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Friday, May 13, 2016

Of Bjd Fashion: Usagi’s First Outfit

Through hard work and perseverance, I finally persuaded Anna to make an decent set of clothing for our dear little Usagi.  She finally completed them just the other day.  She mentioned it here on her blog.

Two different pink dresses and tees for ball jointed dolls.

When Anna presented the new garments to us, it was quite the shock.  She only needed to make a single suitable dress, but she hand crafted two complete outfits.  For what purpose though?  We shall see. 

Let’s take a look at Usagi’s precious new clothes.

A cute t-shirt for a ball jointed doll.

First, Anna made this interesting knit…top.

A cute t-shirt for a bjd.

The style of the sleeves is a little peculiar, though the fit is flattering and the bows at the shoulders are a sweet touch.

T-shirt for a ball jointed doll.

And at least Usagi seems content with it.

Cute pink skirt and top for a ball jointed doll.

Paired with the accompanying jumper skirt and the outfit is just darling on her. 

Cute new outfit for a ball jointed doll.

And as usual, Usagi is brimming with joy.

Cute new clothes for a bjd.

Yes the outfit is somewhat fitting for her, thought I do have to wonder if the skirt may be a bit too short.

A pretty pink dress for a ball jointed doll.

And now the reason for the twin outfits?  Simply put, there’s one for each of us.  Anna was generous enough to make an outfit for me as well as Usagi, such a surprise indeed. 

The dress is similar in style to my delightful red violet sundress (see Of Bjd Fashion: Dresses to Sew and a Tutorial)

She also made me a casual knit top, though thankfully not as casual as Usagi’s new top.

New pink clothes for bjds.

“Why did Anna make us both matching outfits?”

How do I answer Usagi’s question?

By asking me.  I did it for two reasons.  First off, a certain “patient and generous” doll would have thrown a fit and pouted all day if I didn’t make something for her as well. 

Second, the idea of matching outfits for them was just too adorable to pass up.

Ball Jointed Dolls in Matching Pink Outfits

I mean just look at how precious they look in this shot.

Ball Jointed Dolls in Matching Pink Outfits

“We’re precious?” 

Why yes, Usagi.  I am precious, and you’re cute too.

Of course both bjds are different in good ways, so I naturally had to make their outfits reflect this. 

For example, Hikaru has a love for vintage styles and lace.  And Usagi likes to be cute but comfortable, hence the cute t-shirt that’s easy to move in too.  Not to mention the shorter, also easier to move in skirt.

Ball Jointed Dolls in Matching Pink Outfits

“Yay! I can move my arms! :)”

The things that are similar are also important, like the touch of lace and cute bows found in both their outfits.  Also both dresses are pink, a favorite color of all of us, and the tops are easy to put on.  They open in back with small strips of soft Velcro, no need to remove a head just to get dressed.

Ball Jointed Dolls in Matching Pink Outfits

The outfits are similar, yet unique.  Just like the ball jointed dolls who wear them.  And that’s all there is to it.

Of Bjd Fashion: Usagi’s First Outfit

I am deeply touched by the thought and hard work Anna put in to making such lovely dresses for Usagi and myself. 

However, I do find it vexing that she would imply that I  would “throw fits” or pout about such things.  I am certainly not so spoiled and childish as that, to expect to receive an article of clothing or trinket simply because another doll received one too.

I shall overlook it for today, and simply enjoy my new dress while dreaming a the wonderful new pieces that are yet to be made for me, I mean us.  Be at peace.