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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bjd Hair: Choosing a Wig for Usagi

Anna has gone behind my back again!  She has been searching for bjd wigs, without me.  Her intent is to find one suitable for our little Usagi, and I’m afraid she has chosen one!  Also without me.

So what doll wig then Anna deem suitable without consulting me in the least?

For My Doll K-002 Cream Pink Bjd Wig

Pink?!  She is going to have pink hair?!

Let’s let Hikaru calm down for a bit.  In the meantime, I will explain. 

This wig is made by For Your Doll, it is k-002 in cream pink and currently sold by Angelesque.  The same store I found Hikaru’s wig (see It's Here at Last, or a Wig Review).

For Usagi I wanted something easy to wear and move in, so basically shorter than Hikaru’s, like about shoulder length.  I also wanted something extremely cute at the same time to fit Usagi’s personality.  This wig fits the bill. 

It lands right at the shoulders but the curls are really pretty and what could be cuter than pink hair?  Especially in such a soft pink shade that looks a little more dare I say, natural. 

Hikaru should be glad I didn’t opt for bright hot pink or neon.  (Not to mention that a doll with white hair really doesn’t have room to talk about odd hair colors).

And a most important question for Hikaru.  Does Usagi like it?

Bjd Hair: Choosing a Wig for Usagi

Well Usagi, what do you think of the wig Anna has chosen for you?

Bjd Hair: Choosing a Wig for Usagi

Seeing how Usagi is attempting to embrace the computer, one can rightfully assume she adores the wig.

Bjd Hair: Choosing a Wig for Usagi

Maybe I might have overreacted.  The color may not quite be my first choice, but Anna is correct.  There are far gaudier options available.  And the cut and style of the wig is still pleasing to the eye.

Bjd Hair: Choosing a Wig for Usagi

And seeing how attached Usagi has become to this fine wig, I can’t help but relent.  When the time comes I’m sure it will look lovely on her.

Now Anna, the question is…

Bjd Hair: Choosing a Wig for Usagi

When are you going to order it?


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