is written by Hikaru, a ball jointed doll. Try not to question it. The text written in pink font is commentary from Hikaru's human friend, Anna. Basically Hikaru does most of the writing and Anna keeps her from getting too out of hand.

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Doll Owner’s Corner: When Dolls Take Over Part 2

Beginning of the month, time for another Doll Owner’s Corner.  When I, the doll owner, talk about anything I want.

This month’s topic:

12 Ways to tell that your ball jointed dolls have taken over your life

When Dolls Take Over Your Life

Continuing on from this post with more fun.

You know the dolls have taken over when:

  • You realize it takes you more time to dress your doll than to dress yourself, but hey, it’s way more fun anyway.
  • You plan trips to thrift shops, antique stores, flea markets, yard sales, etc. solely to look for furniture and props for your dolls.
  • You regularly receive small items as gifts from friends and family members because they thought you could use them for your dolls.
  • Most of the YouTube Channels you subscribe to are about dolls…
  • …And so are several of the blogs you follow.
  • Your dolls have more toys than your kids do…
  • …And they have more clothes than you do.
  • You frequently talk to your dolls, and catch your family doing the same.
  • Just when you decide you have enough dolls already and it’s no more dolls for you, holiday sales hit.
  • You spam your friends on social media with almost non-stop photos of your dolls, and dolls on you wish list, and doll tutorials, etc.
  • You’re talking to someone about your new ball jointed doll and tell them it was “only $200”, and then you wonder why they seem so shocked.
  • You find yourself learning more about holidays and customs of other countries because doll companies located in those countries have corresponding sales and events.  Happy Spring Festival.

And there will be more of these in the future as my dolls slowly infiltrate every part of my life, whether I like it or not.

Look forward to it.

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